Driven to Distraction

Driven to Distraction

by Lori Foster

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ISBN-13: 9781488099007
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 11/20/2018
Series: Road to Love , #1
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 35
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Lori Foster is a New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author with books from a variety of publishers, including Berkley/Jove, Kensington, St. Martin's, Harlequin and Silhouette. Lori has been a recipient of the prestigious RT Book Reviews Career Achievement Award for Series Romantic Fantasy, and for Contemporary Romance. For more about Lori, visit her Web site at

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Mary Daniels huffed as she continued to climb the rock path on the hillside, her briefcase in hand. Had she known that the Mustang Transport courier service was inaccessible unless a person planned to hike, she wouldn't have worn one of her nicest blouses. Or a skirt. Or the low-heeled shoes that were now starting to rub her heels raw.

Being short and excessively curvy made it difficult to find clothes that fit in a way to play down her proportions rather than emphasize them. She thought she'd succeeded, but now ...

She had the awful suspicion that she'd started to sweat.

Worse, as she looked around at the not-impressive surroundings, she very well might be overdressed.

Tendrils of her hair, always a little frizzy, began to spring loose from her topknot. With the late-morning July sun full on her face, no doubt her freckles showed stark against her flushed skin.


But finally, finally, a building came into view. Granted, it looked more like a garage with an office attached than an elite business, but she went where she was directed, conducting the business assigned to her, with the people her employer chose.

She reached level ground — and froze, stunned.

The building sat to her right, but to her left stood a man, his naked upper body under the hood of a junker as he worked on ... well, something. The engine maybe. He wore ridiculously faded jeans that almost fell off his hips, with work boots. Muscles flexed in brawny arms and his broad back glistened in the sunshine.

No man had ever left her breathless, but she'd never seen a man like him before. Suddenly her clothes felt too tight and her lungs seemed to have stopped working.

Behind him, a woman tickled her fingertips down the groove of his spine to those low-slung jeans, across his butt and ...

Mary gasped as the woman reached under him for a bold fondle.

A big lazy gray dog, which she hadn't even noticed, lifted its head and gave one vaguely interested, "Woof."

The man didn't appear to notice being sexually stroked in the light of day, out in the yard, while working on a car — but with the dog's bark he glanced at her and away — and quickly came back for another, more assessing look.

Good Lord. Her heart stalled, then shot into a gallop.

Slowly, he straightened. His dark brown eyes, framed by crazy thick lashes, locked on her. Grease streaked parts of his broad, hairy chest, down solid abs, even across a flat stomach bisected by that same downy hair ...

It suddenly struck her where she was looking and she ripped her attention back up to his face.

Though his mouth curled in a sign of amusement, his granite shoulders flexed as if in anger. Without releasing her from his stare, he cleaned his hands on a rag, then swiped a wrist across his forehead beneath a bandana he'd tied around unruly brown hair.

The woman, a stunning blonde in a barely-there sundress, stepped in front of him to ask her, "Who are you?"

Mary stiffened. The woman's suspicious tone made it clear that she'd intruded on an intimate moment.

An intimate moment, out in the yard of a business, in broad daylight.

Struggling to focus on anything else, Mary noted the dirt racetrack beyond the people. Adjacent to that property she saw a drive that probably wound around the hill and to the main road below — which meant she had parked below and climbed those awful stone stairs for no reason.

Well, really, they needed a sign with some directions for customers.

Movement in the building drew her gaze and she spotted an attractive man — a clean man fully dressed — stepping out from behind a desk.

Thank God. "If you'll excuse me," she said to the woman, and hurried to the door.

The gentleman from inside beat her to it, opening the door with a smile. "May I help you?"

"Yes, thank you." She wanted inside — away from the caveman, the model, and the grueling heat, but he stood there, inadvertently blocking her way. He was as tall as the caveman, not quite as bulky but still very fit, wearing a polo shirt and khakis.

Attractive, yes, but not overwhelmingly so like the other one. "I'm here to discuss business with Brodie Crews."

The man smiled. He didn't look like a Neanderthal. He wasn't covered in grease. And best of all, he wore a respectable amount of clothes.

But he said, "I'm Jack Crews." Looking beyond her, he said, "Brodie?"

Oh. Oh no. Dread crept over Mary. No, no, no.

The scent of grease and heated male alerted her to his nearness before a rumbling deep voice said from right behind her, "I'm Brodie. What can I do you for?"

At his deliberately misspoken question, little Red whirled, her expression aghast. She looked ready to faint. Or maybe scream.

Odds of her running away were high.

Brodie grinned — then winced at the pain in his head.

Her mouth opened, but nothing came out. She closed it again, breathing deeply from flared nostrils.

Gorgeous mouth, he noticed. Full lips that looked a little pouty when he doubted this woman knew how to pout. As he stared at her, more freckles appeared over the bridge of her narrow, hoity nose. Her eyes were vivid blue, like the midday sky or sapphires or ... hell, he was too hungover to pinpoint the exact color of her eyes.

Her hair though, he could nail that: Fire-red. And curly.

His gaze swept over her body quickly, but a glance was all he'd needed to realize she was stacked and doing her best to hide it.

Jack cleared his throat and the woman jumped as if his brother had goosed her. She looked back at Jack with longing, then at Brodie with distaste. "You're Brodie?"

Never had a woman said his name with such disappointment. True, he wasn't at his best, but still ...

Just then, Gina's boobs smooshed up against his sweaty back as she draped herself over him, trying to stake a claim.

"Brodie," she whined in his ear. "About tonight.?"

There'd be no shrugging her off, so he said to Red, "'scue me a sec," and turned to walk toward the car. After a smug look shot at Red, Gina came along.

He hadn't gone far enough away not to be heard, but it was his best stab at compassion. He shoved his hands in the back pockets of his sagging jeans. "I already told you no. No for tonight, no forever. Let it go, okay?"

"But —"

"No buts. Jack and I share a lot, but not that."

He heard Red gasp again, heard Jack growl, and then the office door opened. Brodie glanced their way in time to see his brother escorting the scorched redhead inside.

Why the hell did that bug him so much? Because she came here for me.

"Jack was a mistake. I want you, Brodie."

He rolled his eyes. Now she was insulting his brother? Did the woman not know his feelings on family?

Apparently not.

"This isn't a carnival. You don't get a ticket for all the rides." Her pout was deliberate and perfectly practiced. If she hadn't screwed his brother, he might've been interested. "Go home," he said, a little more gently. "We're not happening."

Without bothering to look at Gina again, he turned to Howler. The dog had sprawled in the scant shade of the Mustang, catcher-mitt paws in the air, junk on display, one loose lip drooping down to touch a floppy ear. "C'mon, boy. Let's go cool off."

Howler opened one eye, grumbled and closed it again.

"I'm going to get lunch."

That got his attention. The dog's long bony legs flailed in the air as he frantically struggled upright, lumbered to his feet and ran over with a "Woof."

Quiet voices reached him as Brodie stepped inside; Jack's calming, Red's rushed in denial. The brush of cooled air played over his fevered skin, drying the sweat on his body and tightening his nipples. He went past Jack's office, glancing in only long enough to say, "Be right back."

He saw Charlotte, his and Jack's secretary, who was more like a little sister since they'd known her forever, fetching cold bottles of water.

He leaned in to whisper, "Don't let her flee, okay? I gotta wash up but I'll only be a minute."

Brows up, Charlotte snorted. "I'm not your pimp."

Brodie cocked one brow. "She wants to hire me, brat."

"Not anymore, she doesn't. She's doing her best to convince Jack to take the job instead." With a wink, she sidled past him and down the hall to the office with the drinks.

"Son of a bitch," he muttered to her back, apparently not low enough.

Red leaned out the door to frown at him, but was guided back inside when Charlotte entered.

He heard Jack doing introductions. "Ms. Daniels, this is Charlotte Parrish, our assistant."

"Their everything," Charlotte corrected. Then the little witch shut the door so he couldn't hear anything else.

Howler gave Brodie a look, then pivoted to trot after Charlotte, knowing she was the real source of food.

Annoyed, Brodie shoved into the bathroom, but wished he hadn't when the door hit the wall and his head tried to crack and fall off his shoulders.

After digging aspirin from the crooked medicine cabinet, he washed them down with water from the tap, scrubbed his hands with the special soap to remove as much grease as he could, and splashed his face and chest.

One look in the mirror and he knew he hadn't improved things much. He still looked like hell. He thought about getting his shirt from his car ...

Fuck it.

He rapidly dried off and sauntered to the office, opening the door and stepping inside just as Red was making her argument.

Charlotte blew him a kiss on her way out.

"Yes, my boss requested Brodie specifically, but that was based off internet research. I'm sure he wouldn't be opposed to hiring you instead —"

"No." Brodie turned a chair to face her profile and slouched into it, his sprawled legs only inches from touching her small feet.

As Red inhaled, her extraordinary chest swelled, her chin tucked in, and her brows came down. It was an impressive show of anger and control.

If he wasn't such a dick, he might have felt chastened.

She slowly turned her head to pinpoint him with her brilliant blue-eyed disdain. "You look inebriated," she stated, her voice a little louder than it needed to be.

"Cuz I was. But that was last night. Now I'm just suffering a hangover." He winced theatrically. "Have a heart and talk a little softer."

"Why," she asked, her voice not one iota quieter, "are you working in the sun if you're —"

"How else will I learn?" Keeping his face straight wasn't easy, but her expression made the effort worthwhile.

Her brows smoothed out, then lifted. "Pardon?"

Jack laughed — and since he was a loving brother, he at least moderated his tone. "Brodie is a big believer in self-discipline."

"More like self-castigation," Charlotte muttered as she returned with a tray of sandwiches and chips on paper plates. "If he suffers the ill effects of his decisions, maybe he'll make better ones."

Brodie saluted her with his water bottle, then took half of his sandwich and offered it to Howler. The dog gulped it down in one big bite, then waited hopefully for another.

"Damn, man. You seriously gotta learn to chew."

Ears up and alert, the dog licked his loose lips.

Red blinked quickly.

Brodie blinked back at her. Mocking. Taunting.

Why, he didn't know, but it just happened.

She rolled in those soft, plush lips and turned away, her curvy little body stiff. "Mr. Crews —"

Jack and Brodie both said, "Yes?"

Her spine straightened even more. Her gaze stayed only on Jack. "I'm quite sure my employer would be pleased to —"

"Jack's not available." Brodie bit into the other half of his sandwich.

Her hands fisted in her lap. "I haven't yet said when I need him."

When she needed him? Smirking, the wheels already turning —

Jack glared a not-too-subtle warning at him, cutting off the joke he so badly wanted to make. Yeah, he got it. They needed the job.

He swallowed the bite and asked, "What're the specifics for the job?"

Somehow, the little prude managed to stiffen even more. She looked ready to break — and damn, how he wanted to see that.

Her attention only on Jack — or so she wanted them to believe — she pulled out a manila folder from the soft briefcase she held in her lap.

Tilting his head, Brodie studied her shapely calves and trim ankles beneath a knee-length skirt. Her skin was pale, her legs smooth, her feet small.

Hell, he'd known plenty of small, smooth, pale women, so why was he getting so twitchy?

"The job is immediate." She slid the folder across the desk.

As she did so, the skirt grew taut over her sexy rump and rounded thighs.

Yeah, he noticed. Hell, no amount of alcohol or morning-after headaches would keep him from seeing something that luscious.

Little red ringlets, curled from the humidity, stuck to her delicate nape and dangled around ears decorated only with pearl studs.

Realizing he was taking interested inventory, Brodie lounged further back in his seat and gestured for Jack to open the folder and peruse the contents.

First, Jack set aside the enclosed business card, then looked over what Brodie assumed to be a proposed contract. After a few seconds of reading, Jack asked, "Marigold, Kentucky?"

"A very small town that borders Tennessee. I've estimated it to be a single-day job. Five hours to drive there, an hour to retrieve the item my employer has purchased, then the drive back." She nodded at the papers. "Sign and you're hired."

Jack turned the contract so Brodie could see it, but spoke to the lady. "This says five thousand dollars. For a day job?"

Brodie nearly whistled. That was some serious cash. "What are we picking up? A dead body?"

Soft lips pinched. "Of course not."

"A live body?"

She swiveled her head to glare at him, cobalt eyes trying to cut out his heart.

"Hey, I've seen Transporter."

She inhaled, making her breasts strain the front of that damp, thus sheer, blouse. "What my client has purchased is very important to him. He wants to ensure its safety ... and it needs to be delivered to him by end of day tomorrow."

"Does the contract say what it is?" Brodie asked.

"Does it matter?" she returned.

Jack and Brodie shared a look, but hey, five grand was five grand. If he got there and it was anything shady, he could deal with it then.

Decision made, Brodie enjoyed telling her, "Well, Jack's out."

"True," Jack said with sincere apology. "I have a previous commitment that can't be changed. But Brodie —"

"Your first choice," Brodie chimed in.

"— is absolutely available."

Her eyes narrowed.

Knowing he'd gotten his way, without quite knowing why it mattered, Brodie put his arms back in a relaxed pose, his fingers laced behind his neck so he could pop out some tension without being obvious about it. He really did feel like shit.

Yet the day rapidly improved.

Miss Priss glanced at his armpits, scrunched her face in disapproval and turned back to Jack with a plea. "But —"

"I'm sorry," Jack said.

She disapproved of armpits? Everyone had them, even prissy redheads. Brodie smiled. "I can leave at 5 A.M."

After prolonged hesitation and, he guessed, some teeth grinding, she finally nodded.

Thwarting the lady felt so good, it even took the edge off the drumbeat in his temples as he watched her averted face. "Just give me the address and the name of the person I'll be seeing, whatever other info I need, and I'll get it done."

Silently, she closed her briefcase, slid a long strap over her shoulder, and stood.

Jack came to his feet, too.

Brodie didn't. He tipped his chair back on two legs and watched the frustration play over her face. She wasn't a real beauty, but she was certainly pretty. The hair was a show-stopper. Those eyes, so damn blue they defied description, would always draw attention. And that mouth, even while compressed in annoyance, could inspire fantasies.

Here in the cooler air, her freckles weren't as noticeable.

Shame. They were kinda cute. Maybe sexy even.

All that with curves galore in such a small package, and it was no wonder she affected him.


Brodie forced his eyes off the lady long enough to cock a brow at his brother.

Jack's scowl sent a message loud and clear: if you lose this job by being an asshole, I'll make sure you regret it later.

Knowing Jack, he'd probably take advantage of Brodie's diminished state. Sighing, he decided to attempt some gentlemanly behavior.

But Red beat him to it.

"I'll have all the pertinent details, as well as half payment, with me tomorrow before we leave. We can finalize the contract then."

His chair dropped forward with a clatter, making his head nearly explode. He squeezed his eyes shut and clenched his jaw to contain his brain, which seemed to be doing aerobics between his ears. When it finally eased up he cracked open one eye.

Both Jack and Red watched him, the first with pity, the second with annoyance.

"We?" Brodie rasped, unsure he'd heard correctly.

"It is my responsibility to ensure the safety of my client's purchases." She looked down her nose at him. "You are merely the transporter."


Excerpted from "Driven to Distraction"
by .
Copyright © 2018 Lori Foster.
Excerpted by permission of Harlequin Enterprises Limited.
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Driven to Distraction 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 31 reviews.
KC9 10 hours ago
So, ever since I fell in love with every Hudson brother in Buckhorn, and if you haven't read those you MUST, I have been a Lori Foster fan. Now we are introduced to a fun new series with some very unusual jobs. But like all of Lori's books you have an amazingly hot guy, this one with two added great bonuses, a rescue dog AND a sense of humor? Be still my heart. I wasn't sure I was going to like Mary. I worried that she was going to be one of those heroines that you start out not liking in the book like some authors do, but not the case here. Reading Brodie and Mary's story was fun and I can't wait to see what the next book in the series brings. Hopefully more excitement, humor, cute couples and dogs! I was lucky to receive an ARC, but would have gladly purchased this to write my review because when you've been a fan of Lori's for 14 years you know you can't wait for the next exciting, fun, and hot adventure!
MaimeosAngelsEL 14 hours ago
I know it is hard to believe but Lori Foster is a new author to me. I have no idea why that is but I know I will be looking at her other books as soon as time permits. From start to finish this Ms. Foster had me hooked and I couldn’t put Driven to Distraction down. Brodie Crews is attracted to Mary Daniels but she has no interest in him, totally focused on getting the job done. However, Mary is tempted by the sinfully hot Brodie and doesn’t know how she will manage to ignore his flirting. These two are total opposites and yet their attraction is explosive. The chemistry between them was off the charts and I could not wait to see how the story unfolded. When danger strikes, Brodie will do what it takes to protect Mary whatever the cost. There is mystery, suspense, and some smoking hot scenes which will keep you invested in the story well into the night. The writing was strong and I really liked the characters of Brodie and Mary. This is book one in a brand new series and I for one cannot wait to see what Lori Foster has in store for the next book.
onemused 1 days ago
"Driven to Distraction" was an interesting romance about a woman who works in acquiring collectors items (often from shady situations) with the help of a courier driver. Mary has been working for the wealthy Therman Ritter for a few years, alongside various drivers. Now, Therman has decided he wants Brodie to be the new driver- mainly because he saw news articles about how he rescued an abused animal. Mary and Brodie's first meeting is tense- but filled with lust. He tries to get her riled up at every turn. As the collectors' world seems to get more and more intense, this book gets a level of suspense that I wasn't really expecting. Mary and Brodie are constantly bickering and disagreeing. A lot of it is about Mary's independence and Brodie's interference with that. He does it all in the name of protecting her, and I had some mixed feelings. While yes, it's nice to look out for people you work with and want to be something more with, I felt like he crossed a lot of boundaries and justifies it with a dose of sexism (although he groups small or disabled men in with all of womankind). I found that it grated on me over time. In terms of the romance, it was pretty steamy and the beginning pulled me right in. As we added in the elements of Brodie's personality that I found stifling (and Mary slowly comes to accept), I wasn't sure how I felt about him and cooled a bit on the romance. What made this contemporary romance a bit more was the thriller feel with a classic bad guy who feels like a common villain. The added element of suspense gave it a quicker feel and kept the book moving along. Overall, I wasn't sure how I felt about it- I loved the first part, but definitely cooled on the romance later in the story. I also liked the suspense early on but eventually it started to feel like a cartoon villain and a bit of a caricature of a bad guy (and what is with everyone's hang-ups about women being porcelain dolls?). I did read it all the way through, and so I am rating for that plus an average between the first and last half for me. Please note that I received an ARC from the publisher through netgalley. All opinions are my own.
arubaqueen 11 hours ago
This is a new series by Ms. Foster and what a start! Brodie is quite a guy! Comes off as a real tough guy and he can truly be one if the need arises but his family and now Mary bring out the softie in him. Mary has a tough exterior and a bit of a loss soul on the inside. We learn why in the story but she and Brodie have an instant chemistry and he does his best to break down her walls to earn her trust and love. Great start to this series and I look forward to the next story. I received an ARC and am voluntarily leaving my review
PennieM 12 hours ago
This one had me chuckling and swooning all the way through it. Brodie didn't make a very good first impression but he sure did make up for it quickly with that big heart of his and his goofy dog, Howler, will have you coming back for more. Mary, on the other hand, is professional to a fault even if she is giving Brodie looks on the side. It was fun to watch her blossom, especially once Brodie finally gets under her skin, so to speak. This one also had a side of suspense thrown in to keep it interesting. This is the start to a new series and with this being the beginning I am looking forward to seeing where the next one leads. Definitely recommend this one! **Received this ARC for review from the publisher via NetGalley**
sm0120 13 hours ago
Driven to Distraction is a romantic, suspenseful, sweet start to Lori Foster’s new Road to Love series. I really enjoy an opposites-attract love story, but I’m not sure I’ve ever come across two such opposites as Brodie and Mary. Brodie is your quintessential Foster hero- a loving, caring family man, with a fun-loving naughty side. He is all male, in all the best ways. Mary is pretty buttoned-up, and not just in the clothing sense. She’s very straight-laced, professional, and doesn’t suffer fools gladly- which causes some strife between her and Brodie at their first meeting, and that may be putting it mildly! I found the storyline pretty intriguing and enjoyed the way the mystery aspect played out. Mary’s boss Therman puts her and Brodie in some very precarious positions in his quest to collect rare artifacts, causing Brodie’s protective nature to kick in. I got a kick out of Brodie and the way he pushed Mary’s buttons, without overstepping (too much, anyway). He was very gentle and patient with her when needed, doing his best to get her to open up about her life. I must admit, I had a hard time warming up to Mary at first. It helped when we finally learned why she carried herself the way she did, why she was so stand-offish, although it took a bit to get to that point. Mary really came into her own when she realized she no longer needed to let her past dictate her future. She had a whole lot of people that cared about her, and it was great to see her finally recognize that. Once again Ms. Foster has created a wonderful cast of characters and I'm looking forward to more of the Crews crew!
Nicolerko 15 hours ago
This is the kickoff to Lori Foster's new series. She's has started it off with a bang. Whenever I pick a Lori Foster book I'm always remind of why I love her writing. She's weaves such magic through the pages. Brodie and Mary were delightful. Brodie was so swoon worthy. I mean a man who treats his dog like he does makes him prime book boyfriend material. That was one of my favorite things about the book and the way Brodie made Mary feel about herself. That touched my heart it was so beautiful. I was instantly sucked into this story. The suspenseful elements has me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next. I fell in love with Brodie's family. Makes me wish I could be part of it myself. I also liked the Mary though a little insecure in some instances is such a strong brave gutsy character. With a the support of Brodie she really blossoms. This book also shows you sometimes your family isn't blood related, but the one you create with the close people around you. I'm really looking forward to the next book in the series. I can't recommend this one enough!
jennifer315 15 hours ago
I can't wait to see where this new series goes from here. Mary and Brodie were proof that opposites attract. I must say that Brodie's relationship with his family and dog really showed what kind of man he was right off. Mary took some time to figure out. Learning each new piece of the puzzle showed what kind of woman she was. Seeing her responses to Brodie was great. As always, Lor Foster knows how to write great characters and great dialogue.
DebraSchwartz1971 15 hours ago
This new series is going to be fun! Mary works for an eccentric wealthy man who is competitively and discreetly collecting rare artifacts. He sends Mary to offer Brodie a job as a courier; he will drive to the destination, she will handle the payment and receipt of the object. But when Mary first meets Brodie, he doesn't make a good impression. She immediately decides she would rather work with his brother. Too bad, her boss is set on Brodie. Mary prides herself on her professionalism and self-control, but Brodie constantly pushes her buttons trying to break through the wall she has erected. And then there is his dog Howler, a 90-pound rescue that accompanies Brodie everywhere, including on their car trips. As Mary gets to know Brodie better he begins to chip away at her defenses, and Brodie's feelings for Mary start to change as he begins to see through those defenses. I loved the interplay between these two, his teasing was hilarious, always pushing her buttons to get a reaction. It takes a while to get to know Mary, but in the last part of the book she seems to blossom. The villain in this book was really weird, but he was even funny at times, in a disturbed way. I received an ARC from NetGalley, and this is my honest review.
Cali-Jewel 15 hours ago
Could not get enough of the beautifully flawed couple and the journey they take together. Emotionally engaging, sweetly sexy and thrilling romantic adventure filled with danger, secrets, tested loyalties and undeniable hot passion.... loved the heart pounding action and unexpected twists. I do have to say that Brodie is a total heartthrob and awesome book boyfriend but Howler stole my heart.
kimjda 15 hours ago
Lori Foster is one of those authors that takes simple things like words and weaves a story that sucks you in and doesn't let go until the very last period. Diven To Distraction is a touching story about a man who finds what he needs without his knowing it. And a woman who discovers it's not always easy to let go of past hurts. Mary reminded me so much of myself. Strong, independent, and wounded. Sometimes the things others do make such an impression that it changes how you feel about life, about yourself. Mary was a prime example. She struggled every day to bury who she really is and tried to be someone she thought people would 'approve' of. That is until a man made her want something different. Something better. I cheered for Mary when she took Brodie's breath away. It was awesome watching her bloom into who she was always meant to be. Brodie is, in a word, YUMMY! He's sweet, smart, sexy and so confident it oozes off the pages and makes your fingers tingle. He made me giggle and sigh. And the way he decided Mary was the one...sigh. And let's not forget about a big slobbery, fuzzy critter that will make you love this book even more. I love that Lori has a heart for the fuzzy, lovable critters and never forgets to include them in her writing. This book y'all. It's a must read! Thanks Lori for the opportunity to read and review this book.
hnhn 16 hours ago
Mary Daniels & Brodie Crews: These two are the focus of Lori Foster’s newest series, Road to Love. With Book 1 “Driven to Distraction” these two have a tough beginning. Mary is as organizer for a collector, she makes all the connections and usually goes to pick up whatever item her boss has placed a winning bid on. Brodie owns a transportation company, with his brother and mom. He’s new on the job for Mary and he has a major problem with his ‘new boss’, but she didn’t pick him, her boss did and she’s not any too sure about the choice. Brodie is overprotective, and Mary is just Prim, Proper and a little OCD – she wants everything to run her way, and smoothly at it as well. Things go a little crazy during a pick-up and get crazier still as the story goes along. Lori throws in her trademark humour and snark, so there’s a lot to keep this one going .. and trust me – it goes. I loved this new series start and very much looking forward to the next one in line. I received this book as an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) in exchange for an honest review. I haven’t found a book of Lori Foster’s that I haven’t like yet! Enjoy!
thehautebookworm 16 hours ago
An intriguing read with a unique story. Mary is a prim and proper gal focused on making something of her life. She works for Therman Ritter, an eccentric collector. Her job is to obtain the unobtainable, which at times, puts her in dangerous situations. Therman hires Brodie to provide transportation for Mary. Beyond frustrated with the, laid- back, seemingly carefree Brodie, she refuses to let him interfere with her life goals or get the best of her. She has deadlines to make and rules to follow. She will NOT get side tracked by his devilish good looks. Through their travels together Brodie learns that Mary hides behind a sharp tongue and baggy clothes, all which intrigue him more each day. He’s determined to discover what she is hiding in her life and underneath her clothes. As the danger increases Brodie finds himself unable to just provide transportation, he steps in to provide her protection enabling us to discover he’s not the laid-back careless person we think. The traveling confinement enables their relationship to build and we thoroughly fall in love with the characters. Mary’s a hot little firecracker who will put Brodie in his place whenever he steps over the line. With his desire to learn more about her and their sizzling chemistry, he steps over the line A LOT. This gives us some hilarious entertainment and smokin, hot tension! Through it all we discover what makes each character tick and watch them grow as they encounter dangerous and challenging situations. I thoroughly came to appreciate each character. I don’t want to give spoilers, but I really liked the end!! This is a highly enjoyable story containing suspense, humor and steam!
gromine49 17 hours ago
Starting a new series with Driven to Distraction, this story is a great new addition to your library by Lori Foster. The new characters and new setting fits the kind of stories that the author is known for. Wonderful start to the series.
LMDH98 18 hours ago
A great start to this fun new series by Lori Foster. Like all of Lori's books once you start it is hard to put down. It has you laughing out loud from the beginning and holds your attention until the very end. I can't wait for the next book in this series. Mary has had a rough life but has overcome it to become a successful, professional and independent woman. Mary's boss insists that she uses Brodie's delivery service to collect the pieces that he adds to his collection. Mary and Brodie bump heads from the first time that she climbs up his never ending front steps. Through their travels they discover that neither are really what they seem and the only question is will they overcome their differences and the danger in their journey to find ever lasting love with each other.
mamalovestoread22 20 hours ago
When Mary Daniels sets out on a journey to collect an artifact for her boss she never anticipated it would lead her to love... it was just supposed to be another job. But after she spends copious amounts of time in the car with her sexy chauffeur she begins to see there is a good guy under that playboy facade... and she likes what she sees! As the miles tick by, they begin to wear each other down, and defenses begin to falter... and sparks start to fly! The moment Brodie Crews meets the woman he is supposed to be transporting across the country for his newest gig, he can't help but be drawn to her, even though he hears the the "not interested" vibes she's sending out loud and clear. She is so put together and slightly secretive, and he senses there is something special there, lying just below her off-putting layer. He just has to find a way to work his way into her good graces, and let him in. Driven to Distraction is a perfectly blended romance that is certain to give readers a healthy dose of swoons and smiles. The moment you meet Brodie you will understand just what I'm talking about, that man was something else, he had swagger for days! These characters were fantastically drawn, they screamed opposite attract from first glance, but the more I delved into their story, the more I realized that there was commonality there, and that they just might be a perfect match. With touches of suspense, and loads of steamy banter this one will keep you flying through the pages and teetering on the edge of your seat in anticipation. If this first installment in the series is any indication as to what the following installments will hold, I can't wait to get my hands on them... this one was amazing!! I highly recommend you get your hands on this one, it promises to be a thoroughly satisfying literary ride! I requested an advanced copy of this title from NetGalley, and I am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion.
JuliaAD 22 hours ago
This is such a great start to a new series. I loved all the characters, especially Howler. Brodie can be rude, charming, sweet and protective. He speaks his mind whether you want to hear what he has to say or not. Mary is immediately attracted to Brodie, but she is also repelled by him because of his outspoken manner and blatant sexuality. She is so buttoned up and given the way she grew up, she tries to be professional and reserved at all times. It is not that easy to stay professional and reserved around Brodie. She is not only falling in love with Brodie, but his family too. She has held herself apart from everyone for so long, how will Brodie get her to open up?
AREEDAR 22 hours ago
Mary Daniels was determined to make a better life herself by herself. Working for Therman Ritter a wealthy collector was a dream job for her. Meeting the new driver Brody Crews was the one thing she couldn’t control in her life. Not one to let people in or close to her Brody was her one weakness. One look and Brody was hooked on the closed off Mary. Yet he was determined to break down her walls. The chemistry between these two was off the charts. Can’t wait for the next book in this series.
PrincessThuy1 1 days ago
After reading Lori Foster for over 10 years, I didn't think she could surprise me but every new book of hers I've read I am constantly surprised that I can still fall in love with her characters and her world. And Driven to Distraction is no exception. Book 1 in her new Road to Love series is absolutely amazing! Everything about this book is fresh and new. Brodie, the hero, is my new book boyfriend. He is absolutely delicious. He's sexy as hell and can be downright dirty at times. I absolutely love him. But when you see how he is with Mary, the heroine? *Fanning myself* It is hot! And totally fun too. I loved the interactions between Brodie and Mary. They had me constantly smiling. Their story was really, really fun to read. Although Mary's past pulled at my heartstrings. Made me want to give her a big hug. And of course, Lori Foster's trademark action and mystery was present which made this book unputdownable for me. I can't wait to see what's next for this series. I'm so excited! This may be my new favorite book by her.
Anonymous 1 days ago
The first book in the Road to Love Series draws us into Mary Daniels story. Her job is to secure certain collectibles for her employer. She ends up working with Brodie at the request of her boss . Mary is very conservative and doesn’t let anything interfere with her job . She finds this much harder with Brodie around and she quickly learns to let her hair down a bit. This book had a little bit of everything. Between the steaminess, the humor, and romance it is a great read. I received an ARC for my honest review from Netgalley.
JenB2725 1 days ago
Great new start to a series. I can see all the wonderful places it could go with some amazing characters and cutest dogs. The ending was a little flat for such a big set up. I expected a little more for it to just skim over and end.
Anonymous 1 days ago
Chemistry from the start between Mary and Brodie makes this book a must read! Mary needs a family and to feel loved, both of which she has never had, and Brodie is from a close-knit family. In Mary’s line of work she needs a great driver, which puts them in the car together for hours. Plenty of time for smoldering chemistry waiting to be unleashed, with laugh out loud moments, and a suspenseful twist as well. Driven to Distraction keeps you engaged and wanting more from Mary and Brodie, just as they need each other.
Kindle_Loving_Mom 1 days ago
This is the first in a new romantic suspense series by the author, and I really enjoyed it! I loved both main characters so much and was thrilled to tag along on their HEA. Brodie Crews is a great guy. He loves his mom, and his brother, and his pseudo-sister. He loves his dog, Howler, and his Mustang, and his family owned business, in his small hometown. He's never really loved a woman yet, but he's sure he'll get there one day. Maybe. Right now, he has no interest in that. He runs a transport business with his brother, and he works on his beloved car in his spare time. When a rich, eccentric, new client comes calling to hire his services, he's all for it. Especially once he sees the man's curvy, petite, red-haired goddess of an assistant, Mary Daniels. Mary Daniels had a terrible childhood, which led to some quirks as she grew up. For one, she is always perfectly wonderful at her job. She always makes sure her boss is satisfied with his acquisitions and she enjoys doing it. Her work ethic is second to none, but she also holds herself to impossibly high standards regarding her professionalism, and the results she gets for her boss. She has no plans on letting anyone interfere with her work, or her perfectly ordered life. Especially not the too hot for her own good new driver, Brodie. She wants him like she's never wanted anyone. But she'll never tell him that. It'll just stay her safe, secret fantasy. Brodie and Mary had great chemistry from the first time their eyes met, and I loved watching their long fall into love. Mary underestimates everything about Brodie from the start, and he gives her a hard time about being a stick in the mud. They are constantly bickering and fighting, but it's all really foreplay, and it was so much fun. They truly get to know each other on their many trips for their boss, and they begin to really care for one another, even before they actually sleep together, and I enjoyed that. They are a perfect complement to one another, and you really felt their connection. Brodie's family was a delight, as were the happy brood that live with their boss, Therman. They were each hilarious in their own ways, and I loved how much everyone loved and took care of each other. They also all love Howler, Brodie's dog, and he was such a hilarious sweetheart of a character. The suspense plot here wasn't too scary or convoluted, but was still exciting, and I was always waiting on the edge of my seat for what would happen next. It made each job they went on exciting on it's own, separate from their falling for each other. Brodie was an amazing hero and he was so caring and gentle with our strong, but damaged heroine. Mary was a delight, and you feel everything she feels while she's fighting falling for Brodie. She was strong, and sassy, and fully her own person, and seeing her really need someone for the first time was so heartfelt and relatable. I always enjoy this author's writing immensely, and this was no exception. I was a little sad, as her last few series have all been loose extensions of the ones before them, and that has been such fun for the last few years. I loved those characters dearly, especially after getting to know them so well. However, these are completely new characters, with no relation to anything from before, and that does bring it's own fun and exciting new story as well. I highly recommend this exciting, and sexy story. I loved every minute of it.
nku 1 days ago
Driven to Distraction (Road to Love, #1) by Lori Foster This is the first book in the new ROAD TO LOVE series. Mary Daniels acquires rare artifacts for her wealthy boss. Brodie Crews runs Mustang Transport courier service with his brother Jack. Mary needs to hire Brodie as a driver and this is where the fun begins. We get to meet Jack and Ros their mom and Charlotte who is like a sister and runs their office. This book was a fun read with all the laughs, some tears, mystery, hot sex and of course a very HEA. I can't leave out Howler and Matilda... I'm looking forward to SLOW RIDE the next book in the series Jack and Ronnie's story. Reasons I enjoyed this book: Action-packed Easy-to-read Entertaining Funny Happily Ever After Page-turner Romantic Steamy Witty Wonderful characters. I'm thankful to the publisher and #NetGalley for allowing me to read this ARC and this is my honest review.
BookAddictLive 1 days ago
What a great read I enjoyed everything about this book. Brodie is a darling he had it all going for especially with women, then Mary walks into his life. Not being used to women ignoring him and putting in his place. Mary works for an eccentric collector and Mary pay and collect his purchases, and Brodie has been employed to be the driver. Brodie is not the polished man she thinks she wants but can’t help the way he makes her feel and fights it every step of the way. This is a very intense romance between Mary and Brodie as lust turns into love. On the lighthearted side I loved Howler a large sloppy hound who adores his master, and things Brodie does to keep his woman and hound happy. What a man! Sex on legs with a heart of gold what more do you want a great love story with plenty of hot sex . Well read it and find out how it all plays out. If you enjoyed it as much as me there is his brother Jack’s story coming next, can’t wait.