by Bill MacWithey

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Many men returning from Vietnam, either as tired, disillusioned soldiers, or released prisoners, found readjusting to civilian life and what our country had become while they were off to war extremely difficult.  Drugs seemed to be rampant, most young people seemed completely disconnected from the real world, and the hardest thing for them to understand was being spat upon as the killers of children and women.

For the most part, they didn´t understand their poor treatment by the man in the street, much less the poor treatment afforded them by their own government.  Many of these returning warriors themselves became hooked on drugs and got involved in all manner of immoral and dishonest activities.  It seemed since no one else gave a good damned about them, they didnt give a damned about themselves.

Army helicopter pilot, Major Adam Harris, not only endured the rigors of combat in Vietnam, but the constant daily torture by his North Vietnamese captors.  How was he to know the commander of his prison camp was working with a US citizen to ship to the United States some of the very drugs to which he came home after five years?  When finally released to return home to The States, Major Harris vows he will somehow, one day return to wreak vengeance on the prison camp commander.

Having lost his wife to an auto accident while a prisoner, Adam returns to San Antonio to find his son in an irreversible coma from a drug overdose.  He has but one choice; he must let his son find the peace of death and bury him.  Before signing papers for life support to be disconnected from his son, Adam tells unaware Adam Junior that he will find the people responsible for the drugs and make them pay with their lives.

When Major Harris was released from the prison camp, he flew out of Hanoi on a French aircraft, accompanied by a CIA agent, posing as a Red Cross representative.  Harry tells Adam if he ever needs help, or just needs someone to talk to, he should call him.  Adam has figured out that Harry is with the CIA, so when he decides to go after the drug dealers, he calls and enlists Harrys help.

After making a solo raid on several local drug dealers, Adam is told by Harry if he really wants to hurt the druggies, he needs to go to the source, Columbia.  After putting together a team of ex-army rangers, all with an ax to grind against the drug dealers, with Harrys help, they go to Columbia and successfully kill a number of drug lords.

Adam has left a letter and other materials with a young girl, his son´s girlfriend.  She is to give it all to his parents if he doesnt return from Columbia.  He and his team are forced to hijack a yacht to return to The States, and Adam knows the perpetrator behind his being used to eliminate competition among the drug lords is after the young girl.  The information she holds would expose everyone in the US Government tied to these drug lords.  It becomes a race to find her and hide her and her family from certain death.

Finally, Adam realizes there was a traitor on his team, planted to keep an eye on his team´s activities.  It turns out to be the person he would have least suspected.  In the end, Adam has still not forgotten the major commanding the prison camp in Hanoi, and he has not forgotten his vow to kill the man.  Having defeated those in the United States, who would have destroyed him, his attention again focuses on the major.

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