Elven Roses

Elven Roses

by Brandon Hill

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Aldrec was an elf who was mystery to all but himself. Keeping others at arm’s length, he lived each day staving off madness from his impossibly long and somewhat reclusive life. Mericlou was an Alerian model: an obsolete brand of android from a bygone era, lost in the monotony of the daily grind and her eccentric ‘family.’ Their friendship, born of serendipity, healed their lonely souls. Later, love entwined their lonely hearts…and nearly rekindled a shameful war.

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BN ID: 2940148519461
Publisher: Rogue Phoenix Press
Publication date: 09/09/2013
Series: World of Five Natons , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 954 KB

About the Author

I am a ‘classic nerd’ and hopeless romantic who loves sci-fi and fantasy, and am a prolific writer who has had dreams of authorship since childhood. I sketch about as prolifically as I write, and have drawings of just about every character my warped imagination has come up with. I hope to continue sharing these ideas, characters, and stories with others for years to come.

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Elven Roses 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Hi!!! Your story so far is really good so I have a character to submit Ana Khalin* Age: 14* Godly Parent: Iris, goddess of Rainbows * Looks: smooth dark caramel skin, rich wavy dark hair down to her midback that always smells like peppermint, soft chocolate colored eyes, straight pearly white teeth, thin lips, extremley small for her age* Normal Attire: pink tunic, leather vest, skinny jeans, moccasin shoes, rainbow headband, a golden necklace* Personality: one of those people who everyone likes, she is very funny, loves to laugh, is very humble, and is is very kind and caring, she always sticks up against bullies, shes fun to be with, very optimistic and never loses her cool, everyone she meets, even total jerks can't help but like her even though she makes other people very happy she sometimes very self concious and worries that shes not good enough* Powers: it is one of her greatest dismays that she does not have rainbow powers, however even though she is not the child of Hypnos she has the power to dreamwalk, she can not create or change dreams she can only watch them, she doesn't do this very often because she sees it as an invasion of peoples privacy, also she doesn't view it as a real power because it would not be any help on the battle field* Weopon: it would seem, because of her sweet nature that Ana would dislike battle but, if someone threatens herself or her friends she can become quite a good fighter, her favored weopon is her silver sword named Fog- I sure hope you can use Ana! Keep going with your story!!!!!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Alright. Since I've seen your request, you have just earned the chance to use one of the most unique and awesomest characters of all time. Are you ready? Good. •••Name: Olivine (no last name) ••• Age: Unknown, but looks and acts around 14 ••• Gender: Female ••• Height: 5' 5" ••• Eye color: Changes colors all the time(thanks to a gift from Iris) ••• Hair: VERY red, kept in a ponytail sticking out of the back of a blue ball cap. ••• Clothes: Green T-shirt and faded blue flare jeans, black sneakers. And I emphasize the point sneakers. They are magically enhanced, allowing her to move soundlessly. ••• Godly Heritage: None, really. This is a special case. Have you ever heard the legend of how Pandora was made? Well, Olivine was made in a similar way. She was gifted by the gods, each of them giving her a special trait. But one goddess, Nemesis, was against the idea of another Pandora all over again. So Nemesis gave her something- the gift of never aging, and the curse of amnesia. What I mean by that is that Olivine will never age(sort of like a Hunter) but she will be an amnesiac, meaning that at certain random points in her life, she will just forget everything- who she is, what she once was, her friends, enemies, everything-except her name. (You can use the amnesia part to AWESOME advantages in your story, you just have to figure them out). ••• Cabin: Hermes. Duh. xD ••• Personality: On top of eveything else, Olivine has something called MPD(Multiple Personality Disorder) which means she has split personalities. Most of the time, she stays her normal self, Olivine- a headstrong girl who, with her cocky and immature attitude, can get into a lot of trouble. Her other personality, who people have nicknamed 'Ivan-ette The Terrible', is a reckless killing machine who has no idea what side she's on. This side hardly ever shows, but when it does, it has a lousy sense of timing. (HINT HINT) ••• History: due to her amnesia, she doesn't remember anything but her name. This could play in if the group met her on the way, but it's your story. ••• Weapon(s): One of the gifts from the gods was paintball gun made out of a rare metal called olympian azure, rarer even than celestial bronze or imperial gold. It can kill monsters quite well. And yes, I do mean a paintball gun. Swords and other weapons like that are too overused.••• Love Interests/Boyfriend: None.... yet. If you want, you can pair her up with somebody. ••• Now that you have my awesomeazing character, USE HER! She is awesome, right? Anyways, please use her! Keep writing! ~DOS
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Here. If you want to know if you made the list, go to result three. Your application should look like this. Name: Megan/Age:12/Gender: girl/History: no telling/Personality: meet her/Looks: about 5'5", freckles, lightly tanned skin, black leather armor, black hair tha comes down to mid-back, striking blue eyes/Weapon of Choice: bows or swords/Godly Parent: Zues/Questions: ask at result 6. Have fun and good luck!