The Complete Poetry of Percy Bysshe Shelley

The Complete Poetry of Percy Bysshe Shelley

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The Complete Poetry of Percy Bysshe Shelley by Percy Bysshe Shelley

"His name is Percy Bysshe Shelley, and he is the author of a poetical work entitled Alastor, or the Spirit of Solitude." With these words, the radical journalist and poet Leigh Hunt announced his discovery in 1816 of an extraordinary talent within "a new school of poetry rising of late."

The third volume of the acclaimed edition of The Complete Poetry of Percy Bysshe Shelley includes Alastor, one of Shelley’s first major works, and all the poems that Shelley completed, for either private circulation or publication, during the turbulent years from 1814 to March 1818: Hymn to Intellectual Beauty, Mont Blanc, Laon and Cythna, as well as shorter pieces, such as his most famous sonnet, Ozymandias. It was during these years that Shelley, already an accomplished and practiced poet with three volumes of published verse, authored two major volumes, earned international recognition, and became part of the circle that was later called the Younger Romantics.

As with previous volumes, extensive discussions of the poems’ composition, influences, publication, circulation, reception, and critical history accompany detailed records of textual variants for each work. Among the appendixes are Mary W. Shelley’s 1839 notes on the poems for these years, a table of the forty-two revisions made to Laon and Cythna for its reissue as The Revolt of Islam, and Shelley’s errata list for the same.

It is in the works included in this volume that the recognizable and characteristic voice of Shelley emerges—unmistakable, consistent, and vital.

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About the Author

Donald H. Reiman is an adjunct professor of English at the University of Delaware. Neil Fraistat is a professor of English and director of the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities at the University of Maryland. Nora Crook is an emerita professor of English literature at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrationsxi
Editorial Overviewxix
Original Poetry3
Letter [1] ("Here I sit with my paper, my pen and my ink")7
Letter [2] (To Miss _ From Miss _)9
Song. ("Cold, cold is the blast when December is howling")11
Song. ("Come _! sweet is the hour")13
Song. Despair14
Song. Sorrow15
Song. Hope16
Song. Translated from the Italian17
Song. Translated from the German18
The Irishman's Song18
Song. ("Fierce roars the midnight storm")19
Song. To _ ("Ah! sweet is the moonbeam that sleeps on yon fountain")20
Song. To _ ("Stern, stern is the voice of fate's fearfull command")21
Saint Edmond's Eve22
Ghasta; or, The Avenging Demon!!!30
Fragment, or The Triumph of Conscience37
The Wandering Jew; or, The Victim of the Eternal Avenger39
Posthumous Fragments of Margaret Nicholson; Being Poems Found Amongst the Papers of that Noted Female who Attempted the Life of the King in 178689
"Ambition, power, and avarice, now have hurl'd"93
Fragment. Supposed to be an Epithalamium of Francis Ravaillac and Charlotte Corde95
Fragment. ("Yes! all is past--swift time has fled away")100
The Spectral Horseman101
Melody to a Scene of Former Times102
Poems from St. Irvyne; or, The Rosicrucian: A Romance105
"'T was dead of the night, when I sat in my dwelling"109
"Ghosts of the dead! have I not heard your yelling"110
Ballad. ("The death-bell beats!_")111
Song. ("How swiftly through heaven's wide expanse")114
Song. ("How stern are the woes of the desolate mourner")115
Song. ("Ah! faint are her limbs, and her footstep is weary")116
The Devil's Walk119
The Devil's Walk, a Ballad123
Supplement: Letter Version of The Devil's Walk128
Ten Early Poems (1809-1814)131
"A Cat in distress"135
"How swiftly through Heaven's wide expanse"136
"Oh wretched mortal, hard thy fate!"138
To Mary who died in this opinion138
"Why is it said thou canst but live"139
"As you will see I wrote to you" [1st letter to E. F. Graham]140
"Dear dear dear dear dear dear Graeme!" [2nd letter to E. F. Graham]142
"Sweet star! which gleaming oer the darksome scene"144
"Bear witness Erin! when thine injured isle"145
"Thy dewy looks sink in my breast"145
Original Poetry149
The Wandering Jew; or, The Victim of the Eternal Avenger189
Posthumous Fragments of Margaret Nicholson235
Poems from St. Irvyne; or, The Rosicrucian261
The Devil's Walk281
Ten Early Poems (1809-1814)295
Historical Collations
Original Poetry335
The Wandering Jew; or, The Victim of the Eternal Avenger355
Posthumous Fragments of Margaret Nicholson375
Poems from St. Irvyne; or, The Rosicrucian387
The Devil's Walk403
Ten Early Poems (1809-1814)411
A.Latin School Exercises435
In Horologium437
B.Prose Treated as Poems438
"The Ocean rolls between us"438
"Oh Ireland!"441
C.Lost Works442
Satirical Poem on "L'infame"443
Poetical Essay on the Existing State of Things444
On a Fete at Carlton House448
Essay on War451
God Save the King452
Poems in the Oxford University and City Herald453
Ode, to the Breath of Summer455
The Grape. From the Greek Anthologia455
Epigram, from the Greek Anthologia. ("We that were wont")456
Translation of an Epigram of Vincent Bourne's457
On Old Age, from the Greek Anthology458
Venus and the Muses, from the Same458
Unattributed Epigraphs to St. Irvyne458
Sadak the Wanderer. A Fragment460
Epigraph: "If Satan had never fallen"469
Lines, Addressed to His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, on His Being Appointed Regent469
The Modern Minerva; or, The Bat's Seminary for Young Ladies. A Satire on Female Education478
Anecdotes of Father Murdo480
To the Queen of My Heart482
Index of Titles487
Index of First Lines491

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