Crunch! Whole Grain Artisan Chips and Crackers: Low-Fat, Low-Sugar, Low-Salt Snack, Garnish or Croutons. New, Easy, No-roll method

Crunch! Whole Grain Artisan Chips and Crackers: Low-Fat, Low-Sugar, Low-Salt Snack, Garnish or Croutons. New, Easy, No-roll method

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Crunch! Whole Grain Artisan Chips and Crackers: Low-Fat, Low-Sugar, Low-Salt Snack, Garnish or Croutons. New, Easy, No-roll method by Alice Friedemann

Bet you’ve been waiting all your life for this. Finally a book about crackers!

And chips! You know how you can’t eat just one? It’s true. We’re stuffing ourselves with the worst kind of junk food. Stores are chockablock with chips we’d never buy if we knew what was in them. But now you can make healthy chips and not feel guilty about it.

Supermarket crackers are not much better. But what if crackers were both crunchy and delicious health food? Then their role in cuisine would be much larger.

I use them for appetizers, croutons, bread crumbs, snacks, and a crispy garnish on soups, salads, casseroles, vegetables, ice cream, and more. What can’t you add crackers to?

Unlike bread, chips and crackers last for months, so I always have them on hand. A serving of homemade chips or crackers costs about a nickel, store bought up to a dollar.

My easy method needs no fat, sugar, salt, or rolling out of dough.

Grains are alive. They’re seeds, so they’re full of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and healthy oil for the baby seedling, one of the densest sources of nutrition you can eat. Bread isn’t called the staff of life for nothing.

Whole grains are delicious. Crackers are a snappy and crunchy way to get more whole grains into your diet. Your kids will love them too.

Don’t like wheat? No problem, you can use any kind of flour – corn, brown rice, amaranth, quinoa, soy, buckwheat, chickpea, and lentil – your choice.

Are you a caterer or chef? Your customers expect better than industrial boxed crackers for appetizers—they’re seeking fresh local food. Distinguish yourself with artisan crackers. They’re more visually exciting and flavorful than crisp bread.

So let’s get crackin’ and buy whole grain flour, bake some crackers, and feel the sensations of crackle and crunch. Put some snap on your table!

Chapter 1 Why Whole Grains? A Baker’s Dozen Reasons. It’s hard to learn new skills, so here are some reasons to motivate you: delicious, lose weight, fast, easy, low cost, healthy, nutritious, use any flour, emergencies, enhance all kinds of dishes, white flour is unhealthy & full of chemicals, “whole grain” commercial products may not be, thousands of recipes.

Chapter 2 Equipment. The essential and optional kitchen equipment and gadgets you’ll need. Chances are you’ve got most of them already.

Chapter 3 Meet the Grains. Let’s get started! Where to buy chip and cracker ingredients. Whole grain mix recipe to add to just about everything, not just crackers and chips.

Chapter 4 How to Make Basic Crackers. Step by step instructions with pictures. (If you have any questions, ask me by commenting at

Chapter 5 Secrets to Making Chips and Crackers. Ingredients to use for flavor, appearance, and nutrition plus many other tips.

Chapter 6 Chips. Make delicious corn, lentil, cheesy, nutty, potato, high-protein, garlic, vegetable, split pea and onion chips that are good for you!

Chapter 7 Savory Crackers. Recipes for seedy and spicy crackers. How to make your own mix to get chips and crackers into the oven even faster.

Chapter 8 Sweet Crackers. For the sweet tooth –graham, citrus, root beer, ginger ale, and other sweet cracker recipes.

Chapter 9 Be Your Own Iron Chef. Hundreds of other recipe ideas. Invent your own signature crackers for entertaining, gifts, food contests, and catering.

One obvious chapter that’s missing is Dip Recipes. That’s because I’m putting them on wholegrainalice under menu item Crackers. Plus there’s a whole lot more information, photos, and recipes there that aren’t in this book.

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About the Author

I’ve been baking with whole grains for ten years, and spent the past three years making many batches of chips and crackers every week. Perhaps I was born to research and experiment since both my grandfathers were scientists, one in nutrition and the other a geologist in the National Academy of Sciences.

The most delicious results of all these experiments are in this cookbook, the first of its kind.

I wrote this book to try to get people to eat more whole grains. Baking chips and crackers is the fastest way to learn how. Since commercial chips play such a huge role in our health care and obesity crises, it’s also a good way to improve your health and nutrition by baking them at home, and for a lot less money.

After 25 years, I managed to escape my day job designing computer systems. I found my system analyst career and science background helped a lot in my learning curve of whole grain baking and understanding nutrition textbooks and journals.

When I’m not reading books, baking, volunteering to take 4th and 5th graders on hikes at Audubon Canyon Ranch, gardening, camping, attending seminars at U. C. Berkeley, traveling all over the world, or spending time with friends, I’m in the back yard with Jeffery listening to the birds and breezes, watching redwoods sway, and enjoying the cats, squirrels, scrub jays, skunks and other wildlife that roam our back yard.

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Crunch! Whole Grain Artisan Chips and Crackers: Low-Fat, Low-Sugar, Low-Salt Snack, Garnish or Croutons. New, Easy, No-roll method 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Simple, clear, full of information on whole grains. The crackers are wonderfull and super easy to make. Can wait to buy the next book about breads!