Dead & Dead for Real

Dead & Dead for Real

by Robert Clayton

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Kiki Russell is the hottest sniper in the U. S. Army. She has been hurting the extremist so badly they have put a bounty on her head. When that fails to stop her, they send a team to the United States to murder her family. She returns to the U. S. and along with her friend from Afghanistan, Nick Sabino, they embark on a program to hunt down the killers. Using unconventional methods for interrogation, they move up the ladder from the actual killers to those behind this program of brutally slaying military dependents. Terror has come to the shores of the United States, and with the FBI and CIA, they capture and stop this campaign. During their interrogations, they encounter a new power, one beyond control and unstoppable. Caught in an intergovernmental struggle for power, Nick and Kiki become unwilling participants and their program of seek and destroy becomes one of escape and evade.

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ISBN-13: 9781483565118
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 03/12/2016
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 200
File size: 350 KB

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Dead & Dead for Real 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
JennaBrewster More than 1 year ago
Fantastic! Wow what a crazy ending! Actually the whole book was pretty great, but I literally could not stop reading once after the 60% mark. I almost feel like I just read 5 different books instead of just one – So much happens, it would be impossible to sum up (I don’t do that anyways). This is an impressive effort from author R.L. Clayton, and it is quite clear that he is an author to watch. There is the spark of something wonderfully original here (rare for this genre!) and the writing felt as natural as it did effortless and yet with great energy and passion that brings excitement to the pages. You can’t fake or even teach that, in my opinion. Clayton has a natural voice for this fast-paced genre, and I could totally see this being a movie (or it at least it felt that way while I was reading it) It’s quite intense, and has that big “epic” feel to it which I love, but without all the bloat that can sometimes weigh down books like this. Great cast of characters who are flawed and have some personal demons, but skilled, intelligent, believable, and complex… just like this book. So many surprises here, and I love that I was caught off guard – that doesn’t happen to me with books very often. An entertaining read that will appeal to fans of the thriller/suspense genre. Glad to see there are more books to come with Nick and Katherine – they are quite the team!
BellaReadz More than 1 year ago
fast-paced, well written and very creative for the genre, “Dead & Dead for Real” by Robert L. Clayton is a great read for fans of military action, suspense, and terrorism thrillers – with a twist. This novel holds its own in terms of solid writing and plot structure and an exciting, varied cast of ‘colorful’ characters and plenty of danger and thrills to go around. There were times where I felt it could have benefited from some tightening as there were a few places where I wondered if it was crucial for the plot… just so many things happen here in this book, it’s almost like TOO much at times – so many subplots and bad guys from all around – it was almost exhausting to read sometimes – I had to take breaks. Several times a character would arrive on the scene but I didn’t feel like we were properly introduced or even understood their role all that well, However, I feel Mr. Clayton did a great job of bringing in a unique voice and making the story wholly his own, and giving it a fresh feel. I certainly didn’t feel like I’ve read this million times before. In fact, I can’t think of anything I’ve read like it before. This is definitely a “high stakes, action-packed’ thriller because how it is set up, but it also has a softer, more human side that really puts us in the different characters hearts and heads – like what Katherine went through, but we also understand Nick too. A riveting combination of thrills, suspense, intelligence, flawed but strong women and men, action and adventure, evil enemies and help from the unknown … Recommend for ages 18+
SDecker More than 1 year ago
4.5 stars I really enjoyed “Dead & Dead for Real” by author Robert L. Clayton, even though ‘paranormal terrorist thriller’ isn’t usually one of my more preferred genres (don’t dislike it, just don’t generally gravitate). But I really liked the sample and Mr. Clayton’s writing style…. Pulls you right in and that opening was crazy… so I gave it a shot. I was really impressed! I really liked the action-packed world he created here and thought that he did such a wonderful job with the descriptions of the storytelling of the events and with the dynamic of Kiki (Katherine) and her partner/lover Nick… and even though there is a LOT that happens here – from ex-military snipers, ISIS murderers, Outlaw Drug Gangs… and maybe even some sort of ‘ghost or spirit’… all felt very believable, which is the craziest part about it all… You could tell he’d done his research on many elements of not only military/government warfare but terrorism tactics as well. I thought the main characters were very well done ( really liked KiKi) but some of the supporting cast felt a bit thin (just like names, but no real sense of identity), and there were some scenes that I thought could use some trimming (or be cut entirely). But there was great action from start to finish, and I was SO shocked at some things that happened (no spoilers!). I liked how easy it is to read and this is such an unusual book I can’t even compare it to anything else. Plenty of violence and language as to be expected in a book like this, but nothing horrific. Recommend for fans of military suspense thrillers with a unique angle. Would definitely read more from Mr. Clayton in the future
GillianH More than 1 year ago
I honestly had no idea what to expect when reading this as I went into it pretty blind (only read the quick description). I was in no way prepared for how totally addicting this novel would be, and the sheer magnitude of the world, the characters, the multilayered plotlines, the unexpected twists, and the life-and-death action… I loved it! The way Robert L. Clayton writes is captivating from the beginning and you just want to keep reading and reading and not stop. It is both descriptive and has believable world building— absolutely crucial for a novel such as this where it would be easy for the characters to become caricatures, or the plot to become too far-fetched if you aren’t careful. But it is so fast moving, and the shorter chapters have you wanting to keep reading ‘just one more’. so that you aren’t bored. Even though that ending was awesome, I was disappointed when it was over. I wanted more!! Super excited to read the next book, “Dead Reckoning” now. Recommend for adult fans of thrillers and suspense.
CJ2277 More than 1 year ago
"Dead & Dead for Real” was awesome. Katherine is such an amazing character, and Nick is a great match for her. All too often I read works that feel clearly derivative of other books (especially in thrillers/espionage/terrorist genre), and although I appreciate literary influences when something this original comes along it is a refreshing change of pace! It wasn’t predictable or cliché, (seriously did not see that twist with the ‘voice’ coming) and sometimes it was cutthroat and harsh, and other times I was nearly breathless from the intensity and violent passion--especially toward the end – don’t think I put it down once in the last quarter of the book or so. I finished it in a few short nights and went through so many highs and lows, it felt like a rollercoaster. I enjoyed the ending and was happy to see that this is the beginning of a series and with more to come? But it’s not a cliffhanger (thankfully). Lots of violence and action and dead bodies, but it’s not graphic or overly gratuitous. Works with the story well. Recommend to fans of action/thriller/suspense.