by S. K. BASU

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The design of correct and efficient algorithms for problem solving lies at the heart of computer science. This concise text, without being highly specialized, teaches the skills needed to master the essentials of this subject. With clear explanations and engaging writing style, the book places increased emphasis on algorithm design techniques rather than programming in order to develop in the reader the problem-solving skills.</P>

The treatment throughout the book is primarily tailored to the curriculum needs of B.Tech. students in computer science and engineering, B.Sc. (Hons.) and M.Sc. students in computer science, and MCA students.</P>

The book focuses on the standard algorithm design methods and the concepts are illustrated through representative examples to offer a reader-friendly text. Elementary analysis of time complexities is provided for each example-algorithm. A varied collection of exercises at the end of each chapter serves to reinforce the principles/methods involved.</P>•&nbsp;Additional problems</P>

•&nbsp;A new Chapter 14 on Bioinformatics Algorithms</P>

•&nbsp;The following new sections:</P>

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;»&nbsp;BSP model (Chapter 0)</P>

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;»&nbsp;Some examples of average complexity calculation (Chapter 1)</P>

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;»&nbsp;Amortization (Chapter 1)</P>

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;»&nbsp;Some more data structures (Chapter 1)</P>

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;»&nbsp;Polynomial multiplication (Chapter 2)</P>

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;»&nbsp;Better-fit heuristic (Chapter 7)</P>

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;»&nbsp;Graph matching (Chapter 9)</P>

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;»&nbsp;Function optimization, neighbourhood annealing and implicit elitism (Chapter 12)</P>

•&nbsp;Additional matter in Chapter 15</P>


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ISBN-13: 9788120347465
Publisher: PHI Learning
Publication date: 04/17/2013
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
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About the Author

<STRONG>S. K. BASU</STRONG>, Ph.D., is Professor in the Department of Computer Science, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. He obtained his M.Tech. and Ph.D. degrees from Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, and Jadavpur University, Kolkata respectively. He has been a visiting scientist in different Indian institutes and abroad. He was the Chairman of the Department of Computer Science, Banaras Hindu University several times and also held various other administrative positions in the same university. Some of his active research and publications are in the areas of Parallel and Distributed Processing, Simulation Modelling, Genetic Algorithms, Computer Systems, WSN, etc.

Table of Contents

<EM>List of Figures • List of Tables</EM>

<EM>Preface • Preface to the First Edition</EM>


0.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Computational Models

1.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Basics of Algorithm

2.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Divide and Conquer

3.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Greedy Method

4.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Dynamic Programming

5.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Further Divide and Conquer

6.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; A Bit of Theory

7.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Approximation Algorithms

8.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Randomized Algorithms

9.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Graph Algorithms

10.&nbsp; Backtracking, Branch and Bound

11.&nbsp; Lower Bound Techniques

12.&nbsp; Genetic Algorithms

13.&nbsp; Parallel Algorithms

14.&nbsp; Bioinformatics Algorithms

15.&nbsp; Conclusion

<EM>Appendix • Bibliography</EM>


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