Don't Bet on It: Baseball-Superheroes

Don't Bet on It: Baseball-Superheroes

by Bruno Lindia


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ISBN-13: 9781491839171
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 12/13/2013
Pages: 128
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Don't Bet on It

"The Adventures of Luis Limon and Don Domingo"

By Dominic Lindia, Matteo Lindia, Bruno Lindia, Val Lawton


Copyright © 2013 Bruno, Dominic and Matteo Lindia
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4918-3917-1


Semi final

"Strike two!" yelled Umpire Jones.

The count was 3 balls and 2 strikes, 2 outs in the bottom of the seventh and final inning.

The Heroes led 2-1.

"You got this guy, Domi L.," shouted the Heroes' all-star shortstop, Matty L. to his older brother.

Domi tipped his hat to Matty.

The "Heros" were named after their sponsor, "Super Heros and Pizza," a local family-owned eatery owned and operated by Emilio and Lisetta for the past forty years.

The team would assemble at the eatery to enjoy the finest pizza and Hero sandwiches after a hard fought game.

Domi was the captain and pitcher of the "Heros."

He led the league in both strikeouts and home runs.

The semifinal game would go down to the wire.

The winner would go on to play the mighty Sox in the city championship game. The Sox were undefeated and all 9 starting players were in the top 10 in league batting.

The city had never seen a better team.

Domi got the ball from EJ, the catcher.

"Go get 'em, Domi! One more strike!" he shouted to his all-star pitcher.

Runner on first ... Domi checked the runner.

Big Vic crouched, ready to tag him out if the ball was thrown his way.

Domi got the final signal from EJ.

The windup ... and a hard throw at the plate.

The batter stepped in towards the pitcher and swung for the outfield fence.


The ball soared upwards, and landed firmly ... in the catcher's mitt!

"Strike three! You're out!" the Umpire screamed.

The Heros won the semifinal game!

The Heros players ran to the pitcher's mound.

Domi and EJ were already hugging and jumping up and down in celebration.

"We did it! We did it!" screamed out Matty.

"Woo-hoo!!" yelled Boogie B., the Heros' second baseman.

Boogie was the funniest player in the league and one of the best fielders, too.

The winners formed a circle by putting their arms around each other's shoulders.

They spun around.

Everyone was laughing and smiling.

"Great game, boys" the Umpire said to Coach Josh as he signed the scorecard and handed it to him, making the victory official.

Coach Josh then turned to the players and says: "Great job fellows! Huddle up for a sec ..."

The Heros formed a circle around the coach.

Josh had coached the team for twenty-one years.

He owned a hardware store in the city. He started coaching when his eldest daughter started her first baseball season.

Josh had two daughters, two years apart in age.

They both graduated from college and worked at the hardware store with their father. They were also part of the team as assistant coaches.

The eldest, Coach Laura, played softball in College and earned a degree in accounting. She played for the National Olympic Team for four years before returning home to work in the family business.

Her sister, Sandra, also played softball in College. She graduated with a Science degree and also played on the Olympic team for three seasons.

She, too, returned home to be part of her dad's business and to be a coach with the baseball team.

The coaching staff was well respected.

They didn't allow bad words or temper tantrums.

Although winning was fun, coach Josh said: "Winning gets in the way of being excellent!"

Resting on one knee, the Heros players looked up at the coach as he addressed the team.

"Excellent work out there!

Congratulations on your win!

Let's give a big cheer to the other team for their effort. We'll meet in the dugout right after the handshake.

"Hip Hip.... Hooray!"

The two teams lined up and slapped hands. "Good game!". "Good job!"

Coach Josh would never say there was a winner or a loser. He would say stuff like "Competing Teams" or "Our Competitors" or "Opposing Team".

It's was back in the huddle.

"Thank you for congratulating the opposing team today. They all played well and provided us with an opportunity to become better baseball players in all facets of the game," coach Josh said.

"Practice is tomorrow and then our final game of the season."

"I'm very proud of our team this year—you have become better teammates, friends and baseball players.

Does anyone have a joke to tell?"

Coach Josh ended every practice and game with one of the players telling a joke.

"Boo-gie, Boo-gie, Boo-gie" chanted the team.

Boogie always had a joke prepared for the occasion.

He stood up, tipped his cap and took a bow.

"What happens when you marry a plant from the ocean?" he asked and paused just like a professional comedian.

"You become Sea Wed!"

Some of the players laughed, some booed and a few others said: "I don't get it".

"Ha! Ha! Ha! That's a good one Boogie" answered the coach slapping his thigh.

No matter how silly the joke, Coach Josh always laughed and clapped.

"Hey Matty," yelled out Coach Laura. "Why don't you come up here and tell us about the things you learned today."

The team clapped as Matty stood up and addressed the team.

This is something the coaches did after the games.

At first, some of the players were reluctant, but were now used to sharing their experiences.

They all knew it would help build team morale and make them even better.

"I realize that covering behind the player making the play is really important", Matty said.

Thanks Adam!" he said, referring to the ball that had hopped over his head in the third inning.

Adam, the left fielder, ran in to cover Matty. He caught the ball in mid-air and gunned it to the catcher, who tagged a surprised base runner out at home.

Adam stood up and bowed while everyone clapped and cheered.

Just before he spoke, he blew one of his signature foot-diameter bubble-gum balloons. Once it burst, he said: "Thank you very much, ladies and baseball men!"

"Good remark, Matty" said Coach Sandra.

We'll see you tomorrow for the final team practice of the year.

Three cheers for the Heros. Hip Hip ...?"

"Hooray!" respond the Heros players ... but not quite as loud and enthusiastically as before.

"What was that all about?" Coach Josh asked, as he looked around at the players.

Nobody spoke up.

"Adam," the coach called out. Adam was the team's great left fielder. He was normally the most enthusiastic during the breakdown cheer.

"Is everything OK?"

Adam S. looked up and with a little bit of hesitation, said: "what's the use of practicing? I mean, the Sox are the best team our league has ever seen. All time!"

"Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the team. It shows that you trust us. Trust is one of the most important things you can have on a championship team.

That's what champions are made of. Like us. Does anyone else feel that way?"

Three, four, five hands slowly rose as the rest thought for a second.

"I don't think so.... put me in, Coach! I'll beat those SOX!" screamed A.J ...

A.J. was the bat girl and was Coach Josh's niece.

She was much younger than the rest of the team, but was always looking for a way to encourage the boys.

She practiced with the Heros, but was too young according to league rules, to play in a real game.

"Come on, A.J! Get real!" replied center fielder CP.

CP was the coolest guy on the team. He never got angry, but was a fierce competitor. He had the best arm in the league.

"You're a great kid and a good baseball player for your age. The Sox are just too good for us to beat.

The only player on our team that can hit off of their pitchers is Domi L."

"Thanks, CP.

Domi, how do you feel?" Coach Josh said.

Coach Josh would never settle an argument or try to convince the players of anything. He simply facilitated the conversation so that the team could have a good dialogue and figure it out for themselves.

Domi, the captain and pitcher, could hit home runs off any pitcher in the country.

Rising to his feet, Domi said: "It's just another seven innings, coach. Who knows who will score more runs?

I know I'll try my best and play harder and smarter than any Sox player. I'm ready to go!"

Domi and Matty were the best and most confident players on the Heros' team. There was something special about them, but nobody could figure it out.

Domi and Matty were brothers and a year apart.

"I'm with you, Domi!" announced Matty energetically.

"yeah, but you went 0 for 4 the last time we played the "Sox," reminded Tashi S., the Heros' right fielder.

"And we had two double plays!" responded Matty with confidence.

Matty was a great fielder, but a bit anxious at bat.

Coach Josh encouraged him to exercise a bit more patience at every batting practice.

"Defensively, we can play with them all the way," announced Tashi.

"So, are we practicing tomorrow or not?" asked Coach Josh.

"You bet. And please let Domi throw his fastest pitches at practice, so we can get ready for them!" said Matty.

"Fine ... we'll add fifteen minutes of extra batting practice at the end. We'll also get Coach Laura to pitch some of her major-league fastballs. If you can hit those, you can hit anything! Deal?" asked Coach Josh.

"Deal!" agreed the team.

"Great. Then let's huddle up and break it down.

A.J., you lead".

The Heros all stood and joined their hands in a circle with A.J. in the middle.

"Everyone wants to be a Hero, on three.

Ready? One, two, three...." she hollered.

"Everyone wants to be a Hero!" responded the team as loudly as they could.

"See you tomorrow!" Coach Josh waved to everyone.


Mystery Heros

The walk home from practice was usually fun.

Some boys went home with their parents but a small group often walked home together.

Domi and Matty lived the furthest, so they walked and talked with the other boys on their way home.

CP, EJ and Big Vic walked with Domi and Matty.

"You really think we have a shot?" asked CP.

"Yup," replied Domi, still walking and looking ahead.

"Really?" Big Vic repeated.

"Yep," Domi replied again.

"Want to bet on it?" Boogie B. joked.

"Betting is for the brainless—not to mention illegal!" Matty jumped in, upset by Boogie B's comment.

"I'm just joking, Mr. Policeman. Take it easy, Matty" replied Boogie B.

"You know Domi will always think he can win. Isn't that right, Domi?" Matty L. asked.

"Yep," replied Domi.

"Is that all you can say?" asked Big Vic.

"Nope," said Domi. "I can also say that I'm starving!

I can taste that tender steak and buttery mashed potatoes from here!"

Although Domi's favorite sport was by far and away baseball, his true love was eating his mom's food.

He said that's what gave him the three "S's": Strength, Speed and Smarts.

He never ate junk food because he said it tasted "gross".

Domi's favorite foods included steak, potatoes, green beans, whole wheat bread bagels, strawberries, apples and, of course, mom's pepperoni pizza made from scratch.

"The more you talk about the Sox, the hungrier I get. I might even eat your glove, Big Vic!" joked Domi.

"He would, too," added Matty.

"Don't worry about the Sox. It's just another game. We'll be fine," Domi assured.

"That's easy for you to say. You're our best player." Big Vic added.

"Thanks for the compliment, but the only reason I play baseball is because I have fun hitting the ball over the fence and striking out the batters," Domi replied.

"But not just to win games. You win some and you lose some."

"And to work up an appetite," quipped Matty.

"Why did you bring that up? We're six blocks from home and I'm already starving!" Domi lamented.

"See you tomorrow, guys" said CP as he reached home.

"Great game, CP!" "You handled center field pretty good" Matty said.

"Thanks. You too" replied CP.

CP was always polite and cool. They walked one more block and reached Boogie B's house.

"Bye, guys," said Boogie.

"Great game and funny joke today," said Big Vic.

"Not as funny as your hair looks," joked the Boogie one last time for the day.

"Ha, Ha," laughed Big Vic sarcastically. "Look in the mirror sometime, Boogie, and say hello to Frankenstein for me."

"Good one, Vic. I'll remember that one." Boogie B. replied.

Two blocks later, Big Vic and EJ said their goodbyes, as they lived next-door to each other.

"See you, guys" said Big Vic. "Enjoy your steak dinner," reminded EJ.

"That reminds me, I'm starving!" joked Domi.

"I'll see you tomorrow, guys. We'll get those Sox" Domi reminded his teammates.

"See you!" they all replied and walked towards their homes.

"Do you really think we can beat the Sox, Domi?" asked Matty, walking the last few blocks alone with his older brother.

"Sure, why not? We also have a great team. We just need to believe in ourselves," Domi answered with confidence.

"Hey, what's that?" screamed Matty.

"That guy grabbed the old lady's purse. He's running away. Time to jump into action, Domi.

And I know just how to make it happen!"

"Great! Why does this happen to me just when I'm starving? Okay, let's go." answered Domi.

Matty ran behind a big oak tree and whistled three times loudly. Out from behind the bushes jumped a bunny rabbit.

"Let's go, buddy! It's time for action!" Matty commanded.

The bunny dropped his carrot and jumped back into his rabbit hole.

All of a sudden, the bunny, now wearing a mask and cape, zoomed out on a Super Sonic skateboard.

The skateboard was green red and white with small rockets on it. It was harnessed to the body of the rabbit.

Out of the tree jumped the one and only ...

"Luis Limon!"

A moment later, from behind another other oak tree, out jumped ... "Don Domingo!"

"Sparks!" yelled out Luis to the Rabbit Super Hero.

"Thanks, Sparks!"

Sparks was the name Luis referred to the supersonic rocket skateboard hero.

"Great to see you again, Sparks!" Luis Limon waved while jumping on the skateboard.

"Hey, there rabbit hero," Don Domingo said to the bunny while tipping his hat.

He then pushed a button on his belt.

Fire, sparks and flames shoot out of his jet-powered rollerblades.

"Let's get them before my steak gets cold".

"Sparks, I'll give you a carrot stick if you're hungry too!"

They sped off after the thief, weaving through crowds of pedestrians on their way home. They only got a quick glimpse of them as they flew by at lightning speed.

Soon they spotted the robber.

"I'll chase him, and you and Sparks start plan 839," Don Domingo commanded.

"Why do you get to call the shots?" Luis Limon complained.

"Because I'm better-looking, of course," Don Domingo chuckled as he turned on the turbojet.

"Your mirror is lying to you again!" quipped Luis, taking another street with Sparks.

Don Domingo swooshed down the sidewalk assisted by his rocket booster rollerblades.

His dark cape streamed behind him while his eyes remained glued to the assailant.

"Don't worry, ma'am! Were on it," Don Domingo assured the older lady while jetting past her at lightning speed.

"Don Domingo? My! Those boys are so nice. I hope they don't hurt themselves," the old lady said to herself.

"Go get him, Don Domingo!" yelled and cheered the onlookers.

Don Domingo waved to them as he did a 360 degree flip in midair while touching his toes.

What a showboat!

The girls yelled and screamed: "We love you, Don Domingo!"

"Oh no! Not Don Domingo!" complained the assailant.

"I may be able to shake him through the alley.

At least that pesky brother of his, Luis Limon isn't here," he said, running as fast as he could away from the scene.

He quickly dodged through a small back alley.

"I lost him!" the thief said, as Don Domingo whizzed by him on the cross street.

"I don't care about the purse. I just want the money," the thief said still running.

"But the purse is the color of your pants!" said Luis Limon, startling the thief.

Limon stood on his skateboard with just one hand and used the other to snatch the purse from the unsuspecting thief.

The thief hit the ground with a big thump.

"Ugh!" the thief moaned.

Just then, Don Domingo snuck up and in a quick motion lassoed the thief's legs, making him airborne for a moment until he landed on his back.

Don Domingo quickly used the rest of the rope to tie the thief's hands to his already-secured legs.

Just like he was competing in a calf roping competition at a rodeo.

"6.4 seconds flat!" screamed Luis Limon.

"What? I was faster than that," complained Don Domingo.

"You started the clock late!"

As the crowd gathered, a few young girls and boys start running towards the crime fighting duo.

"Let's get their autographs" the fans screamed.

"Time to peel out of here Sparks," yelled Luis, as they speed away on the rabbit-powered skateboard.

Luis blew kisses to the girls.

Police sirens were ringing as they approached the scene.

"How can I ever thank you?" the old lady said to Don Domingo, as he handed the purse back with its contents.

"Nothing at all, ma'am ... except next time, try not to get robbed at dinner time!" suggested Don Domingo as he launched off on his jet blades.

"The police will take it from here."

"Buenos dias everyone," Don Domingo said, tipping his hat to the adoring fans.

Back at home, our two heros, Domi and Matty, popped out from behind a couple of oak trees.

"That was cool!" Matty said.

"It would have been really cool if the lady had a slice of pizza for me in her purse," joked Domi.

"Home Sweet Home!

I can smell mom's food from here. See you at the table" Domi said, running ahead of Matty up the front porch stairs leading to the front door.

"I'll be there in a minute," Matty said.

"Bunny, Bunny ...," he called out.

The bunny popped his head out. Matty pulled two carrots from his baseball bag.

"Here you go, partner. You deserve them. See you tomorrow. You make me look good," said Matty to his furry friend.


Excerpted from Don't Bet on It by Dominic Lindia, Matteo Lindia, Bruno Lindia, Val Lawton. Copyright © 2013 Bruno, Dominic and Matteo Lindia. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Foreword, vii,
1 Semifinal, 1,
2 Mystery Heros, 12,
3 Meet Joey, 21,
4 Mr. Big, 32,
5 The Spy at Practice, 44,
6 The Truth Comes Out, 54,
7 The FixisOn, 66,
8 The Big Day, 77,
9 Game on, 91,
10 It's Trophy time, 103,
About the authors, 107,

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Bat-man and his sidekick ball, Strike, run around diamond city protecting bases from the evil gang "out" and the ringleader Umpire. Are they a match for their archnemesis' new screwball gun?!