D (A Tale of Two Worlds)

D (A Tale of Two Worlds)

by Michel Faber
D (A Tale of Two Worlds)

D (A Tale of Two Worlds)

by Michel Faber

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Notes From Your Bookseller

Imagine one morning you awoke to find that the letter D had simply disappeared. Gone from conversation, books, signs … even things that start with the letter D have mysteriously vanished! And thus begins a wonderfully strange, imaginative, and thought-provoking adventure that you will not be able to put down. D (A Tale of Two Worlds) is a modern fable that evokes the magic of Narnia, Oz and Wonderland. A fantastical story of identity and moral courage that grips you like a thriller!

Ignite your imagination with this immersive fantasy read!

“Glorious. A story that will be found and enjoyed and dreamed about for years to come.”—Neil Gaiman

A stunning modern-day Dickensian fable and a celebration of friendship and bravery for freethinkers everywhere.

It all starts on the morning the letter D disappears from language. First, it vanishes from Dhikilo’s parents’ conversation at breakfast, then from the road signs outside and from her school dinners. Soon the local dentist and the neighbor’s dalmatian are missing, and even the Donkey Derby has been called off.

Though she doesn’t know why, Dhikilo is summoned to the home of her old history teacher Professor Dodderfield and his faithful Labrador, Nelly Robinson. And this is where our story begins.

Set between England and the wintry land of Liminus, a world enslaved by the monstrous Gamp and populated by fearsome, enchanting creatures, D (A Tale of Two Worlds) is told with simple beauty and warmth. Its celebration of moral courage and freethinking is a powerful reminder of our human capacity for strength, hope and justice.

Don't miss Michel Faber's lyrically woven and deeply evocative nonfiction debut, LISTEN, which relfects his lifelong passion for music of all kinds and will change your relationship with the heard world!

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ISBN-13: 9780369702265
Publisher: Hanover Square Press
Publication date: 12/08/2020
Format: eBook
Sales rank: 27,286
File size: 581 KB

About the Author

About The Author
MICHEL FABER has written seven other books, including the highly acclaimed The Crimson Petal and the White, The Fahrenheit Twins and the Whitbread-short-listed novel Under the Skin. The Apple, based on characters in The Crimson Petal and the White, was published in 2006. He has also written two novellas and has won several short story awards, including the Neil Gunn, Ian St. James and Macallan. Born in Holland and brought up in Australia, he now lives on the south coast of England.


A remote cottage in Ross-shire, Scottish Highlands

Date of Birth:

April 13, 1960

Place of Birth:

The Hague, Netherlands


Melbourne University
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