Coaching, Counseling and Mentoring: How to Choose and Use the Right Technique to Boost Employee Performance

Coaching, Counseling and Mentoring: How to Choose and Use the Right Technique to Boost Employee Performance

by Florence Stone

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Coaching, counseling, and mentoring can dramatically improve employee productivity and satisfaction. But there’s a big difference between continuously encouraging employees to do their jobs well (coaching), attempting to fix poor performance (counseling), and helping top performers excel (mentoring). Unfortunately, most managers don’t truly understand how and when to do each. Coaching, Counseling&Mentoring provides helpful tools like self-assessments and real-life scenarios, and gives managers specific, practical guidance on using these techniques to improve the performance of all their people.This updated and revised second edition includes useful scripts for talking to employees about sensitive issues, and new material on topics including working with off-site employees, what to say when an employee denies a problem exists, whether or not to coach temps and part-timers, how to draw the line between the mentoring and supervisory role, and what to do when counseling fails. This is an essential guide for managers who want to build their confidence and skill in getting the most from their people.

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ISBN-13: 9780814430101
Publisher: AMACOM
Publication date: 01/03/2007
Sold by: HarperCollins Publishing
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 240
File size: 379 KB

About the Author

Florence M. Stone (New York, NY) has more than 30 years of experience as a writer and editor with the American Management Association. Her previous books include The Mentoring Advantage and The Manager's Question and Answer Book

Table of Contents


Introduction: Three Ways to Develop

High-Performance Employees


Section I: Coaching


Chapter 1. Your Role as Coach


Chapter 2. Coaching as an Ongoing Responsibility


Chapter 3. Let's Talk: “Should I Say That?”


Chapter 4. Coaching Traps and Problems


Section II: Counseling


Chapter 5. Why Counsel Troublesome People?


Chapter 6. How to Turn Around Problem Employees and Employees with Problems


Chapter 7. Let's Talk: Specific Counseling Sessions


Chapter 8. Counseling Dilemmas: Traps and Pitfalls to Avoid


Section III: Mentoring


Chapter 9. What Mentoring Can Do to Help High Achievers—and You


Chapter 10. Mentor as a Role Model, Broker, Advocate, and Career Counselor


Chapter 11. Let's Talk: Face-to-Face and EConversations


Chapter 12. Mentoring Traps to Avoid


Epilogue. Your Role as a Leader




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