Complexative Creature

Complexative Creature

by Penn St Page


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ISBN-13: 9781481714341
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 03/28/2013
Pages: 120
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.28(d)

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By Penn St. Page


Copyright © 2013Penn St. Page
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4817-1434-1



    The things going into this book,
    I cannot erase.
    So I must think hard
    And scribble at a slow
    Agonizing snail's pace.

    My life in bits and pieces,
    To me and my words the page leases-

    A little space for me to write
    My memories and thoughts
    With great delight.

    Penn St. Page

    It crept into the Garden of Eden,
    put the Apple
    between Adam and Eve.

    It sprung into Hitler's mind,
    and shamed a whole
    German nation.

    It swelled pride in the simple,
    claimed slavery to be
    an American luxury.

    It denied Jesus thrice,
    filling Peter with sorrow.
    Was a traitor to a traitor,
    Judas hanging from a tree.

    It pulled the Trojan horse
    into city walls
    soon to fall.

    It put communist medals,
    on brain washed minds.
    And flew kamikaze pilots
    to a spiraling hero's death.

    Nothing so old,
    to the world
    as the lie.

    Penn St. Page

    Born—look as they pop their heads out.
    a generation of beauties,
    but a downfall to the ugliness inside.

    They teach us all
    watching, their golden hair burns off.
    The snow white skin, tainted and stained it becomes.

    Blue crystal eyes become starry
    cold, lucid, livid with pain.

    Vampire—seduce them into their own deaths.

    Rose scented bodies smoke with the stench of hate
    and broken promises of deliverance.

    They know where they must go.

    Penn St. Page

    Autumn and Winter,
    I do not know the day.

    Spring and Summer both,
    Have slipped far away.

    So I think, "Lay my head down.... and I'll,
    Contemplate death's whispers for a while."

    I find I cannot forget, your face,
    And shadows of emptiness have taken its place.

    Not a vapor,
    Of the push that persuaded,
    My heart to beat.

    And to drink?

    Even now,
    Water is too bittersweet.

    Penn St. Page

    Color in life-
    I see the bluest blue,
    That denies black and white.

    Gray slated blue of sky,
    That silhouettes the turning of orange-brown leaves,
    In the season of fall.

    Like the sapphires of eyes,
    That spill the meaning
    Of human emotion.

    Juice of plums
    Dripping down your chin
    As it's sweetness falls
    Into the pit of your tummy.

    The blue of lips
    As breathe lifts off them
    Into frigid winter air.

    The dark of blue in the bruise,
    From the toil
    Of a hard days work.

    In the love letter
    Whose ink you read
    To mean great things
    To your heart forever.

    Like the steel of hard leather,
    That bound the books
    That took you away
    And wished for you to dream.

    The midnight indigo
    Where the stars sit
    And line the bottom of heaven.

    Penn St. Page

    From here to there,
    That's what I figure
    I have with you.

    Before you decide
    You won't keep me.

    Before the intrigue of mystery
    And the mystique of wonder
    Will flee.

    The dream of what is or could be,
    Transforms into the butterfly.

    Before you wake up,
    Change the sheets
    And throw me into the wash,
    With the sweat of sleep.

    Penn St. Page

    As hunter in the deep of night,
    He stalks hoping to catch
    The glare in animal eyes,
    That give green demon light.

    Waiting, in tall grass
    Listening for foot or paw
    Looking for black tinge mass.

    Squinting, muscles stressed
    Squatting, bones weary-
    Yet his mind is focused,
    Tightly around weapon—fingers pressed.

    Swift movement coming his way,
    Wind blowing, soft breath.

    Through brow, he aims-he misses,
    Must wait another day.

    Penn St. Page

    I believe we would
    Seek each other out
    As souls in another time.

    For this life-

    You will be the father,
    I never had.

    And I will be the daughter,
    Who knows you.

    I cannot help
    But crack grin and smile,
    When in your presence.

    Your praise,
    Twice the lavish.

    And your scrutiny
    Double the pain.

    Penn St. Page

    There is great balance
    Between man and life,

    Which brings much joy
    And also stri

Excerpted from COMPLEXATIVE CREATURE by Penn St. Page. Copyright © 2013 by Penn St. Page. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
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Complexative Creature 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have never been much on poetry writings or poetry books...HOWEVER, this book has so much depth! It's truly the first time I have been intoxicated by a writer! You know you have bought a great book when... it moves your mind and pulses your heart... no matter how many times you read it! LOVE IT...!!!!