by Helen Hanson

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DARK POOL by Helen Hanson

Dad has Alzheimer's.
Could he really steal forty billion dollars?

A disgraced hedge fund manager awaits trial for bilking investors out of forty billion dollars. The legendary dark pool wizard offered phenomenal profits, but the SEC discovered he never made a single legitimate investment. His hedge fund scammed thousands of people, including a Russian mobster.
For Maggie Fender, a law degree remains a daydream as she struggles to support her ex-felon teen brother and their incoherent father. Suffering from Alzheimer's, Dad's rarely lucid, but that fact doesn't stop the police from arresting him for murder.
Their father barely functions, but her hacker brother swears Dad is sending them vital messages about the missing billions. When a private investigator and the Russian mobster focus their efforts on Maggie's father, her remaining hope turns to rampant fear.
She's the only adult in her family, and her weary camel won't carry a single extra straw. Her brother's hacking conviction landed him in prison and trashed the family's reputation, but he swears he was framed. No fans of the Fender family, the local police assume Dad ran away when he's kidnapped.

With her father's life in danger, who can Maggie trust when everyone has betrayed her?


Pure dead brilliant
Thrilled that I bought this novel, what an amazing read!
Her main protagonists feel so natural that they could be the folks next door
There are plenty of twists and turns in a story woven together so beautifully that everything makes sense.
There are also some serious and thought provoking aspects of the story.
Love when one chapter ends and you just have to see what happens next? Dark Pool is a fun read.
this novel, moved me far more!
The way Helen kept my attention with the many twists and turns to keep you guessing was nothing short of amazing.


All my stories intersect, so your favorite characters in one novel may reappear in a completely different series. Mine is a single story world, where storylines and people cross into other lives. Consequently, my books could be read either by series or by the order in which they were written, so I've included both lists:

The Masters CIA Thriller Series

The Cruise FBI Thriller Series

The Fender Hacker Thriller Series

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Publisher: Domino INK
Publication date: 11/04/2011
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Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 300
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About the Author

Bestselling author Helen Hanson writes page-blistering thrillers about desperate people with a techno bent. For source material, she ran a software company, built video games, and opened many a door for her dogs. For fun, Helen flew a Mooney over the Golden Gate Bridge, traveled 100+ mph over Highway 17 to the coast, and annihilated an entire Cub Scout pack in laser tag. There were no prisoners to take. She admits that your ink pens are not safe near her and that she can mimic the sound of most farm animals.

Always pleased to hear from book lovers, join Helen in her Thrillers Behind the Firewall Readers Group and claim a FREE BOOK at www.HelenHanson.com.

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DARK POOL 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Story great. Couldn't put it down once I started.
BigAl70 More than 1 year ago
An engaging story with plenty of mystery along with the unrelenting conflict and danger you’d expect from the thriller genre, Dark Pool is an intense read. However, what set it apart for me is summed up in the portion of the description that reads “who can Maggie trust.” She’s overwhelmed with responsibility and those she should be able to depend on, her family, aren’t any more helpful or trustworthy than the rest of the world. Her father due to his Alzheimer’s, which makes anything he says hard to interpret, at best, and often suspect. She finds her brother hard to trust because of the crime he was convicted of committing and his continual denial of having done anything wrong. (Don’t all ex-convicts deny committing the crime?) Maggie’s situation not only jacks up the tension, but had the effect for me of making me sympathize and pull for her to get through this even more. **Originally written for "Books and Pals" book blog. May have received a free review copy. ** 
tagh More than 1 year ago
"Dark Pool"  When, I read the tibit, about "Dark Pool" by Helen Hanson, I knew I wanted to read it. "Dark Pool," also, peak my interest for two reasons; The first, it was amazing who done it type mystery, secondly the the father(Martin fender) has Alzheimer's( my mother, also has Alzheimer's).  In "Dark Pool" starts out Maggie Fender, went to pick up her half-brother Travis from medium security prison, he only 15 yr.; but, he look like he about 18.  He went to prison, for hacking into a computer server. Travis, knew he was set up, but no be lives him.  On, their way home, Maggie clinker of old car, was on it last leg. She, hoping that they made it. When, they arrive home, Maggie/Travis father (Martin) was missing. Martin, has Alzheimer's, they search the beach, went up to the parking lot, they see something. Both of them ran, to see if it was their father, it was not. But, who is this man, cover in blood.  Maggie, turn around Travis was gone. So, Maggie walk back to the house, call police. But, when she got up closer, see notice that the police was already there. Her father(Martin), was in the bush cover with blood & had a knife in his hand. Maggie, inform the police, that her father has Alzheimer's, that he did know what he had done. Also, she let them know, about the unkown man, down the street in the parking lot. Kurt Meyers, listen to Spencer Thornton speech to the stock holders, that he was going to help them get their money back, from Patty O'Mara. Patty O'Mara ran a ponzi scheme, stole 40 billion from stockholders. In which, Spencer Thornton, lose about several millions of dollars, in the ponzi scheme.   As, Kurt was trying to figure out, how the money was stolen, he get call from Patty, to meet him as he house. When, Kurt got arrive, Patty, found on the floor. Later, he died, without telling anyone what happen to the money he stole. Kurt, came across that Martin Fender, use to work at the servers, where O'Mara had his computers set up for the transactions.   Ok, will not tell anymore.  In "Dark Pool", got so many twists & turns in it, will keep you guessing, who & where is the money. Shhh, will tell you that the Russian mob thinks that Martin Fender, faking Alzheimer's, he the one that stole the money. Another person, is sending letters wanting 2million or else. Plus, a lot more, can't say without spoiling, your read.  I was sent a copy of "Dark Pool" by Helen Hanson, to read & review her book, if I wanted, too. Thanks, Helen for writing a wonderful book, the characters was well written, it like almost watching a movie, you can picture what each one was doing. Giving "Dark Pool" five stars, it is a great read. So, go get your copy of "Dark Pool", today. I promise you will enjoy reading, it.  
ReadNReview More than 1 year ago
This extremely well written thriller was a very smooth read. The characters were well developed and the main character, Maggie grabbed me immediately, as did the others- each shortly after being introduced. There are plenty of twists in this plot-line. At each turn the author had me rooting for my favorites. This is a cyber thriller and very exciting. I don't do spoilers, but I will say that wow, near the end of this book, there was no way I was putting it down for anything. Stayed up late to finish it and yes, I was very satisfied at its ending. It was refreshing to have read such a quality novel, and the author even had me laughing at the most unexpected times. Perfect descriptions. If I could have rated it a ten, I would have. Well written! Thank you Author Helen Hanson, for a great read! I would gladly read anything this author writes. Don't hesitate to purchase this one!