College Sports on the Brink of Disaster: The Rise of Pay-for-Play and the Fall of the Scholar-Athlete

College Sports on the Brink of Disaster: The Rise of Pay-for-Play and the Fall of the Scholar-Athlete

College Sports on the Brink of Disaster: The Rise of Pay-for-Play and the Fall of the Scholar-Athlete

College Sports on the Brink of Disaster: The Rise of Pay-for-Play and the Fall of the Scholar-Athlete


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Impelled by runaway spending and rampant corruption, America's much-beloved games of college basketball and football are being threatened. The specter of billion-dollar sums being showered on coaches, voracious athletic directors, hordes of support staff and lavish comforts for fans has led to a near-deafening roar to pay the players. The injustice of such sums being amassed, in the main, from the labor of young men of color many of whom come from disadvantaged backgrounds cannot be justified; and yet, American society has allowed this intractable problem to fester for more than half a century. Lured by the glitter of untold riches, naive young players enroll year after year in colleges and universities expecting the ultimate reward of a highly paid career as a pro. Only a minuscule few will advance that far; even fewer will reap significant financial rewards. Instead of educating them, colleges and universities force them into full-time athletic jobs in which their labor is shamelessly exploited.

Small wonder that outraged critics demand compensation for the players, but these same critics only present vague answers when asked how such a radical change would work. College Sports on the Brink of Disaster, first published as Marching Toward Madness and now newly updated, cites twenty-one reasons why the pro-pay position is wrong, among them the  prospect that the player talent pool will be concentrated to even fewer rich schools; recruiting wars will lead to more frequent scandals; and the regulatory powers of the NCAA will exponentially increase. Worst of all, pay-for-play will encourage schools to shirk even further the imperative to educate the young athletes.

College Sports on the Brink of Disaster presents comprehensive reforms to end cheating and corruption in college sports, to put academics first, and to end the peonage of non-white athletes once and for all.

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ISBN-13: 9781683584483
Publisher: Sports Publishing LLC
Publication date: 03/15/2022
Pages: 360
Sales rank: 880,975
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

John LeBar earned his doctorate in education at Duke University, where he coached varsity tennis and later served as director of undergraduate studies.

Allen Paul earned a graduate degree in international politics from the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University. After college, he worked for the Associated Press and later as a speechwriter in Washington, DC.

Table of Contents

Foreword Scott Hirko, PhD 2

Introduction See the Pyramids along the Nile 5

Part I How We Got Where We Are 13

1 A Brief History of College Sports 15

2 Towering Achievers 27

3 The Rise of Iconic Women 45

4 The Mirror of Public Ideals 53

5 Shattered Ideals 65

6 Moral Collapse 77

Part II Why College Sports Matter 91

7 Molding High Achievers 93

8 The Passionate Professional 103

9 The Gold Standard of Courage 117

10 Miracles in Guatemala 127

11 The Spartan Way 143

12 The Public Intellectual 155

13 A Life in Full 169

14 Lire Ripple Effect 185

Part III A Successful Season in Microcosm 199

15 A Road Trip Down South 201

18 Nineteen in a Row 213

17 Unexpected Endings 229

18 Unbreakable Bonds 239

Part IV Changing a Broken System 249

19 Barriers to Reform 251

20 Failed Pharaohs of College Sports 265

21 A Practical Path to Reform 273

22 Toward Participation for All 281

23 Renewal of American Ideals 291

Appendix 1 Notable Scholar-Athletes 297

Appendix 2 U.S. Presidents Who Were Scholar-Athletes 307

Appendix 3 21 Reasons Why Pay for Play Is a Bad Idea 309

Notes 313

Bibliography 331

Acknowledgments 335

Index 337

About the Authors 349

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