Drinking And Drafting Fantasy Basketball Strategery for Each Phase of the Game

Drinking And Drafting Fantasy Basketball Strategery for Each Phase of the Game

by Josh Ahlstrom

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If your interest in this book is in taking your fantasy basketball game to the next level then “Drinking and Drafting” might as well have been written for you personally! Fantasy basketball is a lot of fun, but it takes quite a bit of skill and effort to be a great manager. This book will help you know when and where to focus your efforts and how to best tweak your own approach to team management in order to fit your personal strengths / weakness.

The author has over a decade of experience playing fantasy basketball and has also developed fantasy basketball software tools to help others analyze trades, compare players, and even analyze entire teams based on scheduling as well as other factors. You’ll find as you read the book that the author is the only fantasy basketball author who has personally written an entire fantasy basketball scoring system and hosted fantasy leagues of their own. I am that author and the time I have spent studying fantasy basketball and my experiences through the development of my own systems and working with my customers is exactly what makes me comfortable writing this book. When I was deciding whether to write a book I vowed that if I was going to take the time to write a book for fantasy basketball players then I wanted to produce something of real value. So I set out to create a book that would bring to light the things that the best players know, and this book is the culmination of that effort.

A large portion of the book focuses on fantasy basketball "strategery" - the act of developing and carrying out a strategy. Yes, it's a bogus word - I know! The prominent use of the word in the title will hopefully be a sign to the reader that the book is written in a light hearted and down to earth way. But have no doubt that it is packed full of useful information for fantasy basketball managers.

Here’s a quick listing of the types of things discussed:

- Different fantasy basketball strategies and how to choose which one you want to use
- How to initially rank players and how to customize / tweak your rankings
- Drafting strategies
- Team management tips for during the regular season, playoffs, and offseaon (keeperleagues)
- Trade analysis fundamentals and how to maximize your chances of getting deals done
- Lots more!

“Drinking and Drafting” describes each phase of the fantasy basketball season from the preseason/offseason all the way up through the fantasy playoffs and tells you exactly what you should be doing during each phase to gain a competitive advantage. Those who are just getting in to fantasy basketball will certainly appreciate how the book is carefully broken down into manageable chunks representing each phase of the season. Following the advice presented will save new managers countless hours (and errors) and minimize many of the mistakes that are made by newcomers. Many of these mistakes have been historically made by just about everyone ever to play fantasy basketball. Just like in the Matrix - everyone falls the first time, but with this book you won’t actually have to make all of those “noob” mistakes.

Seasoned fantasy basketball players will find proven ideas about what makes a fantasy basketball team successful and about how to maximize their own skills in each area of the game. There’s an abundance of information about how to identify your strengths and weaknesses as well as how to both choose and execute a strategy based on them.

When you're done with “Drinking and Drafting” you’ll know more about fantasy basketball head-to-head strategy than you ever thought you would. You’ll also perform better once you start applying the concepts. You’ll know exactly what parts of your game you can improve and you’ll have actionable tips for how to make those improvements right away. In short, “Drinking and Drafting” will help you to realize and maximize your own skill, knowledge, creativity, mathematical, and optimization prowess in the realm of fantasy basketball.

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About the Author

Josh Ahlstrom is a software developer and fantasy basketball enthusiast who has spent over a decade mastering the art and science of fantasy basketball. He has built several websites related to fantasy basketball, the largest of which is SignAndTrade.com, a fantasy basketball tools website that also hosts its own unique brand of game play. Exchanging ideas related to fantasy basketball strategy and almost all things NBA are some of his favorite things to do!

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