Down Too Deep

Down Too Deep

by J. Daniels

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Two single parents and three adorable kids are about to have a summer they'll never forget in this sexy, heartwarming new novel of the New York Times bestselling series.
Following the sudden death of his wife, Nathan Bell spent nearly two years burying himself in work and neglecting his biggest responsibility: his daughter. Overcome with guilt, he wants to connect with little Marley, but he doesn't know how to do it alone. And then Jenna Savage throws him a lifeline.
A single mom of twins, Jenna is more than capable of taking care of Nathan's adorable two-year-old and wants to help Nathan however she can. As the days go by and her attraction to Nathan grows, she can't help wondering what might happen if they became a family for real. And the closer everyone becomes, the more right it feels.
Falling in love forces Nathan to face his biggest fear, and when hearts -- both big and little -- are on the line, the only thing scarier than needing Jenna and her kids so much is losing them all.

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ISBN-13: 9781538743485
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication date: 10/08/2019
Series: Dirty Deeds , #4
Sold by: Hachette Digital, Inc.
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 172
File size: 888 KB

About the Author

J. Daniels is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Sweet Addiction series and the Alabama Summer series. She loves curling up with a good book, drinking a ridiculous amount of coffee, and writing stories her children will never read. Daniels grew up in Baltimore and resides in Maryland with her family.

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Down Too Deep 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
MaimeosAngelsEL 5 days ago
5 Star Review Down Too Deep (Dirty Deeds #4) by J Daniels I know this is hard to believe but this is the first book I have read from J. Daniels and I have no idea why that is. Where do I start? This was a well written, emotional roller coaster of a read that had me totally invested from the first to the last chapter in the lives of Nathan Bell, Jenna Savage and their children. I love single parent stories and when I read the blurb and found that both the hero and heroine were single parents I couldn’t wait to read this book. Nathan has neglected his 2 year old daughter Marley since the sudden death of his wife and is struggling on numerous levels. Jenna wants to help and feelings soon come in to play. Will Nathan be brave enough to take another chance on love and happiness, or will his fears hold him prisoner? This book brought me to tears, made me laugh, made me smile and above all else, made me feel. Simply put, I loved it and will be reading more from J. Daniels as soon as time permits.
wendm_ccbh 6 days ago
Down Too Deep, the fourth and final installment to J. Daniels' Dirty Deeds series was emotionally charged from page one! I've been a devoted fan of Jessica's for many years now and she still astonishs me with her craft. She's my forever author Nathan Bell was first introduced in book one. Even then he kept to himself and was reserved. Bearing the guilt of his wife's death, Nathan is now left to take care of his 2 year-old daughter. He is struggling with raising Marley alone and taking back control of his life. When he meets Jenna Savage, a single mother of twins, she becomes his saving grace for she's willing to help him with Marley. Jenna (Brian's sister) is a great mother and a strong woman. There's nothing she loves more than her kids and when she's offered to look after Nathan's sweet little girl, she's all too excited. Summer days spent at Nathan's home and the beach with the kids not only becomes their new norm but it blossoms into something neither Jenna nor Nathan could have ever expected. Soon the attraction between them becomes undeniable. Friendship turns into love. Unbeknownst to these two single parents, a beautiful family is created. Down Too Deep was a moving story with beloved characters. There was humor, tender moments, as well as sexy moments shared between Nate and Jenna. Unforgettable and heartwarming... Down Too Deep is a must read!
Ireadergosum 2 days ago
This damn book. I loved every moment of it. Single parent romances are just so heartwarming, and this one even more so. J. Daniels does such a good job at actually making the children characters that fuel the story. I fell in love with the kids, which made me so much more invested in the main characters and the interactions they had with each other’s children. It was impossible to not to feel for Nathan. And Jenna is just what he needs. There are some ups and downs, but not over the top drama which I also appreciated. I’m so very happy I picked this one up, and now I’m going to add the previous books in the Dirty Deeds series to my TBR!
TheGenreMinxBookReviews 5 days ago
We have all had our times in life where we have struggled and felt like finding a new normal was impossible. This is where Nathan Bell was at the start of Down Too Deep, life had dealt him a blow that he had yet to recover from and he was stuck. In an effort to get him functioning again, Nate’s parents had tried a radical plan and Nate was floundering with his responsibility to his daughter, until Jenna. Jenna was a single mom of twins who took one look at Nate and knew that this was a man who was lost. She could see that he loved his daughter, Marley, but just didn’t have a clue what to do with her. She stepped in to offer support and ended up taking on more than she ever expected but she was okay with it because she thought she could help Nate get his parenting feet under him, so to speak. Nate was beyond grateful that Jenna was the person she was. Not only was she temporarily taking the stress of finding childcare off his shoulders, she was also helping him connect to his child and gain parenting confidence. She was an amazing woman and mother and he soon felt himself developing an interest in her that went beyond gratitude. Unfortunately, these feelings were not only confusing but he wasn’t sure if he ever wanted another relationship. Despite his fears he couldn’t help wanting more with Jenna but when things were moving in a truly wonderful and pleasing direction Nathan’s insecurities caused him to act out and hurt the ones he loves the most. With everything to gain and nothing to lose but his heart Nathan must decide if he is going to take a chance with his heart or if he is going to let his past dictate his present. The romance between Jenna and Nate is a rollercoaster of romance but it is such an emotional read and very memorable! I loved it!! Also, I have read many books that have had kids as characters but I truly loved the kids in Down Too Deep! Jenna’s kids, Oliver and Olivia, as well as Nate’s kiddo, had their own personalities along with likes and dislikes. Olivia was just adorable with the notebook that she kept! I think that I liked Jenna’s kids so much because their actions were always intentional and they were keenly aware of what was going on with their mom and around them, which given their age and situation, was very realistic. I liked that they weren’t used as window dressing to grab the readers hearts. They were all well written and added much to the story. Overall, Down Too Deep was the sweetest and most wonderful single parent romance that I personally have read and I would absolutely highly recommend it to all readers!! This review is based on a complimentary book I received from NetGalley. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.
ScrapNSign 5 days ago
Down Too Deep is a moving tale of second chances that will have you laughing through tears! This was my first read in the Dirty Deeds series, so I can attest that it can be read as a stand alone, but I'm definitely going back and reading the first three books so I can learn more about the people in Jenna's life.
gabby2846 6 days ago
*Deep dreamy sigh* I love this book with all my heart! J. Daniels has outdone herself with Down Too Deep. There isn't a sweeter, more heartfelt book out this year. Nate, Jenna, Oliver, Olivia and Marley gave me the swoons with the feels and I couldn't get enough. I would give this book more than 5 stars if I could. Love, love, love!! I've wanted Nate and Jenna's story for what feels like forever. In the beginning, we see Nate struggling to connect with his two year old daughter, Marley, after neglecting her first so long. He was so clueless and carried a world of guilt for his abandonment. I felt his pain. If I could have, I would have reached in and gave him the world's longest hug. You could definitely sense how much he wanted to change for her. How much he wanted a relationship. With Jenna's help, it was great to see him grow into a pretty fantastic father. If you've read Four Letter Word, you already know what an incredible mom Jenna is. She is the kind of heroine you admire but also want to be best friends with. The way she cares for her twins, Oliver and Olivia, as well as Marley shows just how big her heart is. I loooved all the moments with the kids. These were the moments that melted my heart the most. They each have their own shinning personalities. They're fun and charismatic but also serious and hopeful. Nate's relationship with Jenna's kids, especially, made my knees weak. I could read a million Nate and Olivia moments and it still wouldn't be enough. With all the sweetness and tender moments, don't be fooled to think it's lacking in heat. Nate and Jenna created the most delicious tension and longing. When they got their moments away, the made thr most of them. J. Daniels' has really upped up her game with the last two books in the Dirty Deeds series. Down Too Deep is a beautifully written romance featuring two single parents learning to love again. If you're looking for book filled with so much heart and hope then this one is for you. I can't recommend this one enough. It's without a doubt a top read of 2019!
bookbruin 6 days ago
3.5 stars Let me just start this review with the fact that I'm not usually a fan of the single parent trope. I have enjoyed some in the past, but I don’t intentionally seek them out. Down Too Deep surprised me in a good way. I was worried that I might be a little lost since I had only read the 1st book in the series, but it can definitely be enjoyed as a standalone. Previous characters and couples do appear however, so it might be a bit spoilery if you haven't read the other books. I really liked both Nate and Jenna. Their initial meeting was a bit awkward, but I enjoyed their banter and playful flirting. Yes, there's a bit of instalust going on, but it felt gradual as well since they skirted the line of their mutual attraction for a while. I would have preferred a little more care be taken with all the young kids involved and their feelings if things went south, but I was eating this double single parent slow burn romance up. Things unfortunately started to derail a bit for me around the 70% mark. It was still sweet and entertaining, but ultimately it just felt like Nate was the only one with any character growth. I don't want to be spoilery, but a specific incident towards the end just felt unnecessary and unbelievable. I understand why it was probably included, but I feel like those feelings and epiphanies could have been attained in a less dramatic and plausible way. The epilogue was really sweet though and did leave me with all the warm fuzzies. Overall, this was still a good read, but I didn't end up loving it. *I voluntarily read an advance review copy of this book*
mamalovestoread22 6 days ago
To say that Nathan Bell is in over his head is a complete understatement. His wife's unexpected passing two years ago, left him a shell of the man he use to be, one that is drowning in guilt and anger. For months he has tried to numb the hurt his wife's death caused with alcohol, but the hurt just won't go away. His parents have taken over the reigns of raising his daughter while he's tried to get his life back on track, but in doing so they kind of enabled him to shrug on his parenting responsibilities. At the time they thought they were doing the right thing, but now they are beginning to see the best thing for him is a little tough love. They sit him down and tell him it's time for him to make time for his daughter, find a reliable sitter for her, and stop relying on them to hold things in his life together... in other-wards, it's time for him to step up and be the father his daughter needs. He knows their right, but unfortunately he has no idea where to even begin... then an angel with two beautiful kids of her own wanders into his and Marley's lives, and not only helps him see the error of his ways, but also makes him believe that it's possible to find love again after facing a tragedy. As their lives start to intertwine so do their hearts, but are they ready to let love in again? Down to Deep is a story of personal growth, new beginnings, healing, and finding love again after loss. This single parent story introduces you to two people who have kind of given up on love, both focusing their time on being parents, and somewhat forgetting about having a personal life. Nathan has had a rough road, he had it all, then in a blink of an eye his happily ever after was gone. And left in it's wake was a unprepared single father, ridden with guilt, and struggling to move on. Watching him learn how to care for his young daughter on his own was rough at times, but little by little he learned the right path to take.. not without a few little nudges though. When Jenna and her children came into his world, you could see the effect they had on him and his daughter, it was such a beautiful thing to watch unfold. I loved this one, it had everything you could want in a story and more. If you are a lover of single parents stories, then I am certain you will adore this one, it's heartfelt, emotional, humorous, and deeply touching! Highly recommend! I requested an advanced copy of this title from the publisher, via NetGalley request, and I am leaving my honest and unbiased opinion.
Natalie_The_Biblioholic 6 days ago
Seriously, there is nothing sweeter than reading about amazing children in books. I'm such a sucker for them. And these kids... top notch! The blurb for DOWN TOO DEEP summarized events quite succinctly, so I'm gonna delve into how this story made me feel. Soooo good!! Between Nathan finding his love for life again, learning about his daughter, falling more in love with her than ever, how could I not feel absolutely incredible while reading this book? Add in Jenna and her huge heart, precocious children, unparalleled generosity and kindness, and it was almost too easy to give this story all the stars. To me, romance stories should be about beautiful characters and their impossibly beautiful journey to love. With this story, J. Daniels delivers and I can't recommend it enough!!
DarGee 6 days ago
This was so unbelievably good; I adored every single moment of it! This was beyond a romance book, it was more than two people overcoming their past and moving forward, it was watching a family form. From the first moment, that meet cute in the men’s bathroom doorway, to the meet cute in the dining room of the restaurant, to the meet cute in the doorway of Nate’s home, this family started the loom that forever joined them It had it’s moments, because, the two adults in charge of this have issues and baggage. Even their overwhelming attraction can’t smooth out those feelings and past haunts that they have. The fragility of human life, the unknowns that you need to suffer, the confusion of things being undone, unsaid, unfelt. The seesaw that Jenna and Nate face internally is even more weighted by the love and concern they have their children. The consequences greater, larger, more impactful. And I needed to read it all, experience it, have them laid bare for me, so I could love right along with them!
CoffeeGoddessTK 6 days ago
Oh, my gosh, I freaking loved this book! I forget sometimes how J. Daniels absolutely sucks me right the heck in with her books, and, man, I was ALL in for Jenna's and Nathan's story. I mean, everything, just EVERYTHING, about this book. I see a book hangover in my future... It's hard not to sound repetitive, but, man, I am SO in love with Nathan Bell. My heart just hurt for this man that was so mired in his own grief that he had never been able to look beyond it to connect with his daughter, Marley. When Jenna Savage shows up, she is just the lifeline he's been missing. Jenna hasn't had it particularly easy herself, but the circle that she casts is pure light, and Marley and Nathan can't help but be drawn into it. It's not long before these two are changing each other in all the best ways. J. Daniels always writes the perfect mix of angst, steam, and pure unadulterated love, and DOWN TOO DEEP showcases this very well. I was drawn into the story, into the family and friend circle, into the intensity, from the very start, and I did not want to stop reading until the very end. This is what makes a book a 5 star read for me, and DOWN TOO DEEP is not only that, but one of my favorite books of this year. Nate, Jenna, and their beautiful family will stay with me for a very long time, and I can't wait to go back and catch up with the earlier books. DOWN TOO DEEP is one for the TBR, reader friends, and I guarantee, it will not disappoint. Make sure to get this one, and enjoy. ❤️
TheRomanceBibliophile 6 days ago
NO SPOILERS! Down Too Deep was EVERYTHING! Gah, I LOVED this book with all of my heart and soul! J. Daniels truly blew me away with Nathan and Jenna’s sweet, sexy, funny, heartfelt, swoon-worthy, and unforgettable love story. The storyline and characters were beyond phenomenal, and I loved J. Daniels’ writing style. She has an amazing storytelling gift, and I hope she never stops writing, because I’ll never stop reading her books. Down Too Deep and the entire Dirty Deeds series have all been MUST READ love stories, and I’ll never ever forget them. Nathan and Jenna and their kids completely stole my heart, and I loved every moment of going on this journey with them. I loved everything about Down Too Deep and thought J. Daniels did a fantastic job with every aspect. I absolutely loved the ending and was beyond ecstatic with the conclusion. Nathan and Jenna’s story in Down Too Deep was steamy, funny, heartfelt, swoon-worthy, and emotional, and I couldn’t have loved it more. J. Daniels definitely wrote another MUST READ standalone contemporary romance in the Dirty Deeds series, and I’m so excited to devour more of her delicious love stories!
S_Lewis_TMLA 6 days ago
I've been waiting very "patiently" to get my hands on Nate and he didn't disappoint! This is the fourth book in the series and if you have been following them, you know Nate is a widower and Jenna is Bryan's sister. They come together in a most honest and beautiful way ever. This story is so full of love, it will take your breath away. I smiled so much reading this book and couldn't put it down once I got started! I just loved absolutely everything about these two and their kids.
Sandy-thereadingcafe 6 days ago
DOWN TOO DEEP is the fourth instalment in J. Daniel’s contemporary, adult DIRTY DEEDS erotic, romance series. This is thirty year old, widower/single father/bar owner Nathan Bell, and twenty-seven year old, single mother/nanny /PA Jenna Savage’s story line. DOWN TOO DEEP can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story lines is revealed where necessary. Told from dual first person perspectives (Nathan and Jenna) DOWN TOO DEEP follows the building relationship between thirty year old, widower/single father/bar owner Nathan Bell, and twenty-seven year old, single mother/nanny /PA Jenna Savage. Approximately two years earlier Nathan Bell’s wife died, and in the ensuing time Nathan has struggled to move on with his life, a life that no longer includes the daughter he barely knows. Giving their son an ultimatum, Nathan’s parents, who have been raising his daughter, demand he take responsibility including finding someone to look after his child. Enter single mother Jenna Savage, the woman with whom Nathan would fall in love. What ensues is the building romance and relationship between Jenna and Nathan, as well as between one another’s children, and the potential fall-out as Nathan struggles with memories from the past. Nathan Bell has struggled in the two years since the death of his wife. Barely able to hold it together, Nathan battles between head and heart for the daughter he doesn’t know, and is afraid to love. An accidental meeting with Jenna Savage, finds Nathan instantly attracted to the woman who would become his daughter Marley’s nanny, a woman whose love for both Nathan and Marley is tested on numerous occasions. Jenna Savage is a single mother to twin eight year olds, twins who have fallen in love with Nathan’s daughter Marley. A family by choice, Nathan and Jenna’s blended relationship finds the children will become collateral damage when Nathan struggles with demons from his past. The relationship between Nathan and Jenna is one of immediate attraction but Jenna is technically Nathan’s employee, and Nathan battles between head and heart knowing that to possibly push Jenna would mean pushing Jenna out of his daughter’s life. The $ex scenes are intimate, erotic and intense. We are introduced to Nathan’s parents, his daughter Marley; Jenna’s brother Brian and Sydney (Four Letter Word #1), Jamie and Tori (Hit the Spot #2) and Dr .Travis McCade (Jamie’s brother), as well as Jenna’s twins Oliver and Olivia. DOWN TOO DEEP is a story of grief and acceptance; love and understanding; moving forward and letting go. The premise is heart breaking and emotional; the romance is seductive and captivating; the characters are colorful, broken, energetic and strong.
Michele-G 6 days ago
4 1/2 stars! Down Too Deep gave my heartstrings a strong tug.. This was seriously such a wonderful love story. When I make that statement, I want to be clear that I'm not just referring to the romantic love between Nathan and Jenna. It is a story of how Nathan is able to connect with his daughter, Marley and have the parental relationship with her that he has craved but not known how to develop. It is also a story of the blending of two small and wounded families into one strong and beautiful one. They way that Nate and Jenna were able to love one another's children as their own was incredible. I found myself smiling through my tears while I was reading. It was so moving. When we meet Nathan at the beginning, he is a workaholic who is trying to ignore the pain of losing his wife over a year ago. He has no sense of balance in his life and is relying on his parents to raise his daughter while he works himself to exhaustion. When given an ultimatum by his parents, he is forced to find other options for childcare. After a few exhausting weeks of trying to watch Marley and work at the same time, Jenna happens to be at the restaurant that Nathan owns one day and learns of his plight. She volunteers to watch Marley for him over the summer and that is how it all begins. It isn't an easy transition from nanny and employer to friends and then to romance. They both fight it for different reasons. Nathan carries tremendous guilt for his wife's death and that leads him to feel undeserving. Jenna feels shut out when Nathan can't let her in and she needs to protect not only her own feelings, but those of her children as well. I simply loved so much about this book. Seeing two very deserving people finally get their HEA was amazing and Ms. Daniels gifted us with a phenomenal epilogue too. Thank you to NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for my honest review.
kandksmom5912 6 days ago
This is my first book by J. Daniels and it won’t be my last. I really enjoyed this book. What do you get when you add 2 single parents and their kids – a great story. Nathan and Jenna were a great couple. They needed each other more than they realized. They helped each other heal from the issues that they had in the past. It was a joy to watch their relationship blossom into something they didn’t know they were looking for. With each turn on the page, you will fall in love as they do. This is book 4 in the series but you can read it as a standalone. I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.
Cat_Reader 7 days ago
Nathan is a widower who carries the blame for his wife's death. For two years he was plunged into sadness, work and drink to run away from home and memories, but when his father says he will travel and will no longer help to care for little Marley Nathan will need a lot of willpower to face the challenge of taking care of his cute daughter. Now he not only needs to learn how to take care of a two year old baby but also make her connect with him and also get someone to stay with the girl while he is working. When Jenna first sees Marley, she soon falls in love with the little girl and Marley with Jenna. Realizing Nathan's despair and his desire to be a present father, she offers to help care for Marley along with her twins. Olivia and Oliver are eight years old and have never met their father and both clearly demonstrate the desire to win one. Realizing the similarities between them and Nathan they begin to hope that Jenna would conquer the serious owner of Whitecaps. But that won't be easy at first because Jenna is afraid to get involved with other man and then because Nathan isn't ready to move on and make such a serious commitment . Between parties, movies, and conversation, they will become fond of each other and see that they form a beautiful family and will have to fight their insecurities to surrender to the love that springs from so many needy hearts. First book I read from this writer and already become a fan of her light, fun and romantic writing. I loved to follow each moment of affection between these characters and between them and the secondary characters. I loved the sensual scenes, very well fitted into the story full of passion and surrender. I loved the way Jenna knew how to impose herself at the right time and for the right reasons. I just thought the recovery from Nathan's two years of drunkenness was a little quick after all. Good thing the writer didn't let this affect or bring sadness for the rest of the plot and I loved the reading.
heater_28 7 days ago
**I voluntarily read an early copy of this title courtesy of NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review** I've enjoyed all of the books in the Dirty Deeds series, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't waiting on Nate's book. I think a lot of people have and what we got from J. Daniels was fantastic! This book was full of emotion, humor and heart. Nathan "Nate" Bell is a restaurant owner and a widowed father of an adorable little two year old named Marley. To say that the past two years since his wife passed away have been a challenge is a gross understatement. Nate has felt everything you possibly could, however guilt was the predominant emotion and it got the best of him to the extent that he barely spent time with his young daughter. He's now been put in a position where he has to step up and he has no clue what to do. A chance meeting with Jenna at his restaurant might be just the thing he was hoping for. Jenna is a single mother of eight year old twins, Oliver and Olivia. She is friends with several of the women that work at Nate's restaurant and her kids love eating there. When Marley escapes from Nate's office one day when Jenna and the twins are there, she offers to take her back to her father. When she does so, she instantly has a connection with the toddler and when she learns that Nate needs someone to watch her, she offers to be that person. As Nate and Jenna start to spend more time together, Nate begins to reconnect with his daughter thanks to Jenna's encouragement and it's clear that they are attracted to one another. With the baggage that Nate is still carrying from his wife's death and the fact that Jenna is technically working for him, plus the fact her twins have quickly become attached to Nate, things turn out to be a romantic slow burn to ensure everyone's feelings are taken into consideration. I loved both Nate and Jenna. They both had their issues, but more than anything this book was about forgiving yourself and believing that second chances are both possible and worth taking. There is no way I could write this review without talking about all three kids. They were adorable. Marley was just precious and the twins were adorable, precocious and wise beyond their years. While I'm sad that this series is ending, I'm glad it ended with Nate's story and one that I loved so much!