Considering Cannabis: The Mass Suffering of Humanity Depends On It!

Considering Cannabis: The Mass Suffering of Humanity Depends On It!

by David Putvin
Considering Cannabis: The Mass Suffering of Humanity Depends On It!

Considering Cannabis: The Mass Suffering of Humanity Depends On It!

by David Putvin


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Cannabis is a preference that should involve many considerations. Education and advice is everywhere we turn. Problem is, not all of us are getting Cannabis advice from knowledgeable experts who regularly recommend Cannabis compounds to people. This book covers many topics that often go unspoken, but it does not provide dosage recommendations for any specific medical conditions. This book is designed to provide logical consideration; not medical advice. Life is life and every one of us should have the freedom to home grow Cannabis.

In life, all humans are patients who will encounter various forms of deterioration and pain in every stage of their life. With that in mind, Cannabis compounds are always something to consider because we should all expect to encounter pain and potential diseases throughout our life. We all manage our personal pain and diseases according to our personal navigation of life. Many people still think that Cannabis should be avoided completely, but not everyone realizes the list of substances and illnesses that we do avoid when Cannabis is pursued effectively.

We should all consider ourselves candidates for Cannabis compounds. Strict religious beliefs are the only excuse not to, but even religious people should no longer deny that consuming Cannabis is extremely beneficial for treating actual diseases and deteriorations throughout the body. Medical professionals should be prescribing Cannabis to most of us. If someone believes psychoactive effects would not be "good" for them, well, not all compounds are psychoactive. There are Cannabis compounds that are considered non-psychoactive and those specific compounds can be used to provide targeted benefits to any system in the body. Cannabis might not cure every condition completely, but it can effectively prevent, cure or improve most pains and deterioration that we will be likely to encounter somewhere between our early stages of development and old age.

People of all ages and cultures have confirmed that medical benefits exist whether Cannabis is recreational, medical or totally criminalized. Knowledgeable medical professionals do NOT provide anti-Cannabis advice to anyone unless there is a very specific need to do so. Projecting known lies about Cannabis is manipulative, corrupt and sometimes intentionally ignored completely. Once you recognize the reality of Cannabis, it should become very easy to recognize that people providing anti-Cannabis advice become instantly invalid the moment they begin to discredit the reality of Cannabis for people who have received guidance from medical professionals. Anti-Cannabis advice is typically based on religious ideology; not logic.

This book is a great solution for helping us better understand our own pursuits of Cannabis. It details what real recommendations should look like and how to recognize that non-Cannabis advice is never provided by medical professionals who actually specialize in Cannabis. This book is also a great option for medical professionals to share with their patients who would benefit by Considering Cannabis during their existence.

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ISBN-13: 9781957013619
Publisher: Hybrid Global Publishing
Publication date: 02/16/2023
Pages: 106
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.22(d)

About the Author

David Putvin was born February 29, 1992 and he was raised in Copperton, Utah, USA. Cannabis became important to him once he realized that Cannabis prohibition significantly increases the mass suffering of everyone. David's passion in life is to help create sustainable building projects that improve general wellness, promote self-mastery, and provide freedom in the exploration of psychoactive experiences. His hope is that the success of these sustainable building projects will lead to increased acceptance and understanding of the significance of psychoactive freedom for everyone. No matter who tries to dominate the reality of human existence that we all share.
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