Dangers Game

Dangers Game

by B Gail Smith


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The genre is fiction, mystery, and thriller. This is one book you wont put down. It grabs you at the first page of the novel. It has the conspiracy of the dishonest, conniving, and deceitful behavior of a man that would do anything to get her attention. The book is so intense it will capture the audience level of men, women, and all adults with its taste of romance. It leaves the reader frightened, surprised, and shocked. Theres conflict. How will the conflict end? What lengths will each go to? When emotions run high, theres no boundary to what they might do. Will they stop before someone is murdered?

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ISBN-13: 9781546252801
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 08/30/2018
Pages: 156
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.36(d)

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This is one creepy dark road. With all the quick curves, turns, and twists, driving up the Ozark Mountains, in Arkansas. Well, this is just great! The wolves are howling, and the wind is gusting, on this pitch-black spring night, May 28th. The beginning of the Memorial holiday, and not one star, in sight. Absent of moon light, to guide my path from darkness. I can't believe that I agreed, to meet Mitch Basilica at the cabin. We haven't seen each other in years. I, have to speculate why? Well I, guess we do, have a lot of catching up. Just a head I, see a few lights. I do hope it is the cabin? Wow! I am, really entrenched in thick woods. The wind, is blowing ruthlessly, and it's tremendously scary! I, have to wonder what will be next, to my surprise.

Dad-gummite! I' m, having to swerve to miss hitting a black bear! That's a huge, blackish bear! I almost hit, a fearsome ebony bear! The beast, is standing up on his hind legs, growling at me. He just swipes, at the car! Dad-gum that's close. That bear, frighten the sweat right off of me. I maintain, I can still hear, its profound snarling growl. I will, never forget that roar. I can only imagine, the nightmares this will yield. I am hopeful, the bear is not following me. It's so dark, through my rearview mirror. I can't tell if the terrifying, bear is following me, or not. My gut feeling, says he is still approaching my car. I have, chills running up and down my spine.

Sakes alive! As if, the beast isn't scary enough, to top that off. I'm going to be alone in a log cabin with Mitch. Who had sought to harm me. We will be submerged in the dense forest, plus a cozy rock fireplace. Mitch is preparing a gourmet meal, and I'm bringing Chilling Red Wine.

Gosh! At one time I, and Mitch were very deep in love. That steamy passion once in my heart, has become heaps of dead ash coals, absent of sparks. That will never ignite again.

Dear me! I am, just talking out loud to myself. Like someone is in, the car with me. I'm, so glad no one can hear me. Yea! I'm almost there. Dang! I just heard a loud clap, of thunder it scared me. The ebony skies, just lit up with lightning that's frightening, but it's beautiful. Goodness, a storm is brewing. I hope there's not a tornado, coming. Well I, don't see any rain yet. I don't know if that's good or bad, for the twister can be in the front of the storm. I, can't tell if there is a shelf-cloud, or not. I will have to listen, for a rumble, of a locomotive. I can recall, my mother telling me a whirlwind. Always sounds like a, steam engine. That's all I, need something else, to make this night scarier than, it already is. I am intensely listening, for the roar of a train.

Just spoils! A huge tree limb, just collapsed behind my car. What a crash it made. Well, maybe it will drop, on the beast, so it can't follow me anymore. I just never thought, a bear can chase a car like a dog. I imagine that a bear, will make a vicious noise as it runs, but I don't hear it.

Gracious! The wind, is really picking up. Tree limbs, are hitting my car. Whack! Smack! I, desire to speed up but if I do. I might fly right, off the top, of this mountain. What a smash, and explosion that can make. Well on the upside I, could've lit up, the sky. I hope, I can get to, the cabin before the storm really hits hard.

Mercy me! A bolt, of lightening just strikes a tree to the left of me. The crashing sound hurt, my ears. I must hurry! Oh! I forgot! I will fall, off the mountain. Right in front of me. A lot of leaves are swirling. I go right through them. I am thankful, no limbs were mixed with the leaves. I just hope, the tree that got hit by lighten, doesn't catch on fire. I don't need, a forest fire. Along with everything, else that has happened. I hate to say it, but I can use a glass of wine right now. It would calm my nerves. This has been a very thrilling drive.

* * *

Okay! I, have everything done. The cabin looks great. The fireplace, is extremely inviting. The aroma of, the food is heavenly. If I, do say so myself. I can't wait to see Jasinda Ambrose! I still hold on to the hot passion, which runs deep in my heart and veins. That burns, with the ambers, of a thousand coals. My feelings, for Jasinda will by no means ever, die. How I hope to rekindle, the passion with Jasinda. She will be here any minute. I hope she likes, the meal — that I, have prepared. It's taken me a long time. I feel like a teenager waiting to go, on my first date.

Smashing! She's pulling into the driveway. I must run to, the car and greet her.

"Jasinda, I can't deem you're here. Let me, look at you. You're as beautiful, as you were when I last saw you," I said in a deep voice.

Mitch, it's good to see you and you're still as handsome as ever," I said in a soft voice.

"Can I hug, you Jasinda?"

"Of course, you can, Mitch!"

"Come here. I can hold you in my arms, for a thousand years. This feels, so good to hug you. The intoxicating musk, aroma of your fragrance is driving me wild. I'm going to kiss you."

I, lip lock with Jasinda, for over a minute. I caress her back with my strong hands. Pressing her, intoxicating breast against my, muscled chest. A loud clap of thunder pulls us apart.

Jasinda whispers into my ear, "Mitch, you still kiss with a fire, of a dragon while keeping you're demur of a gentleman. Let's hurry! I think a black bear, is chasing me."

Mitch said, "Okay. What! A bear is chasing you? Jasinda, I'll take your bags, and I'll come back for the rest!"

"Okay, Mitch just hurry. I will explain inside the cabin, I' am, so glad I made it alive.

Thank goodness I, didn't fall off the mountain," I said, with excitement in my voice.

Mitch said, "Okay, go fast Jasinda, before it starts raining. Just so you know. I don't see a bear. Jasinda just put the sacks, on the cabinet. Anything left in the car?"

I said, "No Mitch, we got it all and just in time before, it starts raining. Thank goodness it's raining, it can put out the forest fire."

Mitch said, "Forest fire! Jasinda come over, and sit down, on the loveseat and relax, for a while. The drive, must have made you tired. Here, I have a glass of wine for you. And what, about that forest fire?"

I said, "Thanks, Mitch this just hits the spot. I all most hit a black bear. That put my nerves, on edge. I, can tell the bear, is chasing me at first, but it's so obscure. I can't see if the bear, is still coming or not. I, think, the bear is stalking me. Then lightning hit a tree, and I am afraid it made a forest fire. I am, thankfully it's raining, so the fire will go out if there's one."

Laughing, I said, "Jasinda, I wouldn't worry about it. Surely the bear lost the scent, of your car. I, can't imagine the bear, coming all the way to this cabin. I don't think we have to worry about, a forest fire. It seems like you had, a very exciting drive up, to the cabin."

To change the subject I, start talking about Jasinda's appearances, and what she, is wearing. I know how Jasinda, loves that kind of attention, "Jasinda, I love that you still have long natural blond hair. That comes down pass your shoulders. About midway of your back. It's gorgeous! It gets my awareness. You, wore my, favorite long sleeve ruby red silk dress. That hugs every curve of your slim body. That outfit, has always driven me a tad crazy."

I run my hands, down Jasinda's arms. I continue with a sultry voice, "The soft texture feels, so good against your body. Low cut that emphasized your, erotic firm breast. I don't think I've ever seen, the satin black gloves. They add a nice touch. You still wear six-inch spike, black leather heels. Nice! However, I don't think you should wear them, if you every have to run, from a bear."

I cover my head, with my arms. Before Jasinda, can take off her heel and hit me on the head with it. I am laughing so hard, I couldn't have stopped her, if that's her intentions. Jasinda is laughing, so hard she cries. I took a tissue, and wipe the tears from her eyes.

"Well Mitch, I told you a girl just never knows when, she will need a weapon. Spike heels, work out well. I am sure that black bear would be surprised if, I hit him between the eyes, with a spike heel. Not to change the subject Mitch, but I see you wore my favorite gold silk shirt, with black slacks. Just look at this you, have already slipped out of your shoes. What time did you get here?"

"Jasinda I arrive at the cabin around 3:00 pm to prepare this delicious meal, for you. I wanted to have it prepared and ready, for you when you arrived. I hope you're hungry."

"Mitch I'm all ways hungry, for your food. You've always cook so well, you could've been a chef. How long have you, rented the log cabin?"

"From May 28th, to May 31st. I'm hoping, to have a long weekend, with you. I, would like to rekindle, our old flame. Jasinda, my life has been quite boring, without you, spicing it up. Almost running over over a bear and lightning striking a tree. You've already added spice again, for now. I will thank you. Later I will kiss, you."

Stepping around Mitch's comment I continued, "Mitch the cabin has the aroma, of roast duck, bake potatoes, and apple pie, that permeates the air. An on the living room cherry table with a glass top, you have set a salad so perfect, it would make the Olive Garden restaurants jealous. I will set, the wine down beside the salad."

"Perfect and I will open the wine and pour it into the wine glasses. Here my darling, is your glass. If I may Jasinda, let me wrap my arm, around yours, to make a toast. To Jasinda a love, I have never forgotten, and have longed, to reconnect."

I and Jasinda sip, the red wine as we sit down, on the plush brown suede chairs to eat. The meal that I so elegantly, prepared for her. In the background, the rock fireplace roars with, the crackling hickory wood that produces red, blue, and yellow leaping flames. Giving the room an amber glow that's warm and beckoning, to us both.

"Mitch, you're still as knowledgeable, as always. Still flashing, your killer smile."

"Jasinda, I bet you never thought, you would every see me again."

I lean in near looking at Mitch, straight in his deep brown eyes, mixed with goal flakes and in a vigorous tone I said, "Mitch, I always knew. I would see you one last time."

I lean in close staring deep, into Jasinda's bright blue eyes that look like sapphires. With my eye brows raised, and in a seductive tone I reply, "Surely, this will not be the last time we, see each other."

I, move in closer and softly kissed Jasinda, on her full shapely scarlet red lips. She leans back in her chair, and just stars at me as if she, is a little perplex. I get out of my chair. I go over andkneel, down beside her. I gently pick up, her delicate hand. I hold it tenderly in my hand, next to my chest as I continue, "Jasinda, I have thought of you, every day. I have llonged for the day. I could sit down with you and talk, to you about, so many things. Like our feelings toward, each other you and me. Talk about our future together, yours and mine."

I, move closer to Mitch and put my hand on top of his and I said, "You know Mitch, on the way up here. I all most hit a huge bear. That took me completely by surprise. Yet it's small in comparison, to what you have just said to me. I remember you telling me that no other woman has gotten under your skin like I, did. That I irritate, you beyond your limits."

"Well, that is accurate. That's because you, challenge me. Like no other woman, has ever done. You are not boring. You stimulate, my mind. In a way it, has never been, motivated before. Your intellect, works in ways which I, have never encountered. Jasinda I love you, and I always will. I have missed you, so much. That my body aches, for you. I hope you, believe me. Otherwise it will crush me, if you don't trust me. I am, so sorry about your bear experience. I, hope I can make you forget it, or at least put it in the back, of your mind."

For a moment, the askance look, on my face, appeared as if I thought. If I did believe you, it can be sure death, for me. Shaking my head, I said, "Mitch, I have something to ask you. I want you, to be honest with me."

"Of course, I will be honest, with you Jasinda. Just ask whatever you want to know."

"Mitch, you have been stalking me, showing up at all my jobs. At one of my jobs you get Marko, to roll up old newspapers, and tie them to, the muffler of my Mustang. Thus, it will catch on fire when I am driving home. It did catch on fire, but I didn't see it. However, two other women driving behind me see the smoke. They flagged me, down. To tell me, something has caught on fire. That has blown, out from under my Mustang. They want me to stop, and have someone to look underneath the car. Just to make sure, that it isn't damaged. That it's safe to continue driving. I did and my Mustang, isn't damaged at all. Did you not comprehend, that it can catch, the gas tank on fire, and blow up? Or is that, what you're hoping for?"

"No! Jasinda it isn't I swear, on my grandmother's grave."

I continue, "When I, worked with Zita she put poison in my food. I knew, and never ate it. You, should've gotten someone smart. That wouldn't make such a mess, of the food. You've had people to spray different chemicals, on me that gave me eleven, different kinds of cancer. On May the 5th the last attack, you had Lindy and Kellie to spray multiple poisons on me. Which made me, very ill and nearly kills me. That isn't love Mitch! Why did you do it? Why did you allow it to happen, if you loved, me? Well Mitch, whenever you are ready to explain, I am listening."

Flabbergasted, I sit back in my chair. This shocks me, for I didn't realize that Jasinda knew this. My consideration is that I had her fooled. At this point I am speechless, wishing that black bear, would knock on the door about now. Humbly, I proceed, "I am speechless! That took me, by surprise. Jasinda, "I said I will be honest, and I will ... Yes, I had people to aggravate you, so I could get your attention. I never thought, your Mustang would blow up. For one thing Marko, is in love with you. I knew, he wouldn't do anything that will harm, you. Marko is hoping, you will confide in him. He, wants to be your hero. That backfired on me, diminutive. I never used him, for help again. I thought if you felt, someone is trying to harm, you. Hopefully, you might call me, for help. I am, the one that could be your hero. I agree, Zita isn't the smartest person. I could've got to try, and annoy you. It's her idea to try, and poison you. I, knew she couldn't do it. She gets so nervous, that she almost poisoned herself. I didn't tell Lindy, and Kellie, to spray you with poison. I got very mad at them, when they told me, what they had done. When you left on May 10th and never returned to work, I got very worried about you, and that is why I ultimately contacted you."

I, fired back in a loud voice, shaking my finger at Mitch, "You knew, that Zita is going, to put poison in my food. Yet you, did nothing to stop her. You should've had her arrested, for attempted murder. Instead you, did nothing. I should've had you arrested, for hiring others to harm me!"

Shaking, my head I said, "Jasinda, you're okay now there's no reason to put me, in prison. They were just trying to impress me. I am trying to get you, to notice me again."

I have my eyes fix like an eagle, and in a very stern voice, while gesturing strongly, with my hand I said, "Mitch you're a dumbass. So, that makes it okay? Because they are trying to impress you. You're trying to get my attention. Poppy-cock! They're trying, to kill me. It isn't okay! I'm not okay! I nearly died, of eleven different cancers. I inhaled different poisons, that almost killed me. It's far from being okay. Their actions! Your actions! Not acceptable!"

I get up to pour Jasinda, another glass of wine afterword, I sit back in my chair, with a composed voice, I said, "Of course not, but we don't want to lose our heads, now do we?"

I push back in my chair, and in a cold rigged low deep voice, I said, "Mitch if I had a gun right now, I would shoot, you between your eyes. Then I would feed, your butt to the blackest bear, I have ever seen. You better believe that I do, Mitch! Make no mistake about it."

Once, again I am wordless, like someone has cutout my voice box. I know Jasinda is extremely angry. She has every right to be. I have to respond. I have to say something. The words are sluggish to come. I kneeled down in front of Jasinda, and finally I said, "Jasinda, I apologize. I let everything get out of control."

"Yes you, did Mitch! What made you think, that you had control? Don't you know, the only one you can control, is yourself? Like I said, Mitch, you are a dumbass."

In a humble voice, I just said, "Maybe so Jasinda, maybe so."

Jasinda and I finish our dinner, with small talk. Afterward, we both clear the dishes. We sit down, on the plush brown suede couch, together. Thank goodness Jasinda broke the silence, when she asks, "Mitch, remember the margaritas, I used to make for you?"


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