Drupal Development Tricks for Designers

Drupal Development Tricks for Designers

by Dani Nordin


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Take your Drupal skills even further with valuable tricks for making site building truly efficient. In this concise guide—the third in a series by award-winning designer Dani Nordin—you’ll learn how to set up your own development environment, quickly update your modules, and use version control to protect yourself from bonehead mistakes.

Handle repetitive tasks with ease, avoid hours of frustration, and devote more time to pushing the envelope of Drupal design—just by picking up the basics of a few developer tools. It’s much more than simple coding; it’s real, honest-to-goodness developer Ninja Magick.

  • Learn basic commands and use them in Drupal on the command line
  • Set up your local development environment, and learn ways to collaborate on code with others
  • Download modules, themes, libraries, and more with Drush, the Drupal shell
  • Use Git, the free version control system, and create a GitHub account
  • Pack content types, views, and other functionality you use often into a custom module with Features

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781449305536
Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Incorporated
Publication date: 03/30/2012
Pages: 51
Product dimensions: 6.80(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Dani Nordin is the founder and principal designer of the zen kitchen, where you'll find tasty marketing and design ideas with an eco-friendly twist. She has over 10 years of experience designing award-winning work for small to large businesses and non-profits.

Table of Contents

Wait, What? Why?;
A Note for Windows Users;
The Designer’s Coding Toolkit;
Conventions Used in This Book;
Using Code Examples;
Safari® Books Online;
How to Contact Us;
About the Reviewers;
Setting Up a Local Development Environment;
Chapter 1: Setting Up a Local Development Environment and Installing Drupal;
1.1 Step 1: Install MAMP;
1.2 Step 2: Setting Up Your Main File Structure;
1.3 Step 3: Setting Up the Drupal files;
1.4 Step 4: Creating the Database;
1.5 Step 5: Install Drupal;
Chapter 2: Working on the Command Line: Some Basic Commands;
2.1 Commands;
2.2 That Wasn’t So Bad, Was It?;
Chapter 3: Installing Drush;
3.1 Installing Drush;
3.2 Another Option: Creating a Symbolic Link to Drush;
3.3 Now the Fun Begins;
3.4 Putting This in Action: Installing Modules;
Chapter 4: Getting Started with Version Control;
4.1 Master Versus Origin;
4.2 Setting Up Git for Your Workflow;
4.3 Step 1: Create an SSH Key;
4.4 Step 2: Install Git;
4.5 Step 3: Set Up Your Git Configuration;
4.6 Step 4: Set Up a GitHub Account;
4.7 Step 5: Create the Remote Repository;
4.8 Step 6: Set Up the Local Repository;
4.9 So What Happens on a Team?;
4.10 First Things First: The Git Workflow;
4.11 And There We Go;
Using Features and Drush Make to Make Development Easier;
Chapter 5: Using Features in Your Workflow;
5.1 Still More Awesomeness Awaits;
Chapter 6: Making Drupal Easier: Working with Drush Make and Installation Profiles;
6.1 Step 1: Install Drush Make;
6.2 Why This Is Lovely;
6.3 Getting Started with Install Profiles;
6.4 So Here We Are;

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