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Don't Read This!

Don't Read This!

by Nobody
A compilation of thoughts, emotions, experiences, dreams and visions...


A compilation of thoughts, emotions, experiences, dreams and visions...

Editorial Reviews

Pamela Thomasson
This book is lighthearted yet serious. Humorous yet truthful. It explores the depth of the human soul while examining the parallels of life " Dont read this" is one man's journey.. The feelings expressed on behalf of the author are thought provoking and enlightening. I have truly enjoyed reading this book and identifying with the struggles that Charlie has faced in his own life and in the life of others. I also think "Dont read this" is a testimony of faith, hope, devotion, and most of all Love.

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Charlie McGuire
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Meet the Author

Charles "Nobody" McGuire began writing after his middle school Literature teacher set a rose on her desk and asked everyone to write a poem about it. Up until then he had slept through most of those classes. That one occurrence sparked something inside him that has continued throughout his life with many changes and phases. Early on his writings were of innocence and love even during a long battle with alcohol, beginning in his teens and continuing into his late twenties. Unfortunately, those writings are lost. They were traded to waitresses at local bars for drinks.

After a death experience at twenty-one his writing took a turn toward the heavens, a deeper more spiritual tone though his alcoholism continued. The battle with the alcohol raged on until his deliverance in his early thirties.

Many of those writings were divinely influenced. Within two to three days he would encounter the person they were meant for, sometimes within moments.

His first book "Don't Read This!" is a compilation of those writings and of other life experiences. Several of those writings have won national poetry awards and touched the hearts and lives of many across a span of thirty plus years. Upon completion of the first draft of "Don't Read This!" friends and colleagues suggested the stories behind those poems and short stories to be included in the book. That gave birth to the second section of "Don't Read This!" which gave it a new dimension.

Charlie, as he would prefer to be called acquired the pen name "Nobody" after a dear friend, a pastor fondly introduced him as such (read back cover of Don't Read This!) Out of love and admiration for his friend he took on the pseudo name as his pen name.

A second book is in the making, the title... "Don't Read This Either!" Its contents... yet to be known.

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