Dragons and Magic

Dragons and Magic

by Blair Babylon

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Mating fever is for old dragons, idle romantics, and suckers.

Mathonwy, Duke Draco, absolutely, positively, definitely isn't falling into a mating fever
for the new little witch, Bethany Aura, whom his company just hired to whip a new Las Vegas casino into shape. The casino is behind schedule, over budget, and a shambling mess of construction debris and dirt. Angel investors are arriving in a month, and someone in the finance department is embezzling money.

But his eyes are changing color to flowing, molten gold, he keeps showing up to hang around Bethany, and he obsesses with buying diamonds and gold to drape all over her, as if she had been dipped in his hoard.

But Mathonwy has a job to do. He's the CFO for Dragons Den, Inc., and he might be crowned the next king of New Wales, though he's not particularly sure he wants that job. He's six feet, six inches tall, ripped from flying instead of taking a plane, and on a dozen committees and boards in New Wales. He has a career. He has a position as a nobleman in his community. He's too young to settle down with a fated mate.

Yet, as Bethany casts her glittery, sparkling spells and summons adorable, fluffy creatures to clean away the wreckage and arrange the furniture, Mathonwy watches.

He can't take his eyes off of her.

But he isn't falling into mating fever.

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BN ID: 2940161282984
Publisher: Malachite Publishing LLC
Publication date: 01/17/2019
Series: Dragon's Den Casino , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 1,136
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About the Author

USA Today Bestselling Author Blair Babylon is an award-winning author who regularly publishes contemporary romance and romantic suspense fiction. After writing literary fiction where reviews usually included the caveat that there was too much deviant sex, she decided to abandon all literary pretensions, let her freak flag fly, and write hot, sexy, erotic romance with crazy, breakneck plot turns.

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Dragons and Magic 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 27 reviews.
Catherine Lambert 14 days ago
It was a light fun read.
USA_Gal-1 4 days ago
This is a charming and sexy story. The premise is fun and unique. The twist Ms. Babylon has given our world is original and believable. The pacing is consistent. The dialogue is interesting, clever, funny, and sweet. The characters have depth and appeal. Mathonwy and Bethany make a lovely couple. I like how Bethany's powers manifest themselves. It would be fun to be able to do what she can do! For those who wish to know these things, there is no graphic language or violence. There is some graphic, but, in my opinion, tasteful, nookie between Mathonwy and Bethany. I looked up Ms. Babylon's other books. I don't know if I'll read her other series, but I will read the other 2 books in this one. When I downloaded this ebook, it was free. It is now $2.99. Some of her other books are free. Another free ebook (at the time of this writing) I recommend is called "Baking Bad: A Cozy Mystery With Dragons" by Kim M. Watt. It is book 1 of the "Beaufort Scales" series. There is no graphic language, violence, or sex. It is a very humorous and original mystery set in the Yorkshire Dales of England. It centers around the local WI and their unusual business partners: dragons. These are not shape-shifting dragons. They are pure dragons the size of medium to large dogs. I know the premise is very different to that of this book, "Dragons and Magic". But, the two books share some traits: they are well-written, they are humorous, and they are original takes on books of their respective ilks. And, of course, they have dragons.
Amanda Rowe 5 days ago
Loved it!
Katie Christenson 12 days ago
fast paced cute and sexy story that inspires me to read additional work from this author
Terry Billam 12 days ago
Wendy Matheson 14 days ago
A nice change from the angsty Alpha male trope, these characters were funny and quirky and had a great story that was realistic without being depressingly end-of-the-world. All in all a fun, heartwarming read that encourages me to look for the next one.
Danea55 22 days ago
Dragons & Magic is book one in a trilogy about a trio of long time friends who also happen to be dragon shifters working for a company that oversees business developments including many casinos, hence the setting of the Dragon's Den Casino. Mathonwy, or Math, is both a duke and a well known and regarded socialite amongst the dragons, though he is young for one, and is given a new investment to oversee funding for. He walks into the casino to find an absolute nightmare in every corner. Not the paranormal type, just good old fashioned business opening mayhem: construction chaos, misappropriation of funds, and exceptionally poor management. To fix the chaos and mess, he hires a home and hearth witch to clean the place up. And here we meet Bethany, our somewhat hazardous, but absolutely adorable heroine. She manages to nab the job despite her problematic spell casting and proceeds to help Math get the place ready. Along the way, the two get closer and eventually fall in love (this is a romance, you can't be shocked) though Math is the last one to realize this and has to be told he's succumbing to a mating fever inherent to dragons. That was quite amusing. For me, not for him. The story is fun and cute, with very little real drama. There are lots of adorable rainbow colored critter apparitions, some steamy fun, a few friends to help out, a bit of sea dragon shenanigans, and some wonderful romance and adorable people who have to figure out they're in love. There is also a hinted at overarching storyline and the next book will feature one of Math's friends and one of Bethany's friends as they continue to bring the casino to life. If you need an easy and fun read that's low on dramatics, this is a good choice.
IonaCabot 6 months ago
The only sci-fi writer that I truly enjoyed was Anne McCaffrey. Her 'The Rowan/Damia' series proudly rests on my book shelf. Poppy has taken me into a PNR world that had me chuckling in anticipation, melting with the romance (yes, pun intended!) and being very aware and thankful that there were other 'wondering souls' - as I saw Anne McCaffrey refer to herself in a truly rare interview. Thank you Blair. I believe Anne McCaffrey would truly love this world you've invited us into.
Meghan Katowitz 6 months ago
I love Blair's books they have such wonderful stories and characters. She's writing under her penname here. When I first started reading this I was a little apprehensive I wouldn't like it. There was a lot of world building to read. I shouldn't have been worried though. Blair wove the technicalities of the dragon shifter world through her story seemlessly. Math and Bethany are a wonderful couple. I love the creatures Bethany conjures to clean. Math and his dragon are super sexy. The sex scenes, as always, are super hot. There are fewer than are in a normal Blair book. This story is far closer to a mainstream romance. Fans of her Billionaire in Disguise books maybe expecting more heat. Personally, I thought there was just the right mix. I'm definitely looking forward to reading the rest of the series.
Jennifer_GlitterInMyHair 6 months ago
The magic of a new series! What a fun read and a fresh new take on the shifter world in PNR! Dragons and Magic introduces us to a new series by Blair Babylon. I’m a fan of the author’s work, and I’ve read many of her other books over the last few years. This is quite a bit different from her other series, but I thought she did a truly fantastic job of putting her own spin on the shifter culture. Blair does an excellent job of character development in all of her books; in this particular story I found them to be realistic - personality and internal dialogue-wise (since of course, this is a PNR), funny, and a little bit quirky! A brief overview (I hate spoilers in reviews!): Set in the modern world, we find out that shifters and other paranormals are well integrated into “normal” society – although normals don’t know it! Mathonwy (Math) Draco is a dragon shifter. Still quite young by dragon standards, he’s nevertheless smart, driven, and popular – a leader among his clan. He’s all business, and as such is tasked by his king to take care of a multitude of problems with a new hotel investment the clan is opening in Las Vegas. Enter our heroine, Bethany. She’s a witch who’s magic SOMETIMES surprises her by going right. Her specialty is household magic, and she’s just what the dragon ordered! Math and Bethany spend time getting acquainted, fixing the problems at the hotel, and figuring out who they are and what they can be to each other. I found Math and Bethany’s story engaging from the first page – Blair never disappoints! The story is easy to follow and fun to read, with lighthearted & witty banter among the characters and some laugh-out-loud moments scattered throughout. We are left with an excellent set up for the next book in the series, which I can’t wait to check it out. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. However, I enjoyed the book very much, and would have HAPPILY paid for a copy.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
katsindiebookblog More than 1 year ago
So paranormal is my favourite genre and i love the authors other books, so when I got to hear that she had a paranormal alter ego, I clapped my hands with glee. Now I had a hard time trying to pigeon hole this book, its sexy, and humerus and dives into a fantasy world where Dragons have corporate companies and Angels are investors... I mean its hard to explain without giving too muxh away and i hate writing spoiler reviews. So here goes... What i loved The freshness of the slant of shifters and witches and the supernatural in the regular world we know. I loved how Bethany wasn't quite all together she reminded me of Mary Poppins in one way, with her helpers... I really love how the author creates a novel way for hwr to write her spells... Her glitches were also highlights of the book, I laughed so much reading this book. Our Male lead Math is so scummy and hot but a bit of a nerd as well. With his spread sheets and lack of dragon mating. The author has shown her experience with pacing, the right amount of sauciness and hilarious moments to keep you reading well into the night. I can't wait for book 2. Poppy will be on my watch list.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A new class of romance is here with this sexy dragon shifter and quirky witch meetcute story set in an alternate modern day LA and Las Vegas... As the witchy star might say, we have been given a glance into the magical world around us that our simple human minds normally excuse away; and it is full of magic and sexy dragon kind who will adore and cherish for life the right man or woman that lights their mating fire. Super steamy sexy times are a guaranteed result. If your are a fan of romcoms, meetcutes or imagine finding your own fun super sexy alpha dragon, then this will have you laughing and loving it while imagining what such a man could do for you. This is a light and easy fun read that does leave me asking the author, Give us more please.
janice1231 More than 1 year ago
A Review of Dragons & Magic - Dragon’s Den Casino #1 by Poppy Wolfe and Blair Babylon Math and Bethany - 5 Stars This is the first book by this author's new pen name. I have loved everything else she has ever written, so I was excited to see what she would do in the paranormal world. I LOVED these characters and the fact that they have their own version of social media to match ours ... Dragonbook - their form of Facebook; Twitwyrm - their form of Twitter; Instadrake - their form of Instagram; and WitchChat - their form of Snapchat. I got a huge laugh from that. Can hardly wait to see what she comes up with next. ********** **Honest review voluntarily provided from a Complimentary Copy**
Debbie1970UK More than 1 year ago
Wow. So Unexpectedly Cute But With Enough Steam To Make You Swoon!! Dragon Shifters = Hot We all know that. What I wasn't expecting was how human Mathonwy Draco (Math for short) would be too!! I loved him, his linear thinking, his control & expectations for others to be equally as honest & essentially kind as he is. Plus his lack of knowledge in certain areas in so darn endearing it tugged on my heart strings - hard!! Bethany Aura is a Home & Hearth Witch. Admittedly she's not a very good one No one seems to know why but she, along with her two best friends, seem to have broken magic!! Their conjuring's, potions & spells, more often than not, go awry. They've tried everything to fix it but they couldn't even find 'Familiars' to help stabilize their magic Math, sent by his King, arrives in Las Vegas to find out exactly what is going on with Dragon's Den Inc latest project, a new Casino. He arrives to a shambles. The Hotel is nearly complete but it's a total disaster zone inside & their stunning fountain outside? It smells like a toxic waste dump That's without even considering what's going on with the Accounts & as the Chief Financial Officer he's bound & determined to get it all straightened out ... In 4 weeks He has the Angel Investors arriving to check on progress then, so it MUST be on track!!! Enter the magically broken Home & Hearth Witch In sparkly purple boots & a no nonsense attitude Bethany manages to pull off some conjuring spells that convince Math to go over the Human Resources Manager's head & hires Bethany on the spot!! His Dragon is very happy with that & really likes her boots ✨ This is a wonderful, mostly drama free, cute and steamy PnR read by Poppy Wolfe! It is 100% escapism into a wonderful new world filled with characters I can't wait to get to know better!! I tried to open this book without any preconceptions because I wanted to give 'Poppy Wolfe' a fair & honest chance in what is probably my favourite genre of all - Paranormal! I'm a huge fan of this Authors alter ego & I have to say that this book's cute & lightness factor was .... Unexpected, in the Best of ways! The steam, Oh I'm SO glad that crossed over with her(Heh, get over it you'll love it too & you know it ) A superb 4 Stars I can't wait for book #2 ✨ Debbie, 1970, UK
NancyWI More than 1 year ago
Mathonwy (Math) Draco is a "numbers guy" and too young to even consider finding a mate. He's been sent to Las Vegas to get the new Dragon's Den, Inc.'s casino ready to be viewed by a group of investors, and to find out what is really going on out there with the finances. What he finds when he gets there is a partially completed casino that is truly a mess, and finances that are in even worse shape. He hires a young witch named Bethany to help clean up the mess, without the knowledge that she really isn't experienced in the field, but instead, has occasional issues with getting her spells to do what they should. The remainder of Matt and Bethany's story is spent following them through what it takes to get the casino cleaned up and ready for inspection, as well as their mishaps, and them finding out that they are truly meant to be together. The story is fun-filled, sexy and leaves you wanting to see how they do together in the future. I have been a fan of Blair's since the first book she wrote. While this book if different than her others, I still truly enjoyed it. Blair's books never disappoint you. She does a great job of developing her characters and making you feel like you are right there with them. This story has given me a new perspective on shifter books. It took me a little while to get the "feel" of it, but I'm looking forward to seeing Willow and Arawn's story unfold. I received an ARC copy of this book, but also purchased a copy.
ButtonsMom2003 More than 1 year ago
A bit different for me but I liked it. I absolutely love books by Blair Babylon and have been a fan for a long time. When given the chance to read an advance copy of this new book, written by her using a new pen name, I had to say yes. I have to admit that a story about witches and dragon shifters isn't normally my cup of tea but it's Blair! I also have to confess that I wasn't sure about this story when I first started reading it. The Prologue had so many different names and terms coming at me that it was a bit overwhelming. The next few chapters convinced me not to give up and I'm so glad that I kept reading. The story ended up being a very charming and sexy story. Mathonwy (Math) is a dragon shifter and Bethany is a witch who has trouble with the spells she casts. All of this leads to some really funny and happenings while Bethany helps Math get a casino in Las Vegas into shape for a group of investors who will be coming to see it soon. As Math and Bethany get to know each other they grow closer and Math's dragon lets him know that Bethany is *the one.* The sexy time is really hot and the things this couple get up to kept me glued to the book until I finished it. For those fans of Blair Babylon who are used to her books having cliffhangers I have to tell you that this one is different. The story for Math and Bethany is complete but the last chapter introduces the next story in this series and it's about Bethany's friend Willow and I am definitely going to be reading it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a different venue for Blair and I'm loving it!!! She has given magic and shifters a new twist. Much lighter than her other series but still the same sensuality you expect from Blair Babylong. The picture in my head of our heroines helpers really made this story for me. They were so lifelike you had to laugh at their antics while watching their mistress fall in love with the sexiest dragon in Vegas! True to her heart we even get a new perspective on the royals. Come on in and fall in love with this new series!!
KayDavis21 More than 1 year ago
Spellbinding! This is not normally a genre I go for when looking for a book to lose a few hours in. The repetition of clan fighting clan put me off. Yet I found the blurb appealing. As soon as I read the contents list, 1 chapter in particular (believe me, you’ll know it when you see it!) I knew I was going to love it! Mathonwy is CFO for Dragon’s Den Inc. He’s 6ft, 6inches of ripped Dragon Shifter, he’s too young to settle down with his fated mate and he sure as hell doesn’t believe in fated mates. In comes Bethany, one of three friends who together failed all witchcraft classes and have almost given up on using their magic. Bethany, Maths fated mate, becomes the newly hired witch and hopes her magic won’t go wrong, especially in front of her new boss! There are books you can put down, picking up now and then to start where you left off and those you just cannot put down until the last page. This is a can’t put down book so make sure to put some time aside. In fact, I was reading until gone 3am, be prepared! I loved the humour between Math and Bethany, that I had not expected, I enjoyed the book all the more for it. Bethany’s magic is stronger when she’s with Mathonwy, definitely a sign they are fated mates. From the chapter titles to the very last page, I loved absolutely everything about this book. Sexy Dragon shifter who dare I say is HOT, HOT, HOT. Yet Math has a very human side to him much to my surprise and delight. Not forgetting a relatable and endearing female lead who underneath is much stronger than even she realises. This series is off to an amazing start. I have just been converted to the PNR side (the dark side lol!) I’m surprising myself by saying, I genuinely cannot wait for more! Kay Davis.
leila692525 More than 1 year ago
so much fun reading about Bethany and Math!!! Both of their characters are both intelligent and clueless! And i was surpised that the two races of supernatural beings knew nothing or very little about each other...made the story very unique
makeup-your-mind More than 1 year ago
Blair Babylon writes as Poppy Wolf and introduces us to her paranormal world of shifters, witches, and other supernaturals. It's different from her Billionaires in Disguise and Rockstars in Disguise, but the writing is just as evocative and effortlessly pulls the reader into the story. Math and Bethany are a well-matched couple, neither looking for forever, but both willing to grasp it when it arrives, after a bit of denial. Descriptions of emotions, in particular, are so well done, they are a strong reminder of what makes this author so good. The depictions of physical sensations, especially those experienced by Math when goes into the mating frenzy, are visceral and heart-wrenching. I felt what he was feeling as the fever burned him from the inside out. I loved this book and these characters and I'm looking forward to reading more in this series.
booknooknuts More than 1 year ago
I love this authors stories and this one well it's Paranormal, and it has Dragons so even better. Mathonwy, doesn't want a mate, he doesn't believe in fated mates and all that other stuff he has been told. Bethany is a witch who hasn't quite got her spells under control. She needs a job and finds herself at a Casino. The Casino is in an uproar, it desperately needs help. Math sees Bethany and hires her immediately all the while knowing he wants more than what he hires her for... Funny, and super sexy story. I enjoyed it...
Shadowplay4u More than 1 year ago
Dragons and Magic is overflowing with so much depth and emotion that I don’t mind one bit that it is shorter than the usual books I read. These types of stories are what make my heart sing and come to life after crawling out from underneath emotion and soul heavy books. I want to sing from the rooftops just how marvelous and entertaining and brilliant this book truly is! If this the start of a series, it is going to blow your mind and have your heart singing your favorite song for a very long time to come. Math isn’t looking for any changes in his life. It is perfect just the way it is. No emotional entanglements or unwanted obligations heading his way. When an unexpected meeting requested by the Dragon King and Queen tils his well-oiled world on its tail, he know something is coming. When he least expects it, a witch named Bethany comes waltzing into his life cleaning up and organizing more than he ever dreamed possible. All she wants is a job to keep her head above water and hopefully improve her temperamental magic. Can an unreliable witch and a lonely dragon show each other the vital part of their life that is missing? Will either believe what Fate shows them is right in front of their eyes? These two characters warmed my heart and allowed me to enjoy every aspect of this story in such rich detail. They were very independent and yet then couldn’t fight against what their heart truly wanted. They were both funny, intelligent, and kind which added such wonderful depth to their already amazing characters. What a crazy, beautiful, and spectacular story that brought such joy and happiness to my heavy heart! I can’t wait to find out what happens next! Blair Babylon has never failed to capture and delight my heart with her magnificent masterpieces, and this one is just as brilliant! Even with writing paranormal romance, her writing still shines above the rest as a beacon of excellence and hope. I can’t wait to read more of her within this genre since it is my second favorite. She blew any expectations I had completely away. What I found within these pages is pure magic, and I am dying to read more!
Daisy_C More than 1 year ago
This is a quick fun read about dragon shifters and witches. Pretty much from the start I could predict the couples that would be written, but the ending surprised me with the plot for the next book. I look forward to continuing this series.
Readnread More than 1 year ago
Great start to a new series! This may have been a different genre than I am used to seeing from Babylon/ Wolfe, but the quality of writing is the same-terrific! The story is light and fast moving, with fun, snappy dialogue. It’s the story of one of three accident prone witches and a clan of dragons. I can hardly wait for the next book to release. I voluntarily reviewed this advanced reader copy and I have not been compensated in any way.