Comprehending Christian Zionism: Perspectives in Comparison

Comprehending Christian Zionism: Perspectives in Comparison

by Goran Gunner, Robert O. Smith

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The question of the Christian Zionism—the religious and political support of the state of Israel—is fiercely debated within theology and the church, as well as in the wider political and social arenas. Examination of the issue is, however, highly relevant and crucial, as it cuts across a wide array of constitutive features and beliefs of Christian life, from interpretation of scripture to religious and political ethics.</P><P>Comprehending Christian Zionism brings together an international consortium of scholars and researchers to reflect on the network of issues and topics surrounding this critical subject; these essays are the fruit of several years of collaboration by the special working group on Christian Zionism. The volume includes essays from Christian scholars around the globe, as well as Jewish and Palestinian contributors to provide interfaith contextual dialogue.</P>

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Publisher: Augsburg Fortress, Publishers
Publication date: 10/01/2014
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About the Author

Göran Gunner is researcher at the Church of Sweden Research Unit, associate professor at Uppsala University in studies of mission, and senior lecturer in human rights at Stockholm School of Theology.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments ix

1 Christian Zionism in Comparative Perspective 1

An Introduction Göran Gunner

2 Saying "Peace" When There Is No Peace 15

An American Christian Zionist Congregation on Peace, Militarism, and Settlements Elizabeth Phillips

3 "A Fool for Christ" 33

Sense-Making and Negotiation of Identity in the Life Story of a Christian Soldier Aron Engberg

4 Broadcasting Jesus' Return 61

Televangelism and the Appropriation of Israel through Israeli-Granted Broadcasting Rights Matt Westbrook

5 Walking in the Mantle of Esther 85

"Political" Action as "Religious" Practice Sean Durbin

6 Christian Zionism at Jerusalén Church in Copán 125

Ruinas, Honduras, an "Out-of-the-Way" Place William Girard

7 Christian Zionist Pilgrimage in the Twenty-first Century 137

The "Holy" in the "Holy Land" Curtis Hutt

8 Living in the Hour of Restoration 161

Christian Zionism, Immigration, and Aliyah Faydra L. Shapiro 161

9 Christian Zionism and Mainline Western 179

Christian Churches Rosemary Radford Ruether

10 Palestinian Christian Reflections on Christian 191

Zionism Mitri Raheb

11 From the Institutum Judaicum to the International Christian Embassy 199

Christian Zionism with a European Accent Yaakov Ariel 199

12 Mischief Making in Palestine American Protestant Christian Attitudes toward the Holy Land, 1917-1949 Mae Elise Cannon

13 Israelis, Israelites, and God's Hand in History 257

Finnish Christian Attitudes toward the Creation of the State of Israel Timo R. Stewart

14 The Rise of Hitler, Zion, and the Tribulation 275

Between Christian Zionism and Orthodox Judaism Gershon Greenbere 275

15 Inverting the Eagle to Embrace the Star of David 301

The Nationalist Roots of German Christian Zionism George Faithful 301

16 The Quest to Comprehend Christian Zionism Robert O. Smith 325

Index 337

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