Crossing Cultural Frontiers: Studies in the History of World Christianity

Crossing Cultural Frontiers: Studies in the History of World Christianity


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ISBN-13: 9781626982581
Publisher: Orbis Books
Publication date: 10/12/2017
Pages: 296
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.25(h) x (d)

About the Author

Andrew F. Walls is a former missionary to Sierra Leone and Honorary Professor in the University of Edinburgh; Professor of the History of Mission, Liverpool Hope University; and Emeritus Professor, Akrofi-Christaller Institute, Akropong, Ghana. His books include The Missionary Movement in Christian History The Cross-Cultural Process in Christian History, and (with Cathy Ross), Mission in the 21st Century

Table of Contents

Introduction ix

Part 1 The Transmission of Christian Faith

1 World Christianity and the Early Church 3

2 Origen, the Father of Mission Studies 19

3 Worldviews and Christian Conversion 35

4 Toward a Theology of Migration 49

5 Globalization and the Study of Christian History 63

Part 2 Africa in Christian Thought and History

6 The Cost of Discipleship The Witness of the African Church 79

7 A Christian Experiment The Early Sierra Leone Colony 91

8 Christianity and the Language Issue The Early Years of Protestant Missions in West Africa 111

9 The Discovery of "African Traditional Religion" and Its Impact on Religious Studies 127

10 Kwame Bediako and Christian Scholarship in Africa 145

Part 3 The Missionary Movement and the West

11 Missions and the English Novel 157

12 World Parish to World Church John and Charles Wesley on Home and Overseas Mission 173

13 Missions and Historical Memory Jonathan Edwards and David Brainerd 185

14 Distinguished Visitors Tiyo Soga and Behari Lai Singh: In Europe and at Home 203

15 Western Christians in China A Chapter in a Long History 217

16 Building to Last Harold Turner and the Study of Religion 245

Conclusion: The Future of Missiology-Missiology as Vocation 259

Sources 267

Index 271

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