Dictionary of Australian Analogies, Similes, & Idioms: Descriptive, Informative, Audacious in the Extreme

Dictionary of Australian Analogies, Similes, & Idioms: Descriptive, Informative, Audacious in the Extreme

by Kerrin P. Rowe


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ISBN-13: 9781490786315
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 03/12/2018
Pages: 512
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(a) The comparable resemblance between two things on which a comparison may be made; also, a slight or moderate or other certain similarity, on which a comparison maybe formed: relationship; similarity; resemblance; equivalent; figure of speech; simile; correlation; link; comparison; likeness; match; symbol; accordance; approximation; likening or as in biology analogous relationship

(b) A conformity, resemblance, connection or correlation between the relationship of entities to one another or similarity in specific circumstances on which a difference may be founded.

Example of the analogy between

clock = ticker = heart

clock = face = dial = face = moosh

clock = strike = punch = to clock someone in the dial = face

fuck = intercourse = root = sex

heart and the clock = ticker

heart and the pump = drive = energy = determination

heart and the pump = thump = steal

proboscis = trunk = snout = snozzle = nose

penis = prick = a sexual connotation to penetrate

penis = prick = obnoxious person or thing

pickle= quandary or pickle = dill = idiot = dill = drongo = fool

prick = thrust = offensive = abusive = of a male = a prick

root = delve = prod = poke = enter = intercourse

root = dig = delve = root around = act foolish shoestring = live on a shoestring = meagre income = survival

(c) Logic,a form of reasoning in which similarities are inferred from analogous instances; simulated articulation or the creation of existing words in forming inflections or the creation of others, without intervention of the determinative steps, through which these first happened

(d) A comparison indicating that two or more things have similarity in some respects; accordance; appearance; approximation; correlation; equivalent; fashion; figure of speech; function; identity; likeness; link; likening; relationship; resemblance; match; similarity; simile; similitude; symbol


The language of connotation, mode, vernacular; the distinctive expression peculiar to the language of a country or people simile (sim– ill–ee)

(a) a figure of speech relating to the comparison of one thing to another, of a different kind, e.g. 'as a man like an ox (of strength)' or 'agile as a monkey (nimble)'

Similes draw similarity with the help of the words of "like" or "as." Consequently, it is a direct comparison.

(b) An expression in which a person or object is depicted as being comparable to someone or something else

(c) analogous, comparison, facsimile, procedure, guise, appearance, resemblance, symbol


a person or thing resembling the like or counterpart or equal of another; a parable; an allegory; the characteristic of the circumstance of being similar; similarity.


a; (give someone) the big a (the arse); snub; abandon; sack

a bit rich beyond the bounds of decorum; ridiculous; over exaggerated

a–over– t (arse over tit) to be tipped or fall head over heels in an undignified manner; upended; slip or trip over

a good root and a fart would kill him a weak, timid, insipid man

a rooster one day, a feather duster the next the uncertainty of success in a competitive field or job

about as funny as a hatful of arseholes an unappreciated comment or joke which is said in bad taste

about as happy as a bastard on Father's Day dejected, dispirited, glum

about as happy as a man covered in whipped cream andthrown into a bed full of lesbians disappointed; dejected; out of luck

about as useful as a chocolate tea pot a person or item with limited capabilities

about as useful as a drover's pup scatter–brained, inept

about as useful as a one–legged man in an arse kicking contest something absolutely of no use whatsoever, futile

about as useful as tits on a bull ineffectual; pointless; inappropriate

account; give a good account of oneself acquit or absolve oneself; not be open to criticism; perform well

account: go to one's account die and be judged

account; take something into account consider, make allowance for, include it, in one's planning

account; of no account insignificant; not to matter

ace it up an instruction to cease doing something, especially to one teasing or arguing; stop the noise; be quite

ace in the hole something in reserve that will ensure a victory to expectations

ace; on one's ace alone; by oneself

ace; to be ace of quality; outstanding; of excellence

ace; to be an ace to be a champion or the best at (particularly in sport)

ache; to be an ache in the freckle or bum to cause unnecessary concern to upset or worry someone

acid; put the acid on (someone) to exert pressure on someone in a manner that refusal of a request is near impossible

acid; take the acid off (someone) to stop pressuring them

ack–willie a military term for one who is 'away without leave, permission' (a.w.o.l)

acquit; to acquit oneself to perform well or above the desired standard; behave in an acceptable manner

acre; a foot in the acre to receive a kick in the posterior; bum

act; bung or stack on an act to lose one's temper; throw a tantrum; a rude out burst

act; bunging on an act pretending to be something which you are not; not being truthful about oneself

act or be your age to behave in a manner in keeping with that expected of one's age "You are being silly, why don't you act your age?"

act; to act up to misbehave; play up to gain an advantage

act the goat play the fool

Adam; not to know someone from Adam (or Eve) not to recognize; not to know someone at all

Adam; to drink Adam's ale drink water

Adrian Quist or Adrian (rhyming slang) a condition of those who've had a few too many alcoholic drinks and are somewhat inebriated

advantage; take advantage of treat someone unfairly for one's own benefit; make use of the advantage

afoul; run afoul of break the rules; become involved or entangled with someone (the law) or something

after all the rain, it's still only half way up the ducks (back) the result hasn't helped our situation or expectations

age; act or be your age to be told to behave; act in a manner in keeping with one's age

age; come of age become legally, an adult

age of consent the age at which a person can legally have sex or be legally married

ages; waiting for ages waiting a very long time

agony; put, pile or turn on the agony to expand on an event or a depressing tale, particularly that of misfortune

ah, yeah! and I've heard ducks fart under water, too! refuting a lie or reacting to a distortion of the facts

air; an air head one with little retention of important matters; an imbecile; desultory

air; clear the air table one's grievances or theories; discuss to eliminate dissension

air; too much air between the ears unintelligent; slow witted

air; tread on air feel great; elated, happy

air; up in the air a matter or something of uncertainty; still to be decided

airing your linen to publicly state your personal problems; to tell all openly

airs; to give oneself airs be imperious, arrogant; act in a high–handed manner

airy–fairy vague, insubstantial, flippant; far–fetched; act in a frivolous manner

also– ran; an also–ran in racing parlance, a horse, dog or runner or person who fails to win; nonentities

all at sea lost; befuddled; puzzled "I cannot complete the project because; I'm all at sea with it"

all–fired up extremely alert; ready to perform

all froth and no beer of little or no substance, a braggart

all over bar the shouting (a) in the final process of completing a task (b) a successful completion of a job (c) racing or boxing parlance, a sure winner

all over he / she like a rash to fiercely confront somebody; to vigorously defeat or out play an opponent

all over red rover finality; the end of something (The siren went and it was all over red Rover)

all over the place like a mad woman's breakfast in a state of chaos; disarray

all over the place like a mad woman's shit chaotic; lack of control

all over the place like moo cows poop in a paddock messy, untidy, chaotic, lack of control

all piss and vinegar acrimonious discord or behaviour

all piss n wind all talk but no action, bragging, insincere

all prick and ribs, like a drover's dog a thin person

all right; make it (all) right to offer a bribe or inducement

all that lead, in the pencil and no one to write to the problem of many young horny youths or men who need female company

alley; toss in the alley to give up; to die

alley; up one's alley to be in the province of expertise that one knows and likes best

alley clerk a person who acts as a go–between and arranges bets for a two–up player

alley loafer a person who has no money or a penniless two–up player is never allowed a seat around a two–up ring

alley up to pay up, finalise one's debts or shout (stand–in a meal or round of drinks)

along; get a long or get out with you an exclamation of dismissal; rejection or disbelief

along; go a long with in full agreement with; to sanction something

also– ran; the also– ran in horse racing the horse that fails to run a place (1st, 2nd or 3rd); obscure persons; nonentities

amber (liquid) fluid beer

amber nectar beer

ambo an ambulance driver / paramedic

amiss; come amiss to be unwanted; be received with impoliteness; be ill–timed

amiss; something is amiss it's wrong; incorrect; unsuitable

amiss; take something amiss be affronted at; aggrieved

amiss; take amiss to be disturbed; offended

amped–up enthusiastic; fired up

ancient history; that's ancient history recent information or events which are common knowledge and no longer relevant

anchor; drop or throw out the anchor settle in a permanent place of residence

anchor; slam on or hit the anchors the brakes on a vehicle; apply the brakes; stop quickly

anchor; throw out the anchor stop here

anchor; weigh the anchor go; move on

angle for something to attempt to get something by scheming, using trickery or by artful means

angle of the dangle as to whether a man has an erection or not or whether something is not aligned

ankle deep; your ankle deep in it in serious trouble; in deep shit

answer; the answer is a lemon a meaningless reply "What does it mean?" 'I don't know, I guess the answer is a lemon'

answer; the straight up and down answer (is) a non–debatable direct answer

ants; have ants in one's pants to be most eager, impatient, restless; agitated

ant's; the ant's pants someone or something being the best in fashion; clever or smart

ante; raise or up the ante (a) a sudden increase of price for good, services or contribution (b) in gambling to increase the minimum amount of the wager

ante up to pay one's equal share or debt

anvil; on the anvil unformulated; under construction; under discussion

apple; a bad apple a bad person in a group who is far worse than the others; one lacking ethics or moral standards

apples; no worries she's apples it's no trouble at all; not a problem, it's a pleasure; all is fine; don't worry all is well; it won't matter

(1) "Can you really repair the car engine for me?" 'Yair mate, no worries she's apples (of course I can)'

(2) "I don't know if the interview went well or if I will get the job" 'but no worries she's apples"

apples; she's apples or she'll be apples everything is fine, acceptable; it will turn out all right

applecart; to upset the apple cart an action or something that will interfere with one's plans

apple islander a person who lives in the Australian state of Tasmania

apple isle the Australian state, island of Tasmania

apple of the (my) eye something valued; one who is cherished

apple–in apple pie order faultless order; intact "What condition is it in? Apple– pie order mate, that's what!"

appro; take on appro take on approval, for scrutiny without commitment to buy

are you right? enquiring about one's health, circumstance or need

argue the toss to continue arguing after a matter has been settled or a final decision has been made; creating an unnecessary discussion

argy–bargy quarrelsome exchange; tedious disputation; bandy words; in conflict

Aristotle or an aris a bottle (usually beer)

ark; (right) out of the ark something that is very old

arm; a shot in the arm an inducement; something that energises one's dynamism

arm; at arm's length at a distance but reachable; close by

arm; chance one's arm to be daring and take a risk; test one's luck

arms; up in arms to be angry or rebel

1 fool around behave in a silly manner

2 around; fool around (with) for one to engage in adultery; to fiddle with something

around the twist go completely mad; lose one's sense of reason

arse; (rhyming slang) = to be given the lemonade and sars = the arse (derived from, carbonated soft drink lemonade & sarsaparilla) = to dismiss or sack; disassociate one's self from someone or something; to threaten ("Give him or it the lemonade and sars")

arse; a nice bit of arse admiration of an attractive woman's posterior

arse; a soft arse an emotive man who cries

arse about or arse around to mess about, or fool around, dithering

arse about face face something the wrong way around or back to front; to travelling in the wrong direction

arse about tit the wrong way around; back to front

arse; a smart arse a vain person a know it all; a smart Alec

arse bandit an aggressively active homosexual

arse; be given the arse to be snubbed or ignored; sacked

arse; boot up the arse castigate, threaten

arse buster; a proper arse buster an extremely hard job of manual labor

arse; covers one's arse to shield oneself against criticism or adversity

arse; died in the arse to fail unexpectedly; of an engine or motor to stop suddenly

arse; down on the bones of one's arse in a state of poverty, a hapless person; out of luck

arse; get one's arse into gear get started; get it done quicker; become efficient

arse; get one's arse kicked be punished or be easily defeated

arse; get the arse to be dismissed or sacked; ignored

arse; give someone the arse rebuff; scorn or reject

arse; he's an arse despicable; contemptible or mean person

arse; I don't give a (fat) rat's arse it's immaterial; of no interest; couldn't care less

arse; kick in the arse physical abuse; an expression reflecting ones' loss or misfortune

arse; kiss my arse an expression of mockery, scorn, ridicule

arse licker a servile person; to grovel; a flagrant flatterer

arse; lemonade and sars = arse = rhyming slang; shortening of the rhyming word = lemonade; a carbonated soft drink (sarsaparilla or root beer) (a) to dismiss or sack someone (b) to disassociate one's self from someone (c) to menace

arse; more arse than class - more sheer luck than by good management or control

arse; on the bones of one's arse destitute; without assets

arse over apex to fall forward head over heels; heavily or ungracefully

arse over breakfast to knock something over, particularly on a table, bench or drinks bar

arse over kettle or arse over tit or arse over turkey to be tipped head over heels, upended, slip or trip over

arse; pain in the arse to pester, annoy someone or to be bored

arse; pigs arse (a) the denial of an accusation of something that it is alleged to have happened (b) resistance to a proposal


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