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Easy To Do, Easy Not To Do

Easy To Do, Easy Not To Do

by Tj Day

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What is life? What are you supposed to do? It's not like babies are shipped with manuals that teaches them to be awesome human beings.
Chapter 1. New Year Resolution

Most resolutions involve trying to be healthier in some way, Already Failed at Your New Year's Resolution? Restart, Give yourself a reality check, Reframe your resolution, Find a buddy, Change your environment, Restart at the right time.

Chapter 2. Wake Up Early

Loss of concentration, Heavy voice, Headaches & back aches,

Obesity, Dark circles under the eyes, Cause of diseases, Stress.

Chapter 3. Eat Healthy

Worst Effect Of Junk Food, Stroke Risk, Weight Gain, Tooth Decay, Gastrointestinal Problems

Disadvantages of Eating Junk Food. Simple Tips to Stop Eating Junk Food. Plan Your Meals, Improve the Satiety of Your Meals, Eat Healthy Snacks, Pay Attention to the Fats You Consume, at Multicolor Dishes, Cook More, Avoid Junk Food in Grocery Stores, Manage Your Stress, Get Enough Sleep.

Chapter 4. Reading

Most Adult didn't read a single book till school, The long, steady decline of literary reading, It Takes a Reader To Grow a Reader: When Adults Don't Read, Kids Lose.

Chapter 5. Stop Gossiping

Gossip can cause many trouble, Difference between good and harmful gossip, Stop the Spread, Kick the Habit-Make Your Conversations Count, Steps to Recover From a Gossip Addiction,

Chapter 6. Procrastinate

Why is it bad?, Bad effects of procrastination, Wastage of habit and time, Miss out on their estimated time, Lose good opportunities, How to avoid the above effects?.

Chapter 7. Exercising

Chapter 10. Busy Doing Nothing

Being busy and being productive are not synonymous, . No Clear Goals, Not prioritizing, No routine, Doing a lot, Using It As An Excuse, The Differences Between Busy and Productive People.

Chapter 11. Worry Is Worst Than The Problem

How to Stop Worrying About Your Future, Worrying Wastes Time And Energy, Tried and True Worry Busting Techniques, Practice Mindfulness, Do Deep Breathing, Express Extra Gratitude, What if?, Take Back Control, Tighten and Release, Use Worry As A Gauge, Write or Talk It Out,

Worrying Has Nothing On You.

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