The Craft of Writing Science Fiction that Sells

The Craft of Writing Science Fiction that Sells

by Ben Bova

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Ben Bova, best-selling author and six-time Hugo Award winner for Best Editor
explains step by step all the elements you need to write profesionally
selling science fiction. Bova was editor of both Analog and Omni magazine,
two of the best-ever markets for short fiction, as well as a best-selling
novelist -- so nobody knows what sells better than Ben Bova. The book
breaks down every aspect of writing and analyzes it in depth, including
with complete example short stories that he examines for how they tick.
The book targets science fiction in particular since it's one of the
hardest genres to write, but his explanations are applicable to fiction
of any genre.

This is a must-read for anyone trying to break into the professional
science fiction writing field.


Chapter One - How to Get Out of the Slushpile
Chapter Two - Science Fiction
Chapter Three - Character in Science Fiction: Theory
Chapter Four - Character in Science Fiction - Fifteen Miles - A Complete Short Story
Chapter Five - Character in Science Fiction: Practice
Chapter Six - Background in Science Fiction: Theory
Chapter Seven - Background in Science Fiction – Sepulcher - A Complete Short Story
Chapter Eight - Background in Science Fiction: Practice
Chapter Nine - Conflict in Science Fiction: Theory
Chapter Ten - Conflict in Science Fiction - Crisis of the Month - A Complete Short Story
Chapter Eleven - Conflict in Science Fiction: Practice
Chapter Twelve - Plot in Science Fiction: Theory
Chapter Thirteen - Plot in Science Fiction - The Shining Ones - A Complete Short Story
Chapter Fourteen - Plot in Science Fiction: Practice
Chapter Fifteen - Think Before You Write: Preparing for the Novel
Chapter Sixteen - The Long Siege: Writing the Novel
Chapter Seventeen - Into the Cold, Cruel World: Marketing Your Fiction
Chapter Eighteen - The Thematic Novel
Chapter Nineteen - Ideas, Style and Inspiration

Don't keep making the same mistakes -- read THE CRAFT OF WRITING SCIENCE FICTION THAT SELLS today!

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Publisher: ReAnimus Press
Publication date: 12/28/2011
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About the Author

Ben Bova is the author of nearly 125 futuristic novels and nonfiction books about science and high technology.
In his various writings, Dr. Bova has predicted the Space Race of the 1960s, solar power satellites, the discovery of organic chemicals in interstellar space, virtual reality, human cloning, the Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars), the advent of international peacekeeping forces, the discovery of ice on the Moon, electronic book publishing and zero-gravity sex.
Dr. Bova received the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Arthur C. Clarke Foundation in 2005, "for fueling mankind's imagination regarding the wonders of outer space." His 2006 novel TITAN received the John W. Campbell Memorial Award for best novel of the year, and he received the 2008 Robert A. Heinlein Award "for his outstanding body of work in the field of literature."
Dr. Bova has been involved in science and high technology since the very beginnings of the space age. President Emeritus of the National Space Society and a past president of Science Fiction Writers of America, Inc., Dr. Bova was elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and has been a member of the Arizona Astronomy Board.
He is a columnist for the Naples Daily News and a widely-popular lecturer. Earlier in his career, he was an award-winning editor and an executive in the aerospace industry. He has worked with film makers and television producers such as Woody Allen, George Lucas, and Gene Roddenberry.
His "Grand Tour" novels-including his award-winning TITAN-show how the human race will expand through the solar system, opening a new era of wealth and opportunity -- and conflict. His nonfiction books, such as IMMORTALITY and FAINT ECHOES, DISTANT STARS have been honored by organizations such as the American Librarians' Association and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He has won six Science Fiction Achievement Awards (Hugos) and many other awards for writing.

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Craft of Writing Science Fiction That Sells 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
janett0 More than 1 year ago
Ben Bova is the author of more than eighty futuristic novels and non-fiction books. He has been an editor and executive in the aerospace industry. Taught science fiction writing at Harvard University and has expertise in high technology and numerous areas. This book is a practical guide in construction techniques for writing fiction. The special requirements in the science fiction field are demanding. It is vital, exciting, and offers a close and immediate interaction between readers and writers. This book divides character, background, conflict and plot into three parts. With examples this shows how theoretical ideas were handled in an actual story. Then chapters on background, conflict and plot: theory first, then a short story, followed by a chapter on practice using the story as illustration. Then the different demands writing makes on the novelists, and how challenges are met. Next is preparation and the writing task. Marketing novels and short fiction, followed by ideas, style and other successful storytelling techniques. This book is a path of putting information into neural wiring that is basically unchanged. Homer, Goethe and Shakespeare used these techniques. I see this book as the fabric of successful writing, never simple or mechanic. This book offers valuable instruction, and would be perfect as a reference in a personal library. I own a copy of this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ben Bova, noted author and editor gives an excellent review of the basics of successful storytelling. As the editor who "discovered" so many now well-known witers, his insights are invaluable to the writer who wants to sell their work. Bova discusses the core elements of every story--character, setting, conflict, and plot--and then shows how they are put into practice through his own short stories. Additional chapters cover the aspects of writing unique to novels. Finally, Mr. Bova discusses the business side as well with a review of how to submit your work, find the appropriate editor and the right agent (along with some advice as to when you need to hire one). I found it to be an engaging read, clarifying in my mind some of the core aspects of good storytelling. I especially liked his distillation of how to express the emotional perspective of the protagonist, and how to pick the proper antagonist to highlight the protagonist's core conflict. The short stories chosen for illustrative purposes were entertaining, and did a good job highlighting the aspect of storytelling in question. There's nothing here that is particularly revolutionary. Everything in the book has already been covered in innumerable books on the craft of writing. This book, however, lays it out in a very straightforward and clear voice with compelling "real world" (i.e., published) examples. I would recommend this book to people just starting out on their writing careers as well as those people who find their writing isn't "popping" the way they want it to. Sometimes going back to basics is the way to freshen up your work.