Crossing Hope

Crossing Hope

by Kimberly Kincaid

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BN ID: 2940161874660
Publisher: Kimberly Kincaid Romance
Publication date: 10/15/2018
Series: Cross Creek , #4
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 62,214
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About the Author

Kimberly Kincaid writes contemporary romance that splits the difference between sexy and sweet and hot and edgy romantic suspense. When she's not sitting cross-legged in an ancient desk chair known as "The Pleather Bomber", she can be found practicing obscene amounts of yoga, whipping up anything from enchiladas to éclairs in her kitchen, or curled up with her nose in a book. Kimberly is a USA Today best-selling author and a 2016 and 2015 RWA RITA® finalist and 2014 Bookseller's Best nominee who lives (and writes!) by the mantra that food is love. Kimberly resides in Virginia with her wildly patient husband and their three daughters.

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Crossing Hope 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
Anonymous 9 months ago
Loved everything about it! Great story
Anonymous 10 months ago
Absolutely perfect story to finish this series. I am going to miss the whole Cross Creek family.
blonde_betty 10 months ago
Kimberly Kincaid’s latest Cross novel, Crossing Hope, finally unites the Cross and Whittaker families and ends the feud once and for all. Marley and Grayson are fun to watch. At times I felt Marley was a little immature, but she comes through end the end. Grayson was fun and definitely not what we’ve seen up to this point. I’m sad to see this series come to an end, but Kincaid rounded it out well. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this novel.
poetriot 10 months ago
Marley is an independent woman who is used to aking care of herself and doesn't put up with any BS from anyone. I think many people can see themselves in her and will instantly connect with the kind of person she is and the struggles she deals with. Greyson is like her in many ways and doesn't let many people come close, but is drawn to Marley and her sassiness. He finds a way to make her open up and you can't help rooting for him and loving him once you find out what is beneath the surface. Their love is a slow burn that has you dancing in anticipation and when it finally happens, you don't want to stop reading and let go.
EileenAW 11 months ago
WOW!! I do mean WOW!! I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this book!!! Kimberly Kincaid once again burns up the pages with Crossing Hope, the fourth book in her Cross Creek series. Marley never expected to still be in Millhaven at Cross Creek and definitely did not want to be part of the Cross family. Marley is a strong, take charge person who could take care of herself; she didn’t need anyone. Marley and Greyson being forced to work with together, taking caring of stray animals, gives them the opportunity to open up to each other, learn to trust each other, build a friendship, and maybe more. How would this ever work? She was a Cross and he a Whittaker, two highly competitive families that didn’t get along. Yet, when Marley learns some information about the family that she is starting to open up to, she gets scared and runs for the hills. It will take the Cross boys to bring Marley home where she belongs, and it will take the entire family to help her convince Greyson that her running days are over and that she is right where she belongs, in Millhaven and with him. It is very difficult not to love Marley and Greyson. Greyson standing up to his father to defend her and Marley threatening her brother if they lay one finger on Greyson was absolutely amazing. The conversation between the Cross boys, Tobias and Marley had me in tears. The love that was between the Cross family, the love between Greyson and Marley was evident on every single page of this book. These two are so much alike it is almost scary; wanting so badly to belong, to be heard, scared of what will happen if they do. The fact they each trusted the other to be there, to catch them, to have them is a testament to the love that they had for one another. I totally loved reading this book. Ms. Kincaid did a fantastic job creating her characters, making them realistic, keeping the story interesting, making me forget the world around me and not letting me go until I turned the last page, wanting more. Ms. Kincaid kept this reader mesmerized with the need to see how Marley and Greyson would find their happy ever after. I highly recommend this book to other readers.
sbart84 11 months ago
Once again Kimberly Kincaid has out done herself with the Cross family. It's sad to say goodbye to this family but what a finale!! I could not wait to read Marley's story after her surprise arrival to the Cross family. Marley is only here for her mother's last wish, to meet her father. Not planning on staying until she meets bad boy, rival to the Cross family, Greyson. What a match they are!! Did not expect this match at all, but it was perfect!! Loved how protective the Cross brothers are over Marley. This is book that will have you with many emotions and shedding a few happy tears at the end. Like I said it is sad to say good bye to the Cross family, but what a finale it was. I highly recommend this book along with the rest of the series!!
CLBreese 11 months ago
I waited for this one after reading the rest of the series. I love all the books, and each one becomes my favorite. Real life situations and anyone who has lived in a small town can totally relate! I really love the strong female characters and the story is fun.
Cali-Jewel 11 months ago
This heartwarming small town romance that finishes out the Cross Creek series has it all..... a long standing family feud, an unexpected hidden sibling, bravado covering up true feelings, loss, love, loyalty and passion.... all wrapped up in this highly entertaining opposites attract romance. Marley Rallston is the smart, sexy, sassy long hidden daughter no one knew about that has come to Cross Creek on her mother's dying wish.... Greyson Whittaker is the sexy, smart, bad boy of this sleepy little town using a bad attitude the entire town expects to hide who he really is.... the only Whittaker left with a love the the land. Loved their witty banter, sizzling chemistry and desire to help the other heal. Loved this thrilling romance.
AuroraDawn5 11 months ago
Knowing that this was going to be the last of the Cross Creek stories, I approached reading it with very mixed feelings. I love Kimberly Kincaid's stories and have been a fan of the Cross Creek boys since the very first book in the series. I had no doubt I'd love Marley's story, but I wasn't looking forward to saying goodbye ... and I hated the idea of pairing her with Greyson Whittaker. No, let me rephrase that. I just plain hated Greyson Whittaker. He's been the bane of the Cross family from the first time he was introduced into the Millhaven saga. Turns out I was wrong about Greyson, but not about loving the book. Kincaid has outdone herself in this one. It tied up all the loose ends with a story about family relationships and small town expectations that made me laugh and cry and think about my own family and then left me with a warm and fuzzy hopeful feeling, knowing that the Cross Creek and Millhaven are in good hands for the next generation. I'm still sad that this is the last Cross Creek story but I wouldn't have missed this read for all the peaches at Whittaker Hollow.
JaneN17 11 months ago
The Cross Family Finale! This is the final story in the Cross family saga and it was great! Marley and Greyson are perfect together! I loved how both of them helped each other to become a better person by living their truths and not catering to others opinions. This story was sexy and fun and very well put together perfect ending to a GREAT series!!
Susanmc81 11 months ago
This is the final book in the Cross Creek series by Kimberly Kincaid, and she definitely goes out on a high note. This book centers on half sister Marley Rallston and arch rival Wesley Whittkaer. Marley and Westley end up in jail together on minor charges (she is taking the blame for shoplifting to protect a young girl, and he has six unpaid parking tickets). The eccentric judge sentences them to 200 hours of community service at the local animal shelter. Both Westley and Marley have serious daddy issues that have them pushing everyone away. Of course, working together let’s them develop a relationship beyond their initial attraction. I loved both characters and I loved the pacing of the romance. This also had a nice epilogue that ties up the past books. I was given an ARC of this book by the author for my honest review.
AllisiaWysong 11 months ago
HOLY CRAP! Let’s see what can I possibly say to do this story justice? It was just too good for words, but I will try. This is the 4th book in the Cross Creak series but can be read as a standalone. However, as I quickly realized reading this one piqued my interest in the Cross boys and I needed to read the rest. Kimberly brings us a Forbidden Lovers story that is so fun to read. You have two strong willed characters that think they know what they want and determined to keep things the same. HA! Just as the saying goes We Plan… Marley Rallston is our headstrong heroin who thinks she can keep her head down long enough to get out of the small town she has found herself in. She’s a city girl stuck in a country town, I personally would love this town, but she doesn’t! Having everyone know her business is not something she is fond of. Greyson Whittaker has a reputation for being just like his grumpy, mean-spirited father. He tried to prove people wrong but when in a small town this task is not an easy one. He decided to let people think what they want and, in some ways, feeds the rumors. He has an age-old rival with Marley’s brothers. He is forcing himself NOT to feel the attraction between them because there is no way he can possibly like anyone from ‘that family’. However, when they are forced to spend time together they both are forced to see that reputations are not always what they seem. They chemistry is HOT, the banter even Hotter. Kimberly writes these two perfectly and I recommend you read this one right away!! It is on the Goodreads highly anticipated Fall reads for a reason! I was given an ARC by the author to give an honest opinion and you have just read it. So, grab your copy of this fantastic book now and curl up in your spot to read!
JustNicole 11 months ago
This final book in the Cross Creek series, Crossing Hope, is freaking phenomenal! Kimberly Kincaid has surpassed my extremely high expectations by leaps and bounds! (I may have been majorly anticipating this book since finishing book 3 in the series, Crossing Promises). Mrs. Kincaid has an amazing way of writing and making you visualize the story, not just having it spit out and told to you. Her flow and choice of words are so incredible and so colorful that she draws the picture for you to imagine! The characters are so well developed and blended! As much as I didn’t want this series to end, Kimberly has done such a wonderful job of wrapping this series up and putting a bow on it for her readers. So Crossing Hope not only wraps up the Cross Creek series, it finally gives the only Cross sister….OH WAIT!!! Do NOT call her a “Cross”!!! She is a Rallston!!! So, yes, Marley Rallston gets her story and HEA! We learn right in the beginning of the book that Tobias’s only daughter (from a different mother than brothers Owen, Eli, and Hunter) secretly has a heart of gold. However, Marley also is very stubborn, very hard-headed, and very much wants to get the hell out of Millhaven, Virginia ASAP…she just needs to pay off a debt first. Then there is the delicious (but ALSO stubborn and negative) Greyson Whittaker, from Whittaker Hollow (the biggest competition to the Cross’s as far as farming goes). He just doesn’t know how not to park in a no-parking zone, or how to be nice as a general rule. He blames his attitude on his reputation that precedes him, partially due to his father, Jeremiah Whittaker. Greyson may be a grouchy-ass-bad-boy, but holy crap…the man has some amazing insight and deep, honorable thoughts and ideas! Wellllll…thanks to Judge Abernathy, these two opposing forces now are required to work hand-in-hand, performing community service, helping to repair the local animal shelter, and in the process, repairing themselves as well. The path they take and the trust they gain from one another grows throughout the story. There are so many memorable lines and phrases in this book that I stopped and read them again because I loved them so much! Then there are a few scenes I LOVED (hopefully without spoilers) … *The jail *The courtroom *Breakfast with Cate *When Greyson busts Marley placing the groceries on the porch *Their first kiss “She wasn’t just hungry. She was starving.” *The Farmer’s Market, the emotions involving Tobias , Marley and Greyson’s talk, Greyson visiting the Cross tent *The Water tower *Marley and Tobias’s talks *The Peach Orchard *The visit by Sheriff Atlee in the field ;) *Marley’s come-to-Jesus meeting with her brothers *Marley’s jumping to conclusions and actions and the conversation of the men, Cate, Scarlett and Emerson and then the resolution *Greyson’s talk with his father *Greyson and Marley’s talk ***And last but not least…the epilogue!!! **Oh…and I cannot forget the explicit, juicy sex scenes!!!** Honestly, this whole book was sensational, from the dedication and acknowledgements, to the epilogue. It is DEFINITELY a MUST-READ, and even though it is kind of a stand-alone…nah, you need to just read the first 3 (Crossing Hearts-Hunter, Crossing the Line-Eli, Crossing Promises-Owen) before indulging!
ytcruz 11 months ago
This is the final book in Ms. Kincaid’s series Cross Creek. A series I have loved from the start. This story belongs to Marley Rallston , and Greyson Whittaker. Marley is the the Cross’s brothers newly discovered sister and one that though she has been staying with them for a few months , still feels like an outsider. Greyson is not only the bad boy of the town, but also the son of the rival farm. These two meet when they end up having to do community service. I have to confess that the author did such a good job in previous books of portraying Greyson in such a negative way, that he took some time to grow on me. But once I got to “know” him, he truly touched my heart. While I’ll let others give you a detail summary of the plot , I will go a different way. This is a story about home and the complexities of families. Paraphrasing the author, home is not a a place but a feeling. It’s about feeling safe and belonging to someone you know will always have your back. It’s also a story about trusting not only others but also yourself, about forgiveness, communication , hope and of course, love. Kudos to the author for another wonderful story. I was entrusted a copy of this book. The opinions expressed are solely my own.
LynnB888 11 months ago
4 1/2 STARS! Decadently delicious! With the fourth and final book in her beloved Cross Creek series, Kimberly Kincaid brings us the story of the surprise sister. She knew nothing about a father and three brothers until just before her life was devastated by her mother's death, and she's carried her bitterness and anger tightly around her soul for months now, but when one obnoxious jerk of a man is the one to make her open her eyes to the family she has right in front of her, well, sparks are going to fly! Marley Rallston lost the one person who meant the world to her, and she hasn't been willing to open her heart to the family she stumbled upon afterwards. She came to Millhaven, Virginia to meet her birth father Tobias, but only because her Mom made her promise on her death bed that she would ... now she's only hanging around out of necessity. As soon as she has the funds together to abandon ship, she'll be out of this town faster than they can turn around! Greyson Whittaker is the known bad boy around town. His rivalry with the Crosses is legendary. When Greyson and Marley find themselves in a bit of a pickle on the same night, they wind up going before a judge and getting assigned to community service together. A Whittaker and a Cross together in the same space? Blasphemy! When their up close and personal interaction starts the beginning of a burning attraction between the two of them, things are about to get good!
caroldh4 11 months ago
Crossing Hope is the fourth and final book in the Cross Creek series by Kimberly Kincaid. I have read two of the three previous books in this series and loved them. She paints such a beautiful picture of this small town tucked away in the Shenandoah Valley. It seriously makes me want to go there. And I have fallen in love with the Cross family. This time we get to read about the sister the Cross brothers didn’t even know they had, Marley, and the most unlikely man that she should fall for, Greyson. Marley Rallston has been in Millhaven, Virginia for nine long months. It’s the last place she wants to be but it was her mother’s dying wish to connect with the father she didn’t even know existed and her three older brothers. Saddled with the medical bills from her mother’s illness, now she is stuck there until she gets out of debt. There is no way she wants anything to do with the man who seemingly didn’t want anything to do with her while she was growing up. So when she’s not at work, she hides in her room. But then, circumstances had her ending up in front of a judge, standing next to the town bad boy, and getting a sentence of community service, only she had to serve the community service along side the same man standing at her side. Greyson Whittaker’s life is the farm he grew up on, Whittaker Hollow. He gives everything he has to the farm, it’s his life. Only the farm belongs to his father, not him. His father is a hard man and doesn’t get along with anyone. The town assumes, like father, like son. So Greyson figures he might as well live up to their expectations and pushes people away. He pushes before they can push him. He keeps everyone at arms length. But then a bad decision puts him in front of a judge standing next to a beautiful woman who is obviously a Cross. The Cross’s and the Whittakers have been rivals for as long as he can remember. Their farms always competing with one another to out do each other. The last thing he needs is to be stuck working with their sister, but the judge has a different opinion on that matter. As Marley and Greyson work together, they soon realize that there is so much more to each other than they let others see. As time goes on, those protective walls are lowered and secrets are divulged. They begin to trust one another which soon turns to attraction. And that attraction becomes too strong to ignore. But Marley is leaving town as soon as her debt is paid. She refuses to accept that she can be a part of the Cross family, no matter how hard they try to make her feel so. Little by little, the Cross brothers and their significant others whittle away at Marley’s barriers. I loved watching her soften to them. They run a farm stand and try to encourage Marley to take part in it, to include her in the farm’s business, to make her feel like she belongs, that she’s contributing. Both Marley and Greyson tried to be so tough, to keep everyone at arm’s length. But it was obvious to me from the start that in reality, they were both just so vulnerable. In each other, they recognized their own vulnerabilities and I think gave each other courage. “She had a heart like a hurricane, and if he wasn’t careful, he was going to be tempted to steal it.” I enjoyed this book so much. For some reason, both of these characters really stole my heart. It was so amazing watching the Cross brothers wear Marley down with nothing but love. And love her they did. She was their little si
Lashea677 11 months ago
From little girl lost to a grown woman found. Crossing Hope paves a pathway to healing two consistently broken hearts. Marley is forever searching for her happy ending, yet life keeps getting in her way. From a dying mother to an unknown father and a long lost family , she can't seem to catch a break. When a promise lands her in small town USA, her world gets even more complicated. Trouble comes in the form of bad boy Greyson Whittaker. He's everything she shouldn't want, but his kind of trouble makes her feel so good. He may look like trouble, but end up being misunderstood. She has much to learn about small town living. Can a country boy show her the way? Kincaid brings a ton of heart and humor to the table. Big City drama meets small town romance and becomes heartwarming entertainment.