Cupid Stupid

Cupid Stupid

by Sylvia McDaniel

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Nothing says bad judgement like trying to prove a superstition true...
Taylor Braxton, along with a few adventurous girlfriends, decides to test one such superstition on Valentine's Day – the day Taylor's ex-fiancé is to be married. A few bottles of wine help lower her inhibition and go a long way to giving her the courage to try to heal her broken heart. After all, Taylor reasons, what is the worst thing that can happen – the superstition of finding her true love might come true?
Sheriff Ryan Jones is used to getting calls about the odd dancing around the downtown fountain. When you live in Cupid, Texas, there were always some residents who believed if you dance naked around the fountain, you were guaranteed to find your true love. What he doesn't expect is to find the lovely, but spirited, Taylor Braxton confronts him at midnight – sans clothing. Unfortunately, a long-held promise and his badge stand between him and what he wants – Taylor.
Will the Cupid Superstition help Taylor and Ryan overcome the past and take a chance on love again? Or will a promise he made to her best friend, and his career, deflect Cupid's arrow?

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BN ID: 2940157217532
Publisher: Virtual Bookseller
Publication date: 03/23/2017
Series: Return to Cupid, Texas , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 150
Sales rank: 10,250
File size: 863 KB

About the Author

USA Today bestselling author Sylvia McDaniel has published more than thirty western historical romance, contemporary romance and even a few sci-fi novels. Known for her sweet, funny, family-oriented romances, Sylvia is the author of The Burnett Brides, Lipstick and Lead Series, Scandalous Suffragette Brides, The Cuvier Widows, Return to Cupid, Texas series and several short contemporary romances.

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Cupid Stupid 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
DebsIN More than 1 year ago
"Cupid's Heart" is a fun book for readers that love a sweet emotional romance. After dancing around the Cupid statue naked in the middle of town, it is said the first person you run into from the opposite sex will be your true love. Honoring his bet, the last person bad boy Drew expected to bump into during his dance around the Cupid statue was the preacher's daughter Chloe, also dancing naked. They do say opposites attract, but Drew can't believe his true love could be her. With a bit of interference from her dad, they do start to date, but Drew just doesn't want to get married and Chloe is the marrying kind. The emotions in the story of their path to their HEA had me smiling one minute and wiping tears the next. An emotional roller coaster, this is a warm heartfelt story that leaves the reader wanting more of life in Cupid, Texas. I would like to thank Sylvia McDaniel for gifting me "Cupid's Heart". My opinion is my own. This is mine 5 Stars!
OBAR4707 More than 1 year ago
Taylor has moved back to her home town of Cupid TX after finding her fiancé (a lawman) in bed with another woman. On valentine’s day she and her friends celebrate with a few drinks and decide to test the old town superstition of dancing naked around the city’s Statue of Cupid. When they see the Sheriff’s car coming they all take off naked in different directions. Taylor is the unlucky one that gets caught by none other than her best friend’s old high school boyfriend Ryan Jones. Ryan is interested in dating Taylor, but knows she is reluctant to get into an new relationship especially with someone in law enforcement. Taylor wants to be with Ryan, but is afraid of what her friend Kelsey, Ryan’s ex, will think about her dating him. Also, what is the mystery surrounding why they broke up so suddenly in high school? Taylor finds that sometimes to be happy in life you have to take chances, forgive, and just keep moving forward. It was slow getting started, but it builds a good foundation for the story and the series. A good HEA ending. I was given a free ARC of this book for an honest book review. My rating is 5 stars.
DebDiem More than 1 year ago
Cupid Stupid by Sylvia McDaniel is a fairly short read, perfect for those with limited time for reading. Ms McDaniel has delivered a well-written book and loaded it with amazing, lovable characters. Taylor and Ryan's story is full of humor, drama and sizzle. I enjoyed this book from cover to cover and look forward to reading more from Sylvia McDaniel in the future. Cupid Stupid is book 1 of the Return To Cupid, Texas Series but can be read as a standalone. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The story had a different motive, but still quite believable. Storyline moved along quite sanely. My only critique is that there were a few grammatical errors and some words used incorrectly.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Knew where it was going from the start.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The first in a new series this is a cute read well done. Taylor has come back to Cupid, Texas following a broken engagement. Her cheating ex is a lawman so she's sworn to never date one again. Valentine's Day is the jerk's wedding day so Taylor and her best friends get drunk and dance around the Cupid statue. Superstition says that you'll meet your true love dancing on Valentine's at midnight naked. The police show up as two get away, but Taylor gets caught by the one guy she had a crush on in high school. Ryan dated one of her besties then and they had a bad breakup which makes it difficult for Taylor. Does she date Ryan or not out of loyalty to her friend? What about the fact that he's a lawman and lawmen cheat? Included are portions of of other stories in the series and they all sound good. Check out the other tales from Cupid, Texas.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A wonderful start to another perfectly written love story. All you really need to know is it's written by Lorhainne Eckhart. Looking forward to reading the next book in this series to see where Lorhainne takes two of my favorite characters. And, hoping for a HEA!
sugmadsdream More than 1 year ago
Betrayed by her cheating police officer fiance, Taylor returns to her hometown of Cupid, Texas to find her BFF's ready to commiserate with her. Thus, the Valentine's Day night out with the girls began. And, being from Cupid, Taylor's drunken solution to their spinsterhood is a traditional naked dance around the Cupid fountain at midnight to find their one true love. Of course, it's only fair that the one who initiated the deed should be the one to be caught by Sheriff Ryan Jones. Her friends get away, and she gets a ride home, naked in the back seat of his cruiser. Thus, the romance begins. But Ryan tells Taylor a lie that will come back to bite him. And Taylor complicates the situation by trying to keep their relationship a secret from her friends. So the romance volcano erupts when Taylor discovers Ryan's dishonesty, and the scorching lava of guilt and distrust raze the blossoming love affair. This book is a fun read interspersed with some sober moments. I was surprised at Kelsey's role in the outcome. I am looking forward to the next Cupid, Texas installment coming soon.
MyBookAddictionandMore More than 1 year ago
Cupid Stupid: (Contemporary Western Small Town Romance) (Return To Cupid, Texas Book 1) by Sylvia McDaniel is a fun new series. *From Once Upon A Valentine anthology* A novella. Set in Cupid, Texas. Dance naked while saying a little rhyme at midnight around Cupid's statue in the town square, to find your true love. Is the superstition correct? Read "Return to Cupid" series to find out. A fun, crazy but very entertaining story. This revolves around Taylor Braxton and her best friends Kelsey and Meghan. This is the story of Taylor Braxton, who returns to her hometown to lick her wounds and heal her battered heart. Sheriff Ryan Jones, is tired of college students and kids dancing naked around the town's Cupid, wait these are neither college students nor young kids. Is that Taylor Braxton? Why yes, it is with her two best friends. Let the fun begin.... Neither Taylor nor Ryan are looking for love, but their attraction is instantaneous and sizzling hot. Well written with engaging characters, and a silly but heartwarming plot. A quick read. Perfect for a lazy afternoon to laugh. I enjoyed "Cupid Stupid", it's funny, silly, a bit crazy and oh so entertaining. Secrets, dangers for the heart, sizzling passion, and romance makes for some page turning moments. Can Ryan make Taylor understand not all lawmen are the same? Will the secrets tear them apart or will they find their HEA? This story was a great way to past the afternoon. I needed this cute story to regain my energy. Ms. McDaniel is a talented author, who writes lighthearted but compelling stories. They definitely capture your heart. Such was the way with "Cupid Stupid". A very enjoyable read! I received a complimentary copy Rating: 4.5 Heat rating: Sizzling Reviewed by: AprilR
DMGP More than 1 year ago
This is a fun, crazy story. There's a superstition around the town of Cupid, Texas that if you dance naked around the cupid fountain at midnight and chant, "Oh, Cupid statue find us our true love!" you'll find true love and happily ever after. Well one night, 3 best friends, Taylor, Meghan, and Kelsey decide to test out the theory after they'd had a bit too much to drink. This particular story follows Taylor Braxton and her experience after dancing around the fountain. The only complication is that she's not seeking romance after an awful breakup with her ex-fiance who she caught cheating. So, she now wants nothing to do with lawmen because she's convinced they are cheaters. However, before the women can finish their dance and get their clothes back on, the flashing lights of the sheriff's patrol car startle them. While the other two run off, Taylor finds herself confronted by none other than the new sheriff, Ryan Jones! Ryan cannot believe his eyes. More crazy women dancing naked. However, this time they aren't silly high schoolers or college kids. He knows these women and has always been attracted to the one in his sights now - Taylor Braxton. Fueled by an instant attraction, Ryan desperately wants to get to know Taylor better, but she's running scared. Not wanting to scare her away, he withholds some details from his past. But, what will happen when she eventually finds out? Will he lose her for good? Can he convince her that not all lawmen are bad? Although I enjoyed the story, it did get a bit racy for me in places. But, overall, it's a cute, silly story with a bit of superstition thrown in for fun. The romance pushed further into the "R" category than I normally read. Thankfully, it didn't stay there. There is a subtle theme of hypocrisy, remorse, and forgiveness. Romance - Steamy PG13 / R - multiple romance scenes and lots of kissing and innuendo. Language - a couple of occurrences of a cuss word and male body parts named or referenced. My rating - 4 stars
HumorMyWay More than 1 year ago
what a fun read, I laughed, smiles and was torn between these delightful women who are friends. Three women had too much to drink decide to see if the superstition of dancing naked in front of the cupid statue would bring their true love. What happens after that will have you laughing out loud. The story is mainly about Taylor and Ryan who knew each other in high school but never dated. There are some issues that come between them it is touch and go if they will ever have a HAE. Taylor is very easy to like she is full of life she will keep you smiling and at times pulls on your heartstrings. After breaking up with her ex she comes back to her hometown. Her betties have all come home as well. There is a story inside the story of a lovely old man that will break your heart. Ryan is something else with his strong well nature he never gives up. What a handsome gentleman who know just how to treat a lady. Ms. McDaniel’s is one of my favorite authors that really known how to pull you in giving you a very entertaining read from sorrow, pain, love, laughter and hope
MariaRoseDariotis More than 1 year ago
Taylor Braxton has had enough of the cheating men in her life , she knew that going back to Cupid Texas was the right thing to do. After she catches her cheating fiancé with another woman she swears that all men are off. After a night out with her best friends and one drink too many they take a chance to prove the rumours false ....after all dancing naked around a statue at midnight doesn't mean that you'll find your soulmate or does it? Ryan Jones has had enough of the town fools dancing naked and the first chance he gets he'll ask to get it removed, he can't believe that people are actually going in the buff for true love, that doesn't exist after his failed marriage he knows that's foolish, until the naked goddess that leaves him speechless. This was such an entertaining story I was laughing with all the mishaps and loved the witty banter. Can't wait to read the rest of the Cupid stories.
Lit_Litehosue More than 1 year ago
I had the chance to read Cupid Stupid by Sylvia McDaniel. This book was a riot to read. The Cupid Stupid Legend is so much fun and makes for a fun and funny background for Ryan and Taylor's tale. After a few drinks Taylor and her friends decide to test the Cupid Stupid tradition only to be caught by the local sheriff. Ryan has been trying to get the Cupid statue removed from the town park, but when he finds Taylor in a compromising position it is an eye opener. Unfortunately she is best friends with his ex which could cause some interesting issues. This was an amazing story and I can't wait to read the other stories in this collection.