by Michael D'Agostino, Danny D'Agostino

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"Creatures," is an action-filled Sci-Fi Comedy Thriller.  Adapted from Danny D'Agostino's acclaimed audio book, "Creatures" has been updated as a novel with a wealth of new comedy and action to excite and titillate the reader.  See several reviews of the audio book below.

Stan and Leroy Hangjab, two street-wise detectives from the Southside of Chicago, and the precocious 14 year old Richard T. McCormick the 4th, rescue the City of Chicago from the clutches of the evil DNA genius, Dr. Franklin Norman Stein and his mutant humanoid creatures.  Pandemonium and chaos break out when Stein's ferocious creatures threaten the fate of the entire the city of Chicago. 

Stan, narrating the action at Police Headquarters:  "The place was in pandemonium:  cops criss-crossing the office, bumping into each other like a pinball machine.  All the phones were ringing.  As we entered the Chief's office, he was on the phone with the mayor, who was screaming, 'I want this situation turned 360 degrees around!  You hear me?!'" 

I yelled "Chief!"  Maybe I spoke too loud at the wrong moment, 'cause the Chief spilled his milk on his bobbing duck, and his right eye began twitching.  And before we could get in a word, the Chief got a little huffy.

"I know what happened!  Things were all right around here until you two characters showed up.  Now I got trouble with a capital 'H' for Hangjab!" 

He reached for two bottles of pills - one for his blood pressure and one for his ulcers.  "Where's my Tums Ultra?!" he yelled.  "Who took my Tums Ultra pills?!" "They're in your hands, Chief," I answered.

And the Chinese pols from Chinatown were none too happy either:  "Nobody in this room know nothing!  Get better advice from a dog!"


"Superbly produced, bluntly humorous, outstandingly written."

-Midwest Book Review

"Outrageousness, hard-boiled detective fiction, hardy series of guffaws can cloud your vision."

-Rich Gotshall, Indianapolis Star

"Fantastic.  I was astounded."

-Thomas Fortenberry, Charlotte, N C

"A wonderful mixture of comedy and science fiction."

-Harold McFarland, Readers Preference Reviews

"Kudos to Danny D'Agostino."

-Anthony Buccino, Reviewer/Writer, Nutley, New Jersey

Stan and Leroy's Uncle Ed, depressed and in bed:  "You know what my boss told me, Stan?  The people in Berwyn think they are so special.  A quarter pounder isn't good enough for them.  They gotta have a third of a pound burger, plus mushrooms.  Maybe I shouldn't move to Berwyn.  Who needs that?"

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Publisher: Michael and Danny D'Agostino
Publication date: 04/15/2016
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