Energy and the Environment: Into the 1990s

Energy and the Environment: Into the 1990s

by A. A. M. Sayigh

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As the governments and peoples of the world come to face the global impact of the technological revolution, it is appropriate to consider the future of world energy supplies. This conference approached the task not only of developing the means of tapping renewable energy sources, but also of showing renewable energy to be a viable alternative to current, harmful sources of energy. Economic and educational problems were addressed along with the scientific ones. The development of alternative energy is of no use if it cannot be made economically viable or if people are not convinced of its advantages.

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Table of Contents

Section headings and selected papers: Plenary Papers. Renewable, clean energies: urgency - solutions - priorities, G R Grob. Renewable energy and the developing countries, P D Dunn. Photovoltaic Technology. Photovoltaics - the road to maturity, P R Wolfe. Flexible manufacturing systems for photovoltaic - unique design from GSI, S Brown. Solar Thermal Technology. Rural application of solar energy - timber drying, M A Sattar. Experimental results of the optimization of a solar thermal plant in terms of available energy and flowrate control, A Bosio et al. Materials Science. Optical and thermal properties of transparent insulations, K Jahn et al. Nickel-cadmium selective black coating for solar thermal equipments, L Cindrella. Wind Energy. Performance report of a wind-electric pumping system, W Bucher. Compressed air as wind energy storage, A M Bogdanic&R Budin. Biomass Technology. Fuelwood production for domestic and industrial uses from coppice eucalyptus plantations, R E H Simms&P Handford. The Brazilian experience with alcohol fuel: microeconomic and environmental issues, R Seroa de Motta. Solar and Low Energy Architecture. A total energy design for 92 houses with combined use of solar heating and energy conservation, P V Pedersen. Design for wind protection using a wind tunnel, S de Schiller et al. Related Topics. Small hydro on large rivers - case study of the Sotuba scheme, Mali, J Lazenby. Modelling of market penetration by nonconventional energy sources, L Bohal et al. Author index.

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