Documentary Film: A Very Short Introduction / Edition 1

Documentary Film: A Very Short Introduction / Edition 1

by Patricia Aufderheide
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Oxford University Press, USA
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Documentary Film: A Very Short Introduction 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Documentaries. They are an amazing way of getting knowledge. From knowledge on grass. To how many doors you can open in an hour. The possibilities are endless. But no one has yet made a documentary on documentaries. Until now. <p> Here is a speach made my Msive Dynamics new owner: Walter Bishop. <br> 'When you watch a documentary. Its like your brain goes into a state of relaxation. Its like... uh... its like when you listen to music while falling asleep. Others peek a human beings intrest and cause masive amounts of... cortexiphan to sync with your brain waves. And...' *the recording gets cut off* <p> What a smart guy. But how are documentaries made? Well. They are made by using light and sound capturing machines powered by ensl<_>aved smurfs. These machines are moved around to the places that will be documented as we like to call it. Just ask these ensl<_>aved smurfs. <p> Smurf one: Help us.... <br> a gun it pressed against the smurfs head. <p> Smurf one: We run around on hamster wheels with a gun pointed at our heads after breakfast and before eighth breakfast which is after second lunch! <br> Smurf two: What he said! Its not like we're saying /every fourth word/. I see why help is bad for us. <br> gun shoots smurf two. <p> Isnt that just amazing. :D they even hire proffesional actors for the documenaries. Like donald duck. And peter griffin. Now please wait while hulu plays an unnescescary advertizment. <p> Do you gt tired of watching documenaries all day? Well be tired no more! Thanks to vudeo games! Instead of becoming smarter. Become dumber with faster apoable thumbs. Dont worry about homework. Use video games! Chores? Yeah. Still do those! <p> Start your day. On a roll. With a wawa breakfast hogie made to order just for you. In the mooorning. Nothing is better. Than bacon and chedder. At waaawaa. <p> Now back to the documentary. <p> *shows guy in underwear dancing by himself.* oops! Wrong film bob! *changes film to blank screen* never mind! I quit! *documentary ends* <p> CREDITS: <p> Narrorator: TheMysteriousTurnip. <p> Walter Bishop: ElectricAngel. <p> Smurfs voices(totally not real smurfs....): TheMysteriousTurnip. <p> CGI stuff: IDFK. <p> Camera guy: Bob the builder. <p> Credit writer: TheMysteriousTurnip.