Collaborative Leadership And Global Transformation

Collaborative Leadership And Global Transformation

by Timothy Stagich


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ISBN-13: 9780759651487
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 10/01/2001
Pages: 236
Sales rank: 1,068,248
Product dimensions: 0.54(w) x 9.00(h) x 6.00(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Global Interdependence And Synergy In A Multi-National, Multi-Cultural World1
Synergy And Organizational Eco-Systems4
Leadership In High Synergy Organizations8
Synergy And The Collaborative Consumer10
Chapter 2Building High Synergy Organizations: Commitment Of The Workforce To An Organizational And Global Mission13
Collaborative Core Values And High Synergy Systems16
Collaborative Experience And Synergy18
Synergy, Adaptive Systems And Performance21
Synergy And Transformation24
Chapter 3Synergy, Individual Transformation: And Human Development27
Redefining Leadership30
Finding A Higher Order Of Thinking And Communicating33
Self-Discovery Through Shared Experience36
Finding Synergistic Paths To Self-Discovery40
Developing Collaborative Consciousness45
Chapter 4Organizational Transformation Building A Collaborative System For Organizational Change49
Motivation And Transformation In Collaborative Groups54
Synergistic Strategies For Organizational Change57
Assessing Collaborative Performance And Synergistic Progress61
Cultural Identity And Critical Thinking In Collaborative Groups65
Chapter 5Transformation Through Collective Consciousness67
Collaborative Consciousness In A Democratic Society69
Collaboration, Conciliation And Conscious Change In Organizations72
Synergy And Collective Consciousness In The Global Environment75
Chapter 6Collaborative Consciousness, Synergistic Benefits And Systems Thinking78
Synergy And Complex Systems In Organizations79
Synergy And Problem Solving Systems83
Conciliation And Mediation As Synergy Systems85
Synergy Systems And Resolving Value Conflict87
The Collaborative Leadership Experience90
Chapter 7The Conscious Evolution Of Leadership92
Collaborative Values And Ethics In Organizations95
Ethics, Synergy And Safe Learning Environments98
Collaboration Or Domination: A Leadership Choice100
Transformative Leadership And Empowering Others103
Learning Organizations, Affirmation And Performance106
Chapter 8Synergy, Communication And Confidence In Organizations109
Finding Solutions Beyond The Structure And Programs112
Collaborative Communication And Research Across Disciplines115
Creating Collaborative Leaders And Interdisciplinary Learners117
Global Trends In Collaborative Communication And Research120
Chapter 9Moving From Simple To Complex Collaborative Systems123
How Collaborative Leaders Transform Organizations123
Searching For The Concept Of Leadership126
Developing A Seamless Collaborative Leadership Curriculum129
Improving Performance In Complex Collaborative Systems132
Chapter 10Global Trends In Collaborative Learning And Technology136
The Focus, Flexibility And Future Of Collaborative Technology140
Collaborative Learning Communities142
Global Learning Communities146
Dynamic Complex Systems151
Chapter 11Great Transformative Leaders154
Political Leaders154
Leaders Of Social Change158
Leaders Of Science160
Everyday Leaders163
Chapter 12Transformative Cultures And Civilizations Cultures Of Freedom, Peace And Enlightenment166
Cultures Of Change And Renewal170
The New Collaborative Culture173
Contexts For Learning In A Democratic Society176
Chapter 13Transformative Organizations In Business And Education178
Confidence-Driven Global Businesses178
Educational Organizations As Synergy Systems182
Critical Literacy And Educational Transformation185
Global Leadership188
Chapter 14Working With Adaptive, Self-Organizing Systems In A Global Society191
Developing Adaptive, Self-Organizing Systems194
Responsive Collaborative Systems197
Global Adaptive Systems200
Adaptive Leadership203
Chapter 15Transformative Leadership And The Process Of Change Leaders As Facilitators Of Change And Transformation206
Everyday Leaders Of Change208
Discovery And The Process Of Change212
Leading The Way To A Transformative Future215

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