Coffee Isn't Rocket Science: A Quick and Easy Guide to Buying, Brewing, Serving, Roasting, and Tasting Coffee

Coffee Isn't Rocket Science: A Quick and Easy Guide to Buying, Brewing, Serving, Roasting, and Tasting Coffee


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This fully-illustrated, highly-informative, and fun primer presents a whole new way to know and enjoy any type of coffee. In the same format as the highly-praised Wine Isn't Rocket Science.

Rocket science is complicated, coffee doesn't have to be! With information presented in an easy, illustrated style, and chock-full of the fool-proof and reliable knowledge of a seasoned barista, Coffee Isn't Rocket Science is the guide you always wished existed. From how coffee beans are grown, harvested and turned into coffee, the history and flavor profiles of beans from every country, making pour-overs, cold brew, and latte art, and the cultural practices of drinking coffee around the world, this book explains it all in the simplest way possible. All information is illustrated in charming and informative four-color drawings that explain concepts at a glance.

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ISBN-13: 9780316439589
Publisher: Running Press Book Publishers
Publication date: 04/03/2018
Pages: 192
Sales rank: 614,982
Product dimensions: 7.40(w) x 9.50(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Chung-Leng Tran is a photographer turned barista. He won the France Brewers Cup in 2012. He likes an Ethiopian or Kenyan pour-over coffee in the morning and an espresso after lunch. He lives in Paris.

Sebastien Racineux is an engineering professor and barista. He founded the brewing technology "Espressologie." He has won many coffee competitions including the 2012 and 2014 Brewers Cup. He likes his Ethiopian coffee mid-morning. With Chung-Leng Tran he recently opened L'Hexagone Cafe in Paris, where he also lives.

Yannis Varoutsikos is an illustrator and graphic designer. He is artistic director at Woll Beer and founder of the website Good Manners, which sells bags and accessories for men. His favorite coffee is a cafe burundi with his grandmother. He lives in France.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Coffee miscellanea

What kind of coffee drinker are you? 2

Coffees for every taste 4

Coffee around the world 6

Where to get a coffee 8

The coffee family 10

The coffee trade 11

The coffee professionals 12

Coffee lingo 14

The trouble with coffee 16

Chapter 2 Making a coffee

Grinding your coffee 20

Coffee grinders 22

Types of burrs $$$ 24

Maintaining your grinder 25

Water! 26

A quick chemistry lesson 27

Choosing your water 28

Your perfect cup 30

The espresso cup 31

Espresso 33

The long history of a short coffee 34

Espresso: the tasting experience 36

Tasting 40

Example of a tasting form 41

The espresso machine 42

Choosing your machine 44

Maintaining your machine 46

How it works 47

How to maintain a stable temperature $$$ 48

The barista's routine 50

The strength of the espresso 52

Styles of espresso 53

Espresso by the numbers $$$ 54

Espresso map $$$ 58

It doesn't taste right! Why? 60

Milk, coffee & latte art 62

The heart 64

The tulip 65

The rosetta 66

Cappuccino & Co 67

Filter coffee 71

What you need to make filter coffee 72

Filter coffee: the tasting experience 74

Example of a tasting form 77

Coffee filters 78

The French press 80

The Aeropress 82

The Clever Coffee Dripper 84

The siphon 86

The Hario V60 88

The Chemex 90

The Kalita Wave 92

The moka pot 94

The electric coffee maker 96

Filter coffee by the numbers $$$ 98

Cold coffee 101

Cold brew 102

Japanese-style iced coffee 103

Chapter 3 Roasting

Roasting 106

The roasting of the bean 108

Roasting styles 110

Blend or single origin? 112

Creating your own blend 113

Reading a coffee package 114

Purchasing specialty coffee 115

Storing coffee at home 116

Cupping 118

The flavor wheel 120

Decaffeination 122

Chapter 4 Cultivation

Coffee cultivation 126

Life cycle of a coffee plant 128

More about coffee growing 130

Coffee varieties 132

Seasonality ant! freshness of green coffee 134

Traditional methods of drying coffee 136

Hybrid methods of drying coffee 138

Drying: A recap 139

Cleaning, sorting, and packaging of the green coffee 140

Coffee-producing countries 142

Ethiopia 144

Kenya 145

Rwanda 146

Burundi 147

Réunion Island 148

Braril 150

Colombia 151

Ecuador 152

Bolivia 153

Peru 154

Costa Rica 156

Panama 157

Guatemala 158

Honduras 159

El Salvador 160

Nicaragua 161

Mexico 164

Jamaica 165

Hawaii 166

Indonesia 168

India 170

Chapter 5 Appendices

Useful addresses & coffee events 174

Coffee shop cakes & cookies 176

Index 179

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