The Emerging Spatial Mind

The Emerging Spatial Mind

by Jodie M. Plumert, John P. Spencer

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ISBN-13: 9780190293406
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication date: 04/12/2007
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 5 MB

About the Author

University of Iowa

University of Iowa

Table of Contents

Contributors     ix
Introduction   Jodie M. Plumert   John P. Spencer     xiii
Remembering Where Things Are
Using Spatial Categories to Reason about Location   Janellen Huttenlocher   Stella F. Lourenco     3
Organism-Environment Interaction in Spatial Development: Explaining Categorical Bias in Memory for Location   Jodie M. Plumert   Alycia M. Hund   Kara M. Recker     25
Explaining the Development of Spatial Reorientation: Modularity-Plus-Language versus the Emergence of Adaptive Combination   Nora S. Newcombe   Kristin R. Ratliff     53
Using Locomotion to Update Spatial Orientation: What Changes with Learning and Development?   John J. Rieser   Herbert L. Pick, Jr.     77
Commentary: The Nature and Development of Spatial Reference Systems   Timothy McNamara     104
Thinking and Talking about Spatial Relations
On the Infant's Prelinguistic Conception of Spatial Relations: Three Developmental Trends and Their Implications for Spatial Language Learning   Paul C. Quinn     117
Adapting Spatial Concepts for Different Languages: From Preverbal Event Schemas to Semantic Categories   Soonja Choi   Laraine McDonough     142
The Body and Children's Word Learning   Linda B. Smith   JositaMaouene   Shohei Hidaka     168
Developmental Changes in Children's Understanding of Maps: What, When, and How?   Lynn S. Liben   Lauren J. Myers     193
Map Use and the Development of Spatial Cognition   Clare Davies   David H. Uttal     219
Commentary: Linking Internal Representations to the External World via Spatial Relations   Laura Carlson     248
Mapping the Neuropsychological Bases of Spatial Development
Effects of Blindness and Deafness on the Development of Spatial Perception and Cognition   Teresa V. Mitchell     263
Explaining Selective Spatial Breakdown in Williams Syndrome: Four Principles of Normal Spatial Development and Why They Matter   Barbara Landau   James E. Hoffman     290
What Does Theoretical Neuroscience Have to Offer the Study of Behavioral Development? Insights from a Dynamic Field Theory of Spatial Cognition   John P. Spencer   Vanessa R. Simmering   Anne R. Schutte   Gregor Schoner     320
Commentary: Specificity, Mechanisms, and Timing in the Study of Spatial Cognition   Courtney Stevens   Edward Awh     362
What Makes Thinking about Development So Hard?   John P. Spencer   Jodie M. Plumert     375
Author Index      387
Subject Index     399

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