Elohim Phenomenon: Torah, Science and Math

Elohim Phenomenon: Torah, Science and Math

by I. D. McClain


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ISBN-13: 9781466980563
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 03/07/2013
Pages: 482
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Elohim Phenomenon

Torah, Science and Math

By I. D. McClain

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2013 I. D. McClain
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4669-8056-3



Imagining a time before physical space existed is nearly impossible, unless we become aware that some of our basic premises are not totally true. We cannot be expected to accept this concept because someone says it is true. However, we can come to grips with this information when we look at it from a mathematical perspective. Laying a foundation of understanding requires first to understand the nature of Elohim mathematically. Then, we can examine the construction of this physical space. In this, we will examine the first two phases of this universe.

Establishing the foundation for this material is easy in one sense. Creation has it recorded from the beginning of time unto now and will continue to the end of time for this universe. Confusion comes from our fallen human nature. We often assert our partial understanding above other partial understandings. Scriptures tell us that we should not lean on our own understanding, but only on the Knowledge of G-d. Even in doing that, we sneak in our own understanding. We can only trust His Word.

Another issue to address is the notion that Judaism and Christianity are as most religions ethnic centered. This is not true. When Noah left the ark, everyone knew, as there were only eight, who Elohim was by Name. After the Tower of Babel, even before, people drifted doctoring the truth to their personal design. Abraham was the only descendant of Eber within the descendants of Shem that clung to the truth at his time. Noah, buy the way, was alive when Abraham was born. Because of the sins of the forefathers, we exist with different beliefs in different regions. These beliefs are always a variance of the one truth. For an example; we could say 1 + 1 = 2 or 1 + 1 = 3 or equal to any other number. Obviously, two is the right answer; but, two is a number out of many. In logic, this fact makes the truth as one opinion among many.


G-d is YHWH (spelled with Hebrew Letters: Yod Hey Vav Hey). Other Roman spellings are YHVH, JHWH, JHVH and IHVH. YHWH is the name of the original, all encompassing uncreated being who created everything, owns everything and came to earth to die in our place (by our acceptance). There are reasons for the vowel omission in the Tetragrammaton of HIS Name. The original name of YHWH had no vowels originally assigned in the written Hebrew language, as vowels were understood to be present. Moreover, the name is HIS actual personal name. Just as we teach our children not to call their natural physical father by his name, with the same respect, we do not call Elohim by HIS Name. Lastly, the usage of the word of Elohim instead of "G-d" occurs because many religions say G-d without knowing who HE is, making this word generic. We omit the usage of the Hebrew Tetragrammaton transliteration because it entices us to attempt a pronunciation. The usual rendering is Adonai (L-RD) or HaShem (The NAME). HE gives us only the earthly name of Yeshua (Jesus) to use.

Elohim refers to the characteristics of HIM as the Creator. The Hebrew word, "Elohim," is not only in an honorific form but is also plural in the truest sense. Despite this plurality, Elohim is a singular awareness. If Elohim does not have a plural state, then HE could not simultaneously interact with each person individually as HE does.

Creationism verses Naturalism

Perhaps the greatest mistake made by the free-thinking scientists is that of not realizing that the laws of nature are created, let alone, having any purpose other than accidentally forming life. Inadvertently by this error, they feel safe in assuming that Elohim does not exist. On the other hand, the occulting practitioners attribute the natural phenomenon as gods. Many religions worship nature as being Elohim for the same reason. Some even try to worship Elohim as a nameless and often mindless force of life that can be brought under the dominion of human beings. They believe that they can learn to access this mindless force and use it for their own causes. However, Elohim does exist, has a real name, and is the creator of nature. Secondly, the laws of nature do have a purpose by His design.

Another point is that the Creator does not abandon His creation. The misguided concepts that human beings have concerning the laws of nature contradict this truth. The laws of nature were created to give forms for life. The automatic mechanical processes are not a sign of abandonment but of love, it provides a set of rules in which the universe can exist without violent upheaval to its occupants.

Consider a puppeteer. As long as the puppeteer is moving the puppet, the puppet is not moving by its own will. The idea is that of making a puppet that is able act by its own will. Then we arrive at the concept of a robot. A robot has programming in it to cause it to function in a certain way. As long as the program functions, the robot moves in the desired manner. The ultimate robotic dream is to have the robot function in the desired manner by its own will. By the same reasoning, Elohim created the laws of nature to facilitate our being with a body subject to our will. There is so much more detail to expound within this topic; however, we would be getting ahead of ourselves.

The intended implication is that the laws of nature, themselves, did not evolve by some mindless natural progression. Each new phase of the universe required Elohim to intervene in order that the development of the universe was able to continue to attain His desired aim. Otherwise, the universe would remain inert to the forces required to attain any new development. In other words, the universe is incapable of naturally developing new phenomena beyond the capabilities provided within the established parameters previously set without aid from Elohim. This will become evident as we continue through creation.

One final basic principle to note is that Elohim is sovereign over His creation. He can add energy or take it away (unlike individual finite beings). This is seen in healings that are accomplished in the name of Yeshua (Jesus). Either matter is being removed out of existence as in cancer, or it can be inserted into existence like a restored limb. The same applies to His acts of creating the universe. However, unlike in times past, the sovereignty of Elohim is not used to blanket lack of knowledge. It should be noted those in times past had to blanket their lack of understanding with bind faith; thus, preserving their stance with Elohim rather than being swayed by the presumable wisdom of scientific unbelief. For this, they should be commended.

Unified Knowledge

Two basic mindsets exist within modern western understanding, the Hellenistic and Jewish mindsets. The Hellenistic mindset fragments knowledge into compartments. Sometimes within this mindset the linkage between compartments becomes obscure. Unlike the Hellenistic perception of reality, the Jewish mindset recognizes all truth is of Elohim. Because of distortion within the Hellenistic view, mathematics and theology are two separate unrelated entities. Conversely, these are viewed as manifestations of G-d within Judaism. The Torah tells us Elohim created the Heavens and Earth, but does not illustrate in scientific detail and all the ramifications of His spoken command. Both the Hellenistic and Jewish mindsets are two sides of the same coin; it is our fallen nature that prevents us from truly unifying the truth.

The Torah sets guides (a foundational structure) by which creation is to be understood. Geometry tells us that a triangle has exactly three sides. Science tells us there is magnetic energy and photons. They are undeniable truths. These are a direct result of Elohim's living awareness. Elohim sustains the existence of all created phenomena within nature.

Along with this, we have the created laws of nature. Gravity, heat, inertia, kinetic laws, and the set of subatomic energy are all created. The manner in which they function is a created truth by Elohim. Therefore, how can we separate the laws of nature from its creator? Note again: the objective is not to prove but to present and recognize the Glory of Elohim.

In Genesis, Elohim spoke the Heavens and Earth into existence, but the Torah does not tell us the physical processes that occurred to accomplish the command. Actually, this fact does not need to be explained to be accepted. The Torah then defines the truth in which the unwritten laws of nature find their existence. We will find that the Torah provides the missing information in the unwritten laws of nature.

One last statement concerning the unification of truth, there is a hierarchy of our understanding of the laws of the universe. The highest is the Torah itself, then the created laws of nature, and lastly the world as seen today. Any understanding that does not align itself with the Torah or any part of the Tenach is wrong.

The Beginning

In the beginning, Elohim created the heaven and earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of Elohim moved upon the face of the waters. B'reshyit (Genesis) 1:1-2

From this text, it is easy to assume that the word "earth" refers to the planet as a physical sphere as it is known today. However, as we read on into the next sentence, we see this is not the case. The words read, "without form;" we could interpret this phrase to the minimal meaning stating merely that there were no life forms. This is correct because there were no life forms. However, the words, "and void," that follow afterward shows that there is a deeper absence than that of just being the absence of life. While these words seemingly depict a Hebrew reiteration of the previously stated condition, at a fundamental level there is a reason for the Hebraic expression. As we shall observe later, there are two immeasurable manifestations sustaining the finite manifestation within our universe.

The Torah was not ignorantly written. It is the law governing all knowledge, given by Elohim. HE has given us information in these words that unlocks the mysteries of the universe, both seen and unseen within its physical nature.

The Hebrew word used for void is Bo-Hu. The actual letters are Beth, Hey and Vav. It means in general an indistinguishable ruin. Another interesting facet of the Hebrew language is that each letter represents a picture. These pictures actually describe the word that they spell. Often they give a message concerning the word, but not always. Elohim revealed this particular concept to Dr. Frank T. Seekins (the address is found in the list of resources). This understanding provides a very useful revelation tool. Even though our book does not use any quotes from his books, it does work within the guidelines established. The Hebrew letters correspond in the picture language as House-Window-Nail. The central figure is a window. The house modifies the image of the window. A window, in essence, is a hole in the house or a vacant location. The nail gives the attribute of unconditional attachment to the condition. This gives the final meaning of being an indistinguishable location with no chance of change within itself.

If we were to move from point A to point B within this void, we would not know if any movement truly occurred or if that we performed our actions within one location.

Ramification Fractals

Despite the apparent complexity of the information within the Torah, the information is not hard to understand. The nature of the information is as a fractal. A fractal is a pattern that repeats itself within itself. Theologians call it, "shadows and types." The pattern is defined. All, of its levels of meaning, follow the lines of the defined pattern or "Law." The above information illuminates the need to realize the fractal nature of the Torah (Law). A person could believe just by faith that Elohim created the universe by the given pattern without examining all the fractals and be correct. However, they would be incorrect in denying the fractal nature of the design.

We also note that Elohim created two universes- a heavenly one and an earthly (physical) one. The focus then shifts entirely to the nature of the physical universe. As we shall observe, the creation of Heaven exists independently of ours. Therefore, the formulation process of Heaven is of no consequence or concern to the physical realm

Rose Illustration

In the interest of establishing an understanding of the Torah in the context of being "void and without form," we present the following illustration: Imagine being an observer looking upon a blank sheet of paper. After picking out a certain minute nondescript spot, we continue to focus on this location as an artist paints a picture upon the paper's surface. Let us say that our spot of attention ends up painted red and was a petal of a rose, particularly if the process was to stain the white paper red. We could say, "In the beginning, there was a rose," as it is our focus, "and the rose was without form and void," as it has no shape or color before being painted. Then we could also say, "and white was on the face of the deep," as the entire painting exists upon a white piece of paper (recall, "darkness was on the face of the deep" (B'reshyit Gen 1:2)).

While it may seem silly to make that statement because the painting of a rose is only a representation of a created real rose, it does provide a perspective of the observation.

Relate this to the statement that the earth was without form and void. To say that it was without form means that there was no shape; the area designated to be the earth was not yet formed. Being void means that it also had no make-up as in being elementless (having no atomic composition); this relates to the absence of red paint that composes the shape of the rose.

Having a form without substance is impossible within our physical universe, just as a solid metal coin cannot have one side missing. The relationship conveyed by the Hebrew language is the acknowledgement of both sides. Form appears from the outside toward the object. Substance observed from within the object supplying material composition outward to produce the form of the object. In a more general mathematical sense, it is viewing finite values from both the infinite outside towards the defining attributes and from the infinitesimal inside outward to the defining attributes.

Tranquil Beginning

Our universe was not contrived out of chaos as understood in today's terminology (meaning disorder via upheaval), because there was law and order established from the very beginning. However, chaos also means indefinable, indistinguishable and defused. The Hebrew letter for chaos is Mem. Mem is, in the original picture language, water. While it is true in today's world, water waves in a storm are wildly destructive; this is not the "ground state" of water. It has no form of itself, hence formless. The meaning is then that of being undefinable shape. The purpose here is not to play semantics, but to negate the present claim that the universe was originally in upheaval (referring to its supposed precedent violent existence being exclusive of Elohim). Because of the presumption attached to the word, "chaos," to be indicative of upheaval only, we need to consider the overlooked meaning of this word: being indefinite in nature.

If the universe were to originate in total upheaval by energies out of control, this would require velocities, which attain their properties by acceleration. This implies that someone or something had to accelerate them. Moreover, the energies themselves have defined attributes. To have any defined attribute, there has to be order. If there are no defined attributes, then we are returning to our definition of chaos.

The basic premise to establish is that all the soon to be created forces of nature are at a balance. The resultant vector of force at any location in space is zero. Note: the composition of a vector is of both direction and magnitude. The statement then reads: no energy and no active direction exist. This means that all the properties of nature are at a balance in such a manner that they annihilate the manifestation of an opposite created property if it was to exist. For example, if a negative charge and a positive charge were to share the same center, the result is no charge. Another example of self-annihilation of a given property of energy appears in gravity. Imagine gravity pulling upon a point with an equal opposite force. The result is zero movement. The very first state of the physical universe, then, has the attributes of being stable and motionless.

Excerpted from Elohim Phenomenon by I. D. McClain. Copyright © 2013 I. D. McClain. Excerpted by permission of Trafford Publishing.
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Table of Contents


PART 1: Establishing Physical Space....................          

Prelude....................     ??     

Chapter 1 Foundation....................     23     

Chapter 2 Nulverse....................     35     

Chapter 3 Inertverse....................     51     

PART 2: Creation of Xyzenthium Crystals....................          

Chapter 4 Gravverse....................     65     

Chapter 5 Kineverse....................     75     

Chapter 6 Thermaverse....................     85     

Chapter 7 Xyzenverse....................     97     

PART 3: Creation of Neutrons....................          

Chapter 8 Magneverse....................     111     

Chapter 9 Neutronverse....................     129     

Chapter 10 Quarks....................     143     

PART 4: Creation of Atoms....................          

Chapter 11 Neutron Breakup....................     161     

Chapter 12 Plasmaverse....................     177     

Chapter 13 Bondverse....................     205     

PART 5: Creation of the Macrocosm....................          

Chapter 14 Creating Galaxies....................     249     

Chapter 15 Creating Earth....................     273     

Chapter 16 Initial Formations....................     301     

PART 6: Post Creation Activity....................          

Chapter 17 Old World Phenomena....................     331     

Chapter 18 Peleg's Earthquake Overview....................     351     

Chapter 19 Kadummagen's Demise....................     373     

Chapter 20 Ice Ages....................     391     

Chapter 21 Resulting Atmosphere....................     407     

PART 7: Logic of Creation....................          

Chapter 22 The Big Ending....................     419     


Antiderivative....................     437     

Pluto and Beyond....................     443     

Life Continuum....................     445     

Resources....................     447     

Glossary....................     449     

Answers....................     469     

Index....................     471     

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