Despair and Desire (BDSM Spanking Erotica)

Despair and Desire (BDSM Spanking Erotica)

by Marlo Peterson

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Joy has a new lease on life now that her divorce is finalized. So much so, that she's headed straight from the courthouse to the Caribbean to celebrate with a tropical excursion.

She's had to become a full fledged man eater and ball breaker to protect her heart, but while on vacation, Joy meets her match in a muscled up, hunkish surfer.

Will he teach her a lesson in love that will change everything?


Nothing in the world matters right now outside of this vacation. I want to live in the moment and enjoy every last second.

After changing into a sundress with no bra or panties underneath, I remembered that I haven't eaten since forever, so I went to the 24-hour cafeteria on the resort to grab some food. I walked to get in line when some idiot surfer guy who clearly couldn't wait cut me off.

"Excuse you. What the fuck?" I said with full confrontation in my voice.

I expected him to turn around apologetically, but he just snickered and kept walking.

I was infuriated.

I'm not used to having a man not only refuse to bow to my anger. I'm definitely not used to a man laughing in the face of my anger.

Before I knew what was happening, I pursued this man and tapped him on his shoulder. He turned around and I was caught off guard with how handsome he was.

He was about 6-foot-3 with perfectly chiseled teeth and a slender, athletically toned build complete with chiseled abs. He had a towel draped over his shoulders, so he must have just come from the beach or pool.

"I didn't see you. I was about to turn around and apologize until you started being a bitch about it," he said.

My jaw dropped.

No man had ever in his life called me a bitch – especially not a stranger.

I searched for a good response, but my brain froze. His smug smirk returned and he pinched my cheek like I'm his bratty little sister.

"You're cute. And I can tell by that silly look on your face that you have a crush on me. You don't have to start fights to get my attention, OK? If you like me, just say so," he said.

I was enraged.

Steam flew out of my ears as I was boiling mad, but still couldn't think of an appropriate response.

How dare he? How disrespectful. How ... fucking. SEXY.

He made a kissing noise with his lips and walked off.

"I'll be in the hot tub when you're ready to apologize," he said in one last final comment, adding to the verbal smack down he just laid on me.

I stood there, half of me wanting revenge and most of me wanting to pounce this man and ride him until his cock fell off. Any man that sure of himself has to also be a good lay.

A smile curled across my lips as I realized that my prayers might have just been answered, on this tropical island thousands of miles from home.

I've finally met my match in a man.

This 4,500+ word erotica features exhibitionist masturbation, oral sex in the back seat of a car, rough foreplay, hard spanking with a leather belt, animalistic doggy style, blowjobs, sensuality and more...

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