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Complete Works for Pianoforte Solo: (Sheet Music)

Complete Works for Pianoforte Solo: (Sheet Music)

by Felix Mendelssohn

Paperback(2nd ed.)

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Mendelssohn's complete works for pianoforte solo are now contained in this two-volume republication of the outstanding Breitkopf & Härtel edition. Included in Volume One are: "Capriccio in F-sharp Minor" (1825), "Sonata in E Major" (1826), Seven Characteristic Pieces," "Rondo Capriccioso in E Major" (1824), "Fantasy in F-sharp Minor" (1835), "Andante cantabile e Presto agitato in B Major" (1838), "Etude in F Minor" (1836), "Scherzo in B Minor," "Gondola Song in A Major" (1837), "Scherzo a Capriccio in F-sharp Minor," "Three Caprices" (1833–1835), "Six Preludes and Fugues" (1827–1837), "Variations Sérieuses in D Minor" (1841), "Six Pieces for Children" (c. 1842), "Variations in E-flat Major" (1841), and Variations in B-flat Major."
Volume Two contains: "Three Predules" (1836), "Three Etudes" (1834–1838), "Sonata in G Minor" (1821), "Sonata in B-flat Major" (1827), "Album Leaf (Song Without Words) in E Minor," "Capriccio in E Major/Minor" (1837), "Perpetuum Mobile in C Major," "Prelude and Fugue in E Minor" (1827, 1841), "Two Pieces," and "Song Without Words" [48 pieces in 8 books].
Noteheads have been reproduced in a size large enough to be read easily at the keyboard. Margins and spaces between staves are generous, permitting insertion of written notes, analysis, fingerings, running measure numbers, etc. For playing, study, or just listening to records, this work will be an admirable addition to your music library.

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ISBN-13: 9780486231372
Publisher: Dover Publications
Publication date: 06/01/1975
Series: Dover Music for Piano Series , #2
Edition description: 2nd ed.
Pages: 208
Sales rank: 776,462
Product dimensions: 9.39(w) x 12.17(h) x 0.41(d)

Table of Contents

Three Preludes, Op. 104, Part I (1836)
1. Allegro molto e vivace (B-flat Major)
2. Allegro agitato (B Minor)
3. Allegro vivace (D Major)
Three Etudes, Op. 104, Part II (1834-1838)
1. Presto (B-flat Minor)
2. Allegro con moto (F Major)
3. Allegro vivace (A Minor)
Sonata in G Minor, Op. 105 (1821)
Sonata in B-flat Major, Op. 106 (1827)
  Allegro vivace
  Scherzo. Allegro non troppo
  Andante quasi Allegretto
  Allegro moderato
Album Leaf (Song Without Words) [Album-Blatt (Lied ohne Worte)] in E Minor, Op. 117
Capriccio in E Major/Minor, Op. 118 (1837)
Perpetuum Mobile in C Major, Op. 119
Prelude and Fugue in E Minor (1827, 1841)
Two Pieces (Zwei Clavier-Stücke)
1. Andante cantabile (B-flat Major)
2. Presto agitato (G Minor)
Songs without Words (Lieder ohne Worte)
Book I, Op. 19
1. Andante con moto (E Major)
2. Andante espressivo (A Minor)
3. Molto Allegro e vivace (Hunting Song; A Major)
4. Moderato (A Major)
5. Poco agitato (F-sharp Minor/Major)
6. Venetian Gondola Song (Venetianisches Gondellied). Andante sostenuto (G Minor)
Book II, Op. 30
1. Andante espressivo (E-flat Major)
2. Allegro di molto (B-flat Minor)
3. Adagio non troppo (E Major)
4. Agitato e con fuoco (B Minor)
5. Andante grazioso (D Major)
6. Venetian Gondola Song. Allegretto tranquillo (F-sharp Minor)
Book III, Op. 38
1. Con moto (E-flat Major)
2. Allegro non troppo (C Minor)
3. Presto e molto vivace (E Major)
4. Andante (A Major)
5. Agitato (A Minor)
6. Duetto. Andante con moto (A-flat Major)
Book IV, Op. 53
1. Andante con moto (A-flat Major)
2. Allegro non troppo (E-flat Major)
3. Presto agitato (G Minor)
4. Adagio (F Major)
5. Folk Song (Volkslied). Allegro con fuoco (A Minor)
6. Molto Allegro vivace (A Major)
Book V, Op. 62
1. Andante espressivo (G Major)
2. Allegro con fuoco (B-flat Major)
3. Andante maestoso (Funeral March; E Minor)
4. Allegro con anima (G Major)
5. Venetian Gondola Song. Andante con moto (A Minor)
6. Allegretto grazioso (Spring Song; A Major)
Book VI, Op. 67
1. Andante (E-flat Major)
2. Allegro leggiero (F-sharp Minor)
3. Andante tranquillo (B-flat Major)
4. Presto (Spinning Song; C Major)
5. Moderato (B Minor)
6. Allegretto non troppo (E Major)
Book VII, Op. 85
1. Andante espressivo (F Major)
2. Allegro agitato (A Minor)
3. Presto (E-flat Major)
4. Andante sostenuto (D Major)
5. Allegretto (A Major)
6. Allegretto con moto (B-flat Major)
Book VIII, Op. 102
1. Andante un poco agitato (E Minor)
2. Adagio (D Major)
3. Presto (C Major)
4. Un poco agitato, ma andante (G Minor)
5. Allegro vivace (Piece for Children; A Major)
6. Andante (C Major)

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