Comply with Me: Trump's Hypnosis Toolkit Exposed

Comply with Me: Trump's Hypnosis Toolkit Exposed

by Lisa Morgan
Comply with Me: Trump's Hypnosis Toolkit Exposed

Comply with Me: Trump's Hypnosis Toolkit Exposed

by Lisa Morgan



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Have you been hypnotised without you knowing? If you think you haven't, this might change your mind. 

Comply with Me reveals hypnosis tools that Donald Trump has used to make people support him and give him the edge. He is not the only professional persuader using these tricks either.

We can all go into a light trance – when we watch TV or drive. Once our guard is down, other people's suggestions can be accepted by our unconscious minds. 

We cannot ignore hypnosis any longer. Used to influence us, it can distort reality, befuddle and deceive. Used well, hypnosis is a positive force, helping people to improve their lives. Learn techniques for yourself. Find out how to spot when anyone tries to manipulate you with them. You can use hypnosis tools too – at the least, to make sure your beliefs are your own.

Lisa Morgan is Chair of the UK Guild of Hypnosis Practitioners. After teaching and writing about hypnosis for 25 years, she spotted what Trump was doing early in his presidency and felt compelled to expose it. 

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781916346000
Publisher: Future Seeing Ltd
Publication date: 01/27/2020
Format: eBook
Pages: 276
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Lisa Morgan has been practising, teaching and speaking about hypnosis for 25 years, so it was no surprise that she identified Trump's handshake as classic hypnotic technique right at the beginning of his presidential campaign. Straight after gaining a degree in Politics with Sociology at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, Lisa spent a year travelling overland to India and Nepal. The travel bug had bit. After gaining a post-graduate certificate in Education (PGCE) at the University of Birmingham followed by teaching in London and a happy two years as Head of Language and Communication at Green Island Secondary School, Jamaica, Lisa shifted her focus to business. She became a consumer strategist in advertising agencies including J. Walter Thompson, in London and Warsaw, a role which involved qualitative market research. This work made Lisa curious to understand what people were really thinking deep down, rather than accepting of what they told her they thought. Over several years, Lisa took exploratory and esoteric courses, among them hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). An influential teacher was a politician turned hypnotherapist: millionaire supermarket magnate and former MP, Wilf Proudfoot. Moving to Hong Kong, then Japan where she lived for nine years, Lisa was Planning and Research Director, Asia & Pacific regions, for a global drinks company - United Distillers, now Diageo - and ran a Tokyo-based brand strategy and research consultancy. It was in Tokyo that she began to run visioning workshops and teach hypnosis with NLP. Lisa's experience of mixed methodology research into human motivation and of marketing, coupled with a practical knowledge of hypnosis, gives her a unique perspective. Her understanding of hypnosis sheds light on the impact and effectiveness of current communication techniques. She believes that the ethical use of hypnosis can not only help people achieve well-being but also enable them to generate creative ideas and solve problems ingeniously. Over her career, Lisa has written too many research and strategy reports for business clients as well as several articles in trade magazines. An experienced public speaker, she has presented at conferences and run workshops in the UK, USA, Europe, Asia and Australia. Her work has been featured on TV and in press: in Japan, CNN, NHK, Asahi Shimbun, Japan Times etc. and in UK, The Times' Body and Soul supplement, 'She' and Woman & Home magazines. She has also featured on regional radio stations and newspapers. Now based in the Lake District, Lisa specialises in showing others how to use hypnotic trance for creative thinking. As Chair of the UK Guild of Hypnosis Practitioners, she teaches courses in hypnosis, hypnotherapy and NLP.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Staring Us in the Face

A Give Away

The Handshake has Form

In the Palm of his Hand

The Best a Man Can Get

Chapter 2 How Trance Works

Not Losing Control


Hypnotism Act

Susceptible and Suggestible

Ways to Hypnotise

Mood Management

Chapter 3 Trump's Hypnotic Education

Fatherly Advice

His Feminine Aspect

Trump's Positive Thinking Mentor

The World's Greatest Builder

His Anonymous Hypnosis Coach

A King's Apprenticeship

Wise up to Solomon

Chapter 4: Hypnotising Ourselves

Trump's State Secret

Food for Non-thought

How to Hypnotise Yourself

Chapter 5: Unconscious Power

Numbers Don't Count

Emotions Trump Facts

Changing your Mind

Trance Logic and Intuition

Chapter 6 His Hypnosis Toolkit

Rapport, Trump Style

A Shared Chip

More Than His Touch





Trump's Fluff

Just Suggesting

Working towards an Outcome

Towards or Away From

Embedding Suggestions and Commands

Trump’s Ring-a-ding-ding

Invisible Authority

Bad Grammar is Good

Double Binds to Win

Chapter 7: Telling Stories

A Dead Cat Lying on the Table

Help for Future Farmers

Chapter 8: Building Control

The Brand, Trump

Poo of the Gods

Emperor Chic

Chapter 9 Through a Glass Darkly

Partisan Pastors

The Trumpet Shall Sound

Message Alert

Chapter 10: Glamour in Action

Converted and Compliant

The Celebrity Effect

Alpha Wave Male

Président à Vie

Chapter 11: Lessons We Learn

The Illusory Power of Negative Thinking

The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Invisibility and the Rotten Peach

Spotting Manipulation

Chapter 12: Take Control of Yourself

How to Get Along with Trump (and how not to, too)


Watch your Tone

Defer to the Family

Builder’s Banter

Billionaire Bon Mots

Green Credentials


What Not to Do

Prefer to be Out of Rapport? Some Suggestions

Mind the Language

Call Your Own Shots

Find Out Who Controls You

Cultivate Discernment

Find Out Who Controls You

Cultivate Discernment

Your Own Protective Shield

Chase the Belief to its Source

Choose Freedom

Not the Last Word

Glossary of Trump Tools, Hypnosis & Other Terms

About the Author

Notes and Sources


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