Do We Need To Be So Screwed Up?!: A New Evolutionary Perspective on Happiness

Do We Need To Be So Screwed Up?!: A New Evolutionary Perspective on Happiness

by Suki Pryce

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Do We Need To Be So Screwed Up?!: A New Evolutionary Perspective on Happiness by Suki Pryce

Modern life is full of problems - in individuals and in society too. Increasingly we see damaged and disturbed children, mental health problems, addictions of many kinds, antisocial behavior, and crime, violence and war. So it seems sensible to ask: does life have to be this way? Was it always like this for human beings? We’ve been around for maybe as much as two million years: surely we didn’t evolve to live such difficult and dysfunctional lives? Do We Need To Be So Screwed-Up?! sets out to discover the answer to this question – and finds plentiful evidence to show that, on the contrary, human beings evolved to be naturally egalitarian, cooperative, and peaceful. Indeed, for over 95% of our history – until about 10,000 years ago - that is how we were: kind, cheerful and happy! This is a paradigm-busting re-evaluation of human nature and our potential for happiness.

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ISBN-13: 9781780992785
Publisher: Hunt, John Publishing
Publication date: 04/27/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 267
File size: 983 KB

About the Author

Suki Pryce BSc, MPhil, is a former university lecturer with a life-long interest in indigenous peoples, mind body spirit matters, and what simpler cultures have to teach us today.

Table of Contents

Foreword Chris Knight, author of Blood Relations viii

Chapter 1 Introduction 1

Chapter 2 Human Origins: The 'Puzzle' of Altruism and Egalitarianism 25

Chapter 3 Hunter-Gatherer Societies: Do They Create 'Saner' People Than Dominator-Style Civilisations? 53

Chapter 4 What Else Makes for a Partnership Society? 84

Chapter 5 How Dominator Cultures Came Into Being 96

Chapter 6 Creating Undamaged People: Natural Upbringings 117

Chapter 7 Creating Damaged People: Harmful Childhoods 141

Chapter 8 'Burying' Partnership Cultures 169

Chapter 9 Creating Happiness: What is It? What is Its Source? 181

Chapter 10 Hindering Happiness and Well-being 192

Chapter 11 Spirituality - Screwed up and Unscrewed up 203

Chapter 12 Screwed up Sexuality: The Effects of Dominator Society on Our Love Lives 212

Chapter 13 Unscrewed up Sexuality: Matrilineal Love Lives 225

Chapter 14 Towards a New Partnership World 236

References 250

Acknowledgements 258

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