Dirty Scoundrel

Dirty Scoundrel

by Jessica Clare

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ISBN-13: 9780399587764
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 11/21/2017
Series: Roughneck Billionaires , #2
Sold by: Penguin Group
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 229
Sales rank: 32,230
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jessica Clare writes under three pen names. As Jessica Clare, she writes erotic contemporary romances, including the Billionaire Boys Club novels and the Hitman novels with Jen Frederick. As Jessica Sims, she writes fun, sexy shifter paranormals, and as Jill Myles, she writes a little bit of everything, from sexy, comedic urban fantasy to fairy tales gone wrong.

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Dirty Scoundrel 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Clay was sweet. So far first 2 books are great can't wait for next one!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very good reading, waiting for the next book in the series!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love these stories.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love the storyline. It’s fun & interesting setup.
Marlene976 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed the first book in this series and was looking forward to more. Overall this book did not disappoint however, there were some issues for me with some of the characters and the one of the plot twists. Clay, did not make a great first impression and he did redeem himself somewhat throughout the book but he needed more. Nathalie did make a great second impression, present day Nathalie, I liked her spunk, her wanting to do what she could for her dad and this brings me to one of the plots twists that I did not enjoy, the miscommunication in the past. I don't enjoy these types of "issues" I relationships and this story had a few of them and I dont think they were necessary. There are some heartbreaking moments, some funny ones, some unexpected ones ( Clay, virgin hero!) and some super sweet ones. I am looking forward to Knox''s story and Gabe's
BananaTricky More than 1 year ago
Disir has a great shelf entitled "indifferent shrugs" and I couldn't agree with her more. I love the idea of a group of roughneck brothers who become oil billionaires and then each meets the woman of their dreams. I enjoyed the first book so I was looking forward to this one. Clay Price lost the love of his life on the night he was going to ask her father for her hand in marriage. He might have been dirt poor but he was in live. Instead, he got dumped by proxy and, somehow, seven years later, he has never found anyone to replace her AT ALL, despite now being a billionaire. Natalie Weston had it all seven years ago, the daughter of a fading movie star she was in love with Clay Price and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, until her father told her that Clay didn't want her to go to University and basically wanted her barefoot and pregnant in his trailer. As it happens she never got to go to University because that night her father had a heart attack and her life imploded. Now, seven years later she is broke, looking after her ailing father and trying to make ends meet by running a museum in their home dedicated to her father and his movie memorabilia. She hasn't had a chance to find anyone to replace Clay. When Clay and Natalie meet again Clay decides he will be ruthless, he will offer Natalie, who has clearly fallen on hard times, a terrible bargain. He will solve all her financial woes if she will be his 'personal assistant' for as long as he wants. And he wants to lose his virginity to the girl he loved all those years ago. Clay was kind of sweet (also, he comes across as maybe half a sandwich short of a picnic) but he also had a crude way of speaking, which I guess tells the reader he's roughneck! I found the constant use of the C word kind of offensive. Natalie is a bit of a doormat, her father is manipulative and she lets him get away with it, she has self-esteem issues and jumps at the chance to be with the only man she's ever loved. Basically, it's a comedy of errors in which Clay and Natalie are too nice to realise that they are in love, Cay throws money at every issue and Natalie worries about her weight. It was sweet but I didn't love it.
aprilrenee1976 More than 1 year ago
Fantastic 2nd Chance Romance Dirty Scoundrel is the 2nd book in the Roughneck Billionaires series by Jessica Clare. Clay and Natalie were high school sweethearts and were deeply in love. Clay had plans to propose to Natalie after he met her father, Chap Weston who is a former and famous actor. Only Chap didn’t want them together and planned to break them apart. There was miscommunication and misunderstandings between the two which had them on the outs and suddenly they had a huge blow up which ended their beautiful relationship. Fast forward 7 years later, Clay and his brothers are now billionaires and Clay has this thought that he would screw away then throw away his one love so he could move on with his life…so he offers her money without telling her his whole plan. Because Clay at this point is a total jerk. I mean, I sort of get it, it’s a revenge plan and he has a lot of hate towards his ex but he still has a lot of love toward her …so he wants to buy the girl who broke his heart and then screw her literally and figuratively. Clay comes off as this total jerk, as this man who has let money mess with him and I WAS so afraid that I was going to end up DNF’ing this book but nope, I am really glad I kept reading. Clay was really hurt by what happened between them 7 years before and there was tons of miscommunication and misunderstanding to cause a lot of pain. Now Natalie, she is a sassy, spunky, plucky gal who has been thru a lot in 7 years. Her dad’s health is very bad, she is his caregiver, she is in debt up to her eyeballs, she works a lot plus takes care of her dad with no help. This is a girl that gives so yes, she would sell her soul in order to run away from it all. But when it comes to her ex, she still loves him and yet there is some tension, some sort of pain from the past and in the present. She knows that by letting Clay screw her in exchange for paying all her bills is wrong but what choice does she have? She is drowning in debt. These two have a complicated history and watching the journey these two take to find their way back together was very much worth the pain, the heartbreak, the ache, the passion, the joy and the love. Clay showed his true self and I saw him turn back into the great guy he really was and Natalie got the HEA she very much deserved!! My Rating: 4.5 stars ***** “I received an advanced copy of this book from the author at no cost to me."
sweetpotato101 More than 1 year ago
Wasn’t the book for me… I was really excited about Jessica Clare’s Dirty Scoundrel. I liked the twist on the Billionaire theme. Usually, I stay away from billionaire romances simply because they aren’t my cup of tea. However, the twist on this group of brothers falling into wealth intrigued me. I’m also a huge sucker for the whole proposal plotline. Unfortunately, Clay was too irredeemable for me. Dirty Scoundrel is a second-chance romance. Clay and Natalie broke up in high school after some harsh words are spoken. Years later, Clay Price wants to teach Natalie a lesson, and now that he has the money to do it, he makes his move. I will say the foundation to the story was a bit shoddy. It relies on a miscommunication, and I felt it made some parts too implausible. On the whole, I really liked Natalie. She’s had a tough time of it, and the hits just kept coming. Sure, she doesn’t always make the right decisions, but I could tell she felt bad for them, and I really wanted her to have some happiness! Clay, on the other hand, rubbed me the wrong way. Dude sent up so many mixed signals! He's rumored to be the “nice guy,” but he switched quickly to this fascination on being “hard” and “ruthless.” It didn’t jibe. Then came my deal breakers. So, Natalie grew up the daughter of an entertainment icon with wealth at her fingertips, while Clay and his brothers grew up in poverty. Now, Clay is this business mogul with money to spend, while Natalie’s in a rough patch. The reversal is used by Clay in such a way that it sent up red flags for me. Especially when he mentions that his new money allows him to get what he wants as far as Natalie is concerned. I kept reading, thinking he'd redeem himself. Cue a few pages later when Clay relates his plan to his entire family, and they all have a good laugh at Natalie’s expense. His brother even condones Clay's behavior saying, "hey, we never claimed to be nice guys." Hard pass. With current events being as they are, this is simply a personal line for me. I don't want to read about this hero. He might have gotten better as the pages went on, but this was simply a case of the book not being for me in my current headspace. 2 stars.
gdsnv More than 1 year ago
I was expecting a roughneck…what I read was a sweetheart who will touch your heart. Not what you were expecting? This story will surprise you, just as much as it did me. Don’t get me wrong, it is hawt, it is smexy, and it can get downright dirty but at its heart, it is a love story. Two people, Clay and Natalie, start out as two young people in love who are torn apart by life and family and circumstances beyond their control. Fast forward seven years and let’s say that life circumstances have changed dramatically for both of them. I really liked Clay. He is certainly rough around the edges, well, maybe through and through (!), but he has a soft side that has jagged edges but he really has much goodness in his heart. Natalie has her own life struggles and try as they might, Clay and Nat need to work at their new “normal” each and every day. One thing I think they need to learn: how to communicate. What a journey these two take and how fun! There is some sadness in the story but it’s a big part of the brothers are…it was good to read about all the brothers again, although reading the first book is not necessary to this story. I liked the book and recommend.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Clay and Natalie are so perfect together, and despite the fact they thought they broke each other hearts seven years earlier, neither has moved on. That's right, we have dual virgins!!!! While second chance books usually aren't my thing, I think of all the time wasted, and it makes me blech, for these two, they needed it. They needed to see what the world was like, they needed to mature, and they needed to realize they really were perfect for each other. This way, when they make mistakes, they react as grownups, and not new adults Luckily they did re-connect because they are perfect together!
Dalitza More than 1 year ago
Wonderfully entertaining! Sexy yet heartfelt, mischievous and sweet. Original and engaging. Holy hot roughneck! I fell hard for Clay Price and his inability to be ruthless and cold because nothing could ever change the fact that his heart belonged to Natalie Weston. Not the fact that she turned down his marriage proposal via her father when he was fresh out of high school, not the seven years it’s been since he saw her and certainly not the millions upon millions he’s now worth after he and his brothers struck black gold. I fell for this bearded sexy, swoony and a bit dirty man who’s determined to get his girl no matter the cost or the completely wrong approach he decided to take. After she pushed Clay away, life would never be the same for Natalie. Love took a backseat to other more important priorities until seven years later when he came back. But the moment he presents his proposal her hopes wither once more because he’s not the same love struck boy she dated. He’s now a ruthless billionaire who’ll save her from bankruptcy in exchange for her. Even though Clay’s approach to getting what he’s always wanted, which was Natalie, was absolutely the wrong way to go about it, I couldn’t help but fall for this very caring, thoughtful and guileless man. He’s a very original kind of hero in the romance genre. He’s a bit rough around the edges but his love for Natalie is absolute. It was clear he never stopped loving her and mostly they needed to grow up a bit and learn to communicate. Just like his brother Boone, this incredibly sexy billionaire is almost too naïve, acting before thinking, throwing money around to get what he wants without apology. If you look up demure, Natalie’s portrait would most likely show up. She’s modest and shy, understanding and forgiving and she loved Clay just as much as he did her. I really enjoyed watching these two characters come full circle and find their happy ever after. There was sweetness and sexiness, a bit of drama and genuine heartache. I laughed and smiled and fanned myself and now I can’t wait to read the next book in this series. Dirty Scoundrel is book #2 of the Roughneck Billionaires series by Jessica Clare. It is a standalone contemporary romance told from both points of view with a happy ending.
KindleKat64 More than 1 year ago
The tables have turned for Clay and Natalie; this once happy couple who broke up because of a misunderstanding years earlier when she broke up with him before college for reasons he did not really know about. Now that he sees her again, he wants to get her back, make her feel the hurt he felt back then. Clay knows she is down on her luck and broke, so he uses that to his advantage and decides he can punish her and have his way with her at the same time. I didn't care for this at first but kind of understood where he was coming from and why and luckily Clay does redeem himself. I ended up really liking him. He offers to help her financially if she agrees to be his in every way. One thing is for sure, they have incredible chemistry and are super hot and sexy together. This book is a well written fun and sexy story filled with great dialogue and even infused with some humor. Can Clay & Natalie find the love they once had together and find their HEA even though they agree to go down this seriously unorthodox road?
MBurton More than 1 year ago
Dirty Scoundrel is the second book in the Roughneck Billionaires series that is a standalone and a second chance romance. Clay and Natalie are high school sweethearts. Clay has plans to propose to Natalie after meeting her father, Chap Weston, a former and very famous actor. What he doesn't know is that Chap has plans to break these two up. Clay is left feeling that he isn't good enough for Natalie and that's why she broke up with him. Natalie is left feeling angry because she thinks Clay is breaking up with her because she wants to go to college and he just wants her to be stay at home wife focusing solely on his needs. Before the matter can be cleared up, Chap has a stroke the night everything blows up. 7 years later and Clay and his brothers are now billionaire's from striking oil. When an employee dies at one of their dig sites, Clay realizes he needs to seize the moment and what he wants to seize is Natalie. He's still angry about the way she ended things so he thinks he can use his billions to buy her to get her out of his system. This was a strange but cute story. I liked the role reversal of the poor man turned rich and the rich girl turned poor part of the story. Both characters were likable and I wanted to see them together. Clay is not my usual type of Hero but I found that I still really liked him. He was just so nice you can't hate him. Even when he lets his brother talk him into being a scoundrel, it just doesn't work because it isn't who he is. There is a lot of miscommunication between these two but that's the reason they are separated for 7 years and almost lose out on their second chance. Because of the poor background for Clay and his brothers, I did cringe a lot when the work ain't was used throughout the book. Overall, it was entertaining and I would be interested to read the other brothers stories. ARC provided by Netgalley.
mamalovestoread22 More than 1 year ago
Back then Clay was the boy from the wrong side of the tracks, and deemed no good for her, but now the tables have been turned, so to speak, he's filthy rich and she is the one living paycheck to paycheck. Seven years ago Natalie had big plans to attend Stanford and make something of herself, but then life happened and now she finds herself dressing up like a character from a old movie and baking cookies at her father's museum. Not at all the life she had planned... but that is all about to change when a certain sexy billionaire wanders back into her life and makes her a deal she can't refuse... Letting Natalie go was the hardest thing that Clay has ever had to do, if he had gotten his way back then they would be married now, and have a few babies to fawn over, instead he is alone and constantly thinks about where he went wrong with her. He knows that the man he was then is a far cry from who he is now, this time he can give her all the things her father wanted for her, and he wants nothing more than to make that a reality... he just has to convince her to give him a shot! Dirty Scoundrel is sizzling little tale that kept me captivated until the wee hours of the morning... I just could not walk away from these two and their enticing little adventure! Their story had many moments that made me swoon, many moments that squeezed my heart, and many moments that made me smile... it was such an enjoyable read! Highly recommend this one, it is a well crafted romance read that is certain to leave your heart happy! I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this title.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really liked reading this book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Saw a "My" and an "I" in the first 10 words. Can't stand when these things are written in first person. Shame on you. I found your previous books much better than that 50 Shades crap. Don't know why an one would want to emulate that drival. Please return to your previous style of writing. I have purchased everything of yours up until you changed your point of view. I am going through wihdraw....