Eighty-One Days

Eighty-One Days

by Zoë Mullins

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Eighty-One Days by Zoë Mullins

Jenna was there to mend Luke’s heart after Eric left town. Now that Eric’s back, how long will it be before Jenna invites him to share her and Luke’s bed?

Eric didn’t know Luke would be heartbroken when he left town to join a hotshot forest fire crew in Western Canada. They’d been best friends since kindergarten, had gone to school together, had bought their first car and a home together and had shared their lovers. At some point, friendship had turned to love.

Luke didn’t expect, when he brought his crazy cat in for stitches, that his heart would be mended by the sassy new veterinarian. Jenna may have been new in town but she’d heard the rumors and she liked the carnal fantasies he spun for her in bed of he and his best friend sharing her.

Of course, that was before Eric’s job brought him home and back into their lives.

Jenna isn’t sure she can be what they need, but she’s not going to give up without a fight. Even if that means inviting the sexy firefighter to share their bed. Surely there is enough love to go around.

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ISBN-13: 9781786516077
Publisher: Totally Entwined Group Ltd
Publication date: 09/05/2017
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 76
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

A prolific writer, even in elementary school, she was jotting down poems and stories whenever she had the chance - usually during math class.

After many years of working in corporate communications, Zoë decided in 2015 it was time to focus her energy on the kind of writing she loved – hot romances with strong, alpha heroes and quirky, independent heroines.

Zoë’s husband of nearly 20 years threw his full support behind that dream and loves to tell people his wife is a romance author. They live in Atlantic Canada with their two crazy collies. When not at her computer, you will find Zoë chasing after her muddy dogs, working in the garden or helping to renovate their money-pit of a house.

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Copyright © Zoë Mullins 2017. All Rights Reserved, Totally Entwined Group Limited, T/A Pride Publishing.

Jenna let him lead her onto the back deck, the yard lit by the glow of the harvest moon and a thousand stars. Though the last few weeks had been chilly, the temperature had risen steadily through the day and showed no inclination to cool down yet. If you close your eyes, she thought, you can almost believe it’s still summer, not the middle of September.

The improvement in the weather had improved Luke’s mood too and she couldn’t resist his smile as he pulled her down beside him on the chaise lounge.

“We aren’t going to have many more chances like this,” he warned. “Soon we’ll be getting frost overnight.”

She shook her head and frowned. She didn’t want to think about summer coming to an end, the inevitable rainstorms then snowstorms. She preferred summer. Then again, cuddling up next to Luke was a good way to stay warm all winter.

“As long as I get to snuggle up with you, then I won’t mind the winter.”

“I won’t let you get cold,” he promised as he leaned in and kissed her. He licked the seam of her lips and teased inside.

She slid her fingers into his hair and reveled in the feel of his lips against her mouth before he moved on, nuzzling her jaw, behind her ear and down her neck until she shivered. He looked up at her, his cool blue eyes hot with desire. He drew her hand from his hair and fit it over the hard ridge of his erection. She groaned and pressed her palm against his length. She would never get enough of him.

“Out here,” he whispered, “by the light of the moon. I want you to ride me.”

She pulled her hand back, grinning at him, and yanked her sweater over her head.

She loved the way he licked his lips as he stared at her breasts. The new lace bralette she’d bought earlier this week propped them up like an offering.

He ripped his shirt open, buttons popping and flying against the deck. She laughed at the plink, plink, plink they made as they landed. His laugh was huskier than hers and it warmed her. She’d not had many relationships, and fewer lovers. Until Luke she hadn’t realized sex could be anything but serious, hard.

As he fell to his knees in front of her, grasping the waistband of her capris and dragging them over her hips and down her legs, she knew she’d never find anyone like him again.

“I knew your panties would match your bra,” he said, nuzzling into the sky-blue lace covering her mound.

The sensation was at once erotic and humorous. He burrowed his tongue into her folds, teasing her. She widened her stance, giving him room between her thighs.

“Fuck, you smell so good. I love the smell of you. The taste of you. I think about it at the damnedest times. Like in a meeting. I’m supposed to be concentrating on the structural load analysis and then suddenly I remember my face buried in your pussy, your juice on my tongue. And just the memory of your taste has my cock uncomfortably hard for the rest of the meeting. I have to run building codes in my head just to tame the beast.”

“I like the beast. I like when he’s not tame,” she told him as she braced her hands on his shoulders and he breathed against her pussy, licking the lace right above her clit. A ripple of pleasure washed over her. It wasn’t enough. She loved how orally fixated he was, but she needed more. She wanted him inside her. Like he’d promised. She wanted to ride him.

“Please,” she asked him. “We can go slow later. I want to ride you. I want to feel you stretching my pussy with your cock.”

He growled, but he didn’t argue. He rocked back on his heels and stood. It surprised her how graceful he could be. She may have fallen in love with his humor but she lusted after his body. He was lean and golden. His chest had a smattering of dark hair that ran in a line down his abdomen, to his groin. She watched as he moved his hands to his fly, whipping open the button and zipper. He stripped off his jeans, taking his underwear with them.

Naked in the moonlight, he reached out a hand for hers, pulling her off the chaise.

He switched places with her and leaned back on the lounger. He loved having a woman on top of him, especially Jenna. He loved watching her touch herself for him. He loved being able to reach out and stroke her breasts or tease her clit.

He ripped open the foil packet he’d placed on the lounge before he’d gone back inside for Jenna. He wasn’t ashamed to say he’d had this planned. He rolled the condom over his cock, holding it by the base as Jenna straddled his waist.

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