Dirty Games

Dirty Games

by Samanthe Beck
4.0 8

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Dirty Games 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
ReadYourWrites 2 days ago
Reviews are opinionated. They generally come from what a person feels, doesn't feel. Like, doesn't like. You can have one person read a book and think it's the best thing since sliced bread. You can have another person read it and not like it at all. I've been on both sides. I love Samanthe Beck’s writing. I’ll be honest and admit that most of the time, I wish I was starring in her books. Her heroes are perfect for me. But Dirty Games just did not work for me. I struggled, but finished the book because hello, it's Samantha Beck! At any other time, she might have given me everything I look for in a book. But not this time, in this moment. Dirty talking hero, check. Strong, sassy, passionate heroine, check. Passionate sex, it was there. I just failed to connect with the characters. Quinn Sheridan is definitely feeling the pressure to get in shape after dealing with her drug addict brother, demanding mother, and a production schedule suddenly pushed up by six weeks. The last thing she needs is some holier than thou personal trainer who doesn’t like her, sight unseen. Luke McLean doesn’t work with celebrities. He just isn’t a fan after getting royally burned. However, he agrees to work with Quinn and get her in top shape at the request of her manager. Luke has six weeks to turn Quinn into a lean, mean, fighting machine for her video game based movie. Unfortunately, Quinn hears Luke make a general disparaging statement about actors. Oops. Luke goes out of his way to work with Quinn. She’s paying him an enormous amount of money and is footing the bill for six weeks in a Caribbean paradise. But she's ungrateful. It doesn’t help that I hate to exercise and Luke believes in extreme pain. I might have hated him a little bit for spanking Quinn after she accidentally ate six cookies. I had moments where I thought finally, I’m going to fall in love with this story. But just as the thought occurred, my happiness evaporated. Quinn has a lot of family baggage going into the story. It appears that some of the drama gets resolved, but it just seemed too easy and too unrealistic. There didn’t seem to be anger on Quinn’s part when it was deserved. It leaves me wondering how this happy-for-now couple will truly have a happily-ever-after. **Received a copy from Entangled Publishing and voluntarily reviewed.**
belllla 8 days ago
This one was for me a really fun book full of sexual suspense. I liked both Luke and Quinn and I loved how the Authur build this sexual suspense, how did she tease us until it did really explode. But the book is not all about that and it is not about acting or losing weight it is about finding your weakness and start doing something about it. Although a little bit unusual approach from Luke side he manages to save Quinn of her insecurity and help her finding strength. Quinn is not some shallow actress but a great person with a big heart I was just sad that she drawn to quick a conclusion and accused Luke, but I loved that she didn't let her pride get in they happiness and admitted that she was wrong.I volunteered to review an ARC of this book for Netgelly
beckymmoe 9 days ago
Dirty Games absolutely lives up to its title! I'm pretty sure the personal trainer/client relationship isn't supposed to have that kind of stuff going on (it took a little too long to cancel that contract, given things that had happened earlier...) but wow, was it ever entertaining to read. I absolutely loved their "meet-awkward" (I kept laughing while Mini Moe #2 was driving and was repeatedly chastised for it--worth it, though) and it was easy to root for both Quinn an Luke as the story continued. Things do get resolved a bit quickly at the end, but it's hard to mind much--after all the insanely crazy exercise and diet changes Quinn had to put up with, something had to go easy for her, right? ;) Rating: 4 stars / B I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
Maria-Rose 9 days ago
Luke McLean hates dealing with celebrities, even though they’re the ones responsible for where he is in his current career as a personal trainer. If it weren’t for a favor owed to Quinn Sheridan’s agent, he wouldn’t have taken her on as his client, especially when he’d planned for several weeks of vacation in a tropical paradise. Catching Quinn indulging in some last minute treats the day before they’re meant to start working together, he’s quick to lay down the law. He just wishes she didn’t already have the body that would tempt a saint. Quinn Sheridan knows that the weeks spent nursing a knee injury have left her a little softer in places than she needs to be for her upcoming role. With the timeline for filming moved up from 12 weeks to 6, she’s under the gun to show results, and quickly. Luke quickly becomes the bane of her existence with his rules on everything from eating, to working out, to always telling him the truth (the worst one). And she’s attracted to him too, which is doubly annoying. Luke is clear from the outset that he doesn’t get involved with his clients. But as he and Quinn interact and they get to know each other, it’s easier said than done. Making rules they can abide by to scratch the itch works for a while, but time is ticking. Can their tropical tryst become a life long love affair? I can always count on Samanthe Beck to provide an entertaining and sexy story! The set up for this one is such that you know these two will have a hard time resisting each other. One thing I appreciated was Luke's acknowledgment that Quinn is perfectly healthy and fit as she is, and only the specifics demanded for her role are what are persuading him to put her through an intense eating and exercise regimen. In fact, he's quite attracted to her exactly as she is now, which makes keeping things professional a challenge. As a regular exerciser, I quite liked all the training bits in this story (and may find myself using some of the tips myself!). Quinn has a brother who struggles with addiction, and his problems affect her in several ways. It's his fault that she damaged her knee in the first place, a fact she is reluctant to share with Luke because she's trying to keep the less savory aspects of her life out of the limelight. But as her emotional condition affects her physical one, it all comes out soon enough. Luke and Quinn find a way to address the attraction between them in some sexy scenes that have them both questioning what they'll want from each other when training time is over. The conflict that crops up is one that will test their trust in each other. Luckily they sort things out and get a sweet happy ending. I really enjoyed all the aspects of this story, from the setting, to the plot to the sexy and fun romance. It's a keeper!
RobinBielman 9 days ago
Another sexy, fun romance from one of my favorite authors! Luke and Quinn get quite the workout together (in more ways than one) when the two are put together for six weeks in a tropical paradise. Both their jobs are at stake, and their witty banter and Luke's determination to keep things professional makes for a super enjoyable read that kept me up way past my bedtime turning the pages. I smiled, laughed, and swooned my way through this not-to-miss read!
Kindle_Loving_Mom 10 days ago
This was a super sexy story and I loved the main characters' chemistry, and how they both fought it for so long. It was a bit of a slow burn for that reason, and it was so hot! Quinn Sheridan is facing the biggest movie role of her career so far, and she needs help. Her twin brother is an addict, and as she was physically shuttling him into a rehab facility, they took a tumble and she sprained her knee. So, for the last couple months, she's been sitting on the couch and comfort eating, other than her physical therapy, which thankfully, has gotten her knee back to full strength. But, while she still looks great, for anyone else in the world, for a Hollywood actress about to star in an action movie, she's too soft. She needs to be whipped into shape ASAP, and luckily her agent knows just the man for the job. Luke McLean is a top tier trainer of the rich and famous. Though, he's moved away from that more and more in the last few years, and instead has been focusing on regular people who really need help with weight management, or learning to exercise again after amputations, etc. But, he owes his old friend a favor, so he agrees to take on the actress, assuming it'll be a disaster since they only have 6 weeks to make it happen. But, his fee is substantial, and he is more than willing to be a tough taskmaster. He has no idea what to expect, but Quinn definitely isn't it. He's had a bad experience in the past mixing business with pleasure and swore he'd never do it again, but Quinn makes it so hard to resist. Luke and Quinn's chemistry was off the charts, and it was made even hotter, and more volatile, by how they each try to fight it, for their own reasons. Quinn doesn't want anyone to know how she hurt herself, and it becomes a bone of contention between them. Luke wants her, but he doesn't really want to, and she takes that personally. Through all the hard work and shared meals, they really get to know each other, and fall into much more than mutual lust. But, he has no real respect for her chosen career, and she isn't willing to be fully honest with him about what's going on in her life. It becomes quite the rough road, especially when the bottom falls out of their situation, and they both say things that are hard to take back. I really enjoyed this book, and the characters push-pull dynamic. Their banter was top notch, and I loved all of their interactions. The sexy scenes were super steamy, and I loved their connection. Since the main characters were isolated on a tropical island, we didn't get a ton of side characters here, but they weren't overly necessary when the main character's bond was so strong. I always enjoy this authors work, and I'm almost sad this is a standalone, as I look so forward to her series. Her series always have such great supporting characters, who get their own stories later down the road. I'll definitely be waiting, impatiently, for what's next from this author!
MBurton 10 days ago
Quinn's life is a hot mess! She's finally got a break out role in an up and coming action movie that will take her acting career far. That's if her brother doesn't ruin it first. Her brother is spiraling down from a drug addiction. As she intervenes to get him in rehab, he injures her knee just a few months before she starts filming. After resting for weeks to heal, she now needs to get in shape and fast. Eddie, Quinn's agent calls in a favor and sets her up with personal trainer Luke. Only Luke is not happy about the favor being called in. He's been burned by celebrities and he's made no secret to how he feels about pampered actresses. Things between Luke and Quinn start out very rocky. Luke doesn't respect Quinn's career and Quinn immediately goes into defense mode. These two bash heads at first but Luke realizes his attraction to Quinn is something he may not be able to fight. Once we got past the hate part of their relationship, I really began to enjoy this story. I love Samanthe Beck's writing. She does a very good job of creating a sizzling attraction between her main characters and Quinn and Luke were no different. ARC provided by NetGalley
Bette313 10 days ago
Sizzlingly steamy and deliciously dirty, Samanthe Beck gives us a great story of an actress in of a makeover and a controlling hard core trainer who will accept nothing less than complete submission. The push pull of the relationship between Quinn and Luke is fun to watch as they move from client and trainer to something nothing had been looking or ever expected to find. A well written book with some amazing characters makes this a great read and one I definitely recommend.