Engaging Your Power

Engaging Your Power

by Mary Ann Robbat


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"Enlightening, inspirational, and full of practical examples of how to manifest the life you want, Engaging Your Power is a true gift."

--Lisa Genova, New York Times bestselling author of Still Alice and Left Neglected

How can I have the life I want?

People who live the lives they want to live-lives they've imagined and created-are full of vibrant energy, excited about their future, and at ease with who they are. Achieving this kind of life goes beyond material success; it's the root of real happiness, joy, and peace.

If this is how you want to live your life, there's good news: Engaging Your Power offers an effective way to achieve it. By using the three-part Success Triad, you will learn how to harness your energy, shift your beliefs, and become a powerful "manifestor"-a person who actually knows how to turn dreams into reality.

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ISBN-13: 9781462021956
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 07/29/2011
Pages: 120
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Engaging Your Power

Using Your Divine Energy to Have the Life You Want
By Mary Ann Robbat

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2011 Mary Ann Robbat
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4620-2195-6

Chapter One

Section 1: Your Energy System

The purpose of introducing you to these energy constructs is to show you the correlation of energy to your beliefs and your identity. I want you to see that it is only through bringing change to the unified Energy System, to all three levels of energy, that you will shift your life toward your desires.

This section is not intended to give you a comprehensive education on the topic of energy. There are numerous definitions of personal energy. In fact, many books are devoted to the in-depth study of your personal energy system, your spiritual energy system, and your etheric energy system. For the purposes of this book, I will define energy from my understanding, developed from working within the energy centers and fields for many years. I will also define only the energy systems I believe are critical in doing the work to create the life you truly desire.

We all know what energy is: energy heats our homes, powers our cars, and even helps plants to grow. But the kind of energy I am talking about is our personal energy. This is the energy we use to get out of the bed in the morning and to accomplish what we do in life.

When we see children in parks, some of them run around in constant motion, expending huge amounts of energy in their play. We see other children who sit contentedly playing in the sandbox, using their thoughts and imaginations to build things or make up stories. They are also expending energy. Our thoughts, beliefs, and physical movements are all forms of energy.

We experience people in terms of high energy or low energy. People with high energy tend to be involved in many different activities, believe they can change the state of things, and generally have a positive attitude. People with low energy tend to commit to only what they believe they can do; they limit the possibilities for themselves and live in a state they know they can manage. They tend not to be risk takers or to overcommit themselves. They tend to live from the belief that making it through life is their task rather than from the belief that they can shape life into what they desire.

Our energy gets expressed in more than just movement. It gets expressed in the vocabulary we choose, how we see the world, and our thought patterns. Our attitudes also influence our energy. When we have a generally positive outlook on life, we tend to be more highly energized. Conversely, when we are in a negative thought pattern or belief that life isn't fair or doesn't support us, our energy can be low, and then we tend to sit on the sidelines, cocoon ourselves, and not fully connect to the opportunities in life.

My Work as an Energy Healer/Shaman/Coach

Through the work I do as an energy healer, shaman, intuitive master, and coach, I have had a lot of training and opportunities to work within clients' energy systems. Early on in my career, when I went to various training programs, I would learn about great ways to affect change in one area of a person's energy system or life. I would use these techniques with clients and produce incremental change. However, much of the time, the changes weren't being sustained. They could bring into their lives what they wanted for a short period, but eventually they would go back to their old ways.

I became curious as to why some clients were having a big impact and were sustainably changing their lives while others were not. What I realized is that all of the energy systems are interrelated. We must take care of all of the systems in order to fully affect change in our lives. For instance, we can't focus only on setting positive intentions and expect results without looking at the beliefs and energy we may hold around a belief that negatively affects our intentions.

Client Study

I had a client once who was clear on what she wanted in a relationship. She could clearly identify the type of man she wanted and how she wanted to be in a relationship with that man. She created her intentions, developed vision boards, and affirmed for herself her ability to attract this man into her life. She was able to meet and date men who met her requirements for a relationship, but she could never stay in the relationship for long.

After a few months of working with her, I noticed a pattern in her ability to attract the man she desired and her inability to make it work. When I looked at the situation from the three energy systems within the Success Triad, I saw that she was working with only two of them. We talked about her ability to emanate the right energy to attract who she wanted, her beliefs, and her manifestation techniques. Her energy, which was high, positive, and focused on wanting a man, was in alignment, and her manifestation processes were also working well. She had a solid practice around saying her intentions, and she created a vision board and affirmed that a man was coming to her.

However, the block resided in her belief system. She remembered times in her life when her dad had told her that she was not the prettiest girl on the block and that she had better settle for the first man who came along. She recalled that her dad would say this jokingly or teasingly to her. Even though there was a level of jest to it, she created a perception about herself. The belief and perception was that she couldn't have a man she chose. She had stored energy and a deep-seated belief that she didn't deserve to have a man of her choosing.

And this played out in her life. She could focus and attract the man she desired, but she would do different things to sabotage the relationship, resulting in the man's leaving. Once we were able to track this memory and the pursuant belief she had created, we were able to release the energy and change her perspective of herself and her belief. It finally freed her up to believe that she could attract and keep the man she desired. I am happy to say that she is now married and has two children.

How to Experience Energy in Your Body

The body's Energy System is a truly complex one. Many books have been written and many distinctions made about our Energy Systems. For the purposes of this book and to help to support you in living the life you desire, I have distilled the Energy System into three primary subsystems:

• Spiritual Energy Field

• Life Force Energy Field

• Identity Energy Field

When I work within a client's Energy System, I look at the three subsystems to identify issues or problem areas. There are three questions I immediately ask as I scan each energy field:

• Is the energy field robust?

• Is it flowing easily?

• Is it connected with a spiritual source?

In scanning for robustness, flow, and connection with spirit, I can usually get a sense of the issues within the Energy System.

For instance, a client can have a robust connection with spirit and a spiritual energy field that is flowing smoothly and strongly. However, when I get to her Identity Energy Field, I may find a number of blocks. It is possible to have a combination of healthy and unhealthy subsystems working simultaneously.

The Spiritual Energy Field

The first field, the Spiritual Energy Field, is the energy that is connected to your soul. This is the energetic field that knows who you are and what you came to do in your human experience. It holds the purpose of your life. When you are flowing in life—meaning you are in a state of happiness and general well-being—you are living from a place of purpose and are in alignment with your spiritual wellness. Usually, when I see illness in this field, it is because a client is ignoring some fundamental need he or she has. Illness first shows up in your Spiritual Energy Field. If you continue to ignore what your soul needs, the illness will appear next in your Life Force Energy Field. And finally, if it continues to go unattended, it will show up in your Identity Energy Field and be evident in symptoms in your physical body.

When illness shows up in your Spiritual Energy Field, it is easy to heal. It is like an early-warning system that informs you that illness is near and will manifest in your body if you don't change or shift some of your beliefs, actions, or inactions.

If you are not living your soul's purpose, your Spiritual Energy Field will be cloudy or feel dense. This indicates that the energy between you and your spiritual self is not flowing. Because there is no flow, it is difficult for your spiritual energy to inform you on or help you stay aligned with your life purpose. When the spiritual energy is blocked, you may experience feelings of isolation, restlessness, emptiness, depression, or struggle. These feelings occur because of the energetic disconnect from your higher Spiritual Energy Field.

Exercise: Finding How You Personally Connect or Experience Energy

The best way to learn more about your energy field is to practice feeling and sensing energy. People connect with energy in one of three primary modes:

• Sensing energy

• Seeing energy

• Feeling energy

There is no right, wrong, or best way to work with energy. At this point, it is mainly about understanding your primary mode of connecting to it. And know that it is possible for you to experience the energy in more than one mode.

The following is a simple exercise to help you identify how you connect with energy.

1. Start by placing your hands about six inches apart from each other with your palms facing the ceiling. Imagine a white ball of light on your right hand. Focus on your hand until you can feel, see, or sense this ball of light. Pay attention to how it feels in your palm. Do you feel tingling or lightness, or do you experience the ball of light more as knowing that it is in your palm? Whatever you feel is the exact right thing for you.

2. Now take the ball of light and practice growing the energy of the ball to about six inches in diameter. Once you do this, throw the ball from one hand to the other.

3. You may experience this exercise in several different ways. You may feel the sensations in your hands as the ball leaves one hand and lands in the other. You can feel tingling, the heaviness of the ball, or a buzzing sensation.

4. You may just know when you are throwing the ball when it leaves the first hand and lands in the other. If this is the case for you, practice throwing the ball faster and faster. See if you can stay in the knowing of when the ball is leaving and arriving in each hand.

5. You may actually see the ball of light in your hand. If this is the case, keep yourself focused on the ball of light and watch it as it leaves one hand and lands in the other. Visualize the ball of light growing or shrinking in your hand.

Once you have a sense of how you feel energy, try the next exercise. It is designed for you to feel the flow of your spiritual energy.

Exercise: Assessing the Flow of Your Spiritual Energy Field

Check your energy for clarity, expansiveness, and ease:

1. First, think about someone or something that makes you joyful or happy.

2. As you continue to think, imagine energy or light flowing from you to the person or thing.

3. Feel, sense, or see how the energy flows from you to the person or thing. Ask yourself these questions:

• Is the energy flowing easily?

• Is it flowing quickly or slowly?

• Does the energy feel light or heavy?

Check your energy for denseness or cloudiness:

1. First, think about a situation that is bothering you, not supporting you, or angering you. Or, think about a person with whom you are upset.

2. As you continue to think, imagine energy or light flowing from you to the person or situation.

3. Feel, sense, or see how the energy flows from you to the person or situation. Ask yourself the same questions:

• Is the energy flowing easily?

• Is it flowing quickly or slowly?

• Does the energy feel light or heavy?

These exercises will help you make the distinctions regarding how your energy shows up when expansive or when stuck. Now, let's check in on your Spiritual Energy Field.

Imagine a big ball of white light or energy in your stomach. Then, move the energy up through your body and out through the top of your head (crown chakra). Create and hold the intention to send this energy to your soul or higher self—the part of you that knows your soul's purpose.

Watch how this energy flows:

• Is the energy flowing easily?

• Is it flowing quickly or slowly?

• Does the energy feel light or heavy?

This will give you a good indication of how your energy is flowing to your Spiritual Energy Field. If you find that the energy is not moving very well or is not all that expansive, exercises later in this chapter will help you release blocked energy and move energy more easily.

The Life Force Energy Field

Life Force Energy can also be described as your aura, which is the second energy field. It is the field that surrounds your body. It can extend anywhere from two to twenty inches from your body, depending on your emotional state. This is where your emotions and feelings surface, showing up as colors surrounding your body. For instance, if you are in a high degree of agitation, a lot of red will be in the energy field around your body. If you are in a peaceful and centered place in your life, there might be a lot of white and violet in your field.

You may have seen photographs or drawings depicting an aura. A special camera can capture the electromagnetic field of your body and thus capture the colors of your field. Some trained healers are able to read auras without any equipment and can supplement a photograph with information gained through a spiritual reading. What is important to know is that the aura is information referring to your Life Force Energy Field at that one moment in time. Your aura is constantly changing as your emotions and feelings change. It is useful to work with your aura because it brings you to the truth of what you are feeling. For instance, you can speak calmly and rationally about a topic while your aura shows colors of distress, contradicting your speaking tone.

This is a good indicator to a healer that you may be holding subconscious thoughts, emotions, or energy that is blocking your conscious awareness.

I work with the aura to check a client's emotional well-being in the moment and to look for energy blocks. When energy blocks appear in the aura, the color may be very dark or there may be an absence of color. The color may also appear only very close to the body or not have a wide span. When this occurs, it informs me that the client's energy is not as expansive as it could be.

I also use the aura to identify areas of abundant energy. When there is an imbalance of energy in the field, it helps me determine if the client is in a high "doing" state or a high "being" state or if he or she is carrying a lot of masculine energy or feminine energy. This energy field is very helpful in informing me about the client's emotional well-being and the level of energy he or she is pulling in. The Life Force Energy and aura are where the flow of the Spiritual Energy Field is visible. If there are blocks in this energy field, it helps me to identify for my clients the places where they may be in discordance with their spiritual selves or life purposes.

Exercise: How to See, Feel, and Sense Your Own Aura

First, remember that your aura represents your own emotional state at one point in time. Emotional states can and do change, so you may get different results with this exercise because of when you practice it.

There are many ways to practice seeing, feeling, and sensing your aura. Below are a few methods I have selected that I believe are the simplest and easiest ways, but they still may require much practice before you can see, feel, or sense your aura. If you are interested in learning more about auras, numerous books on the subject are available.


Excerpted from Engaging Your Power by Mary Ann Robbat Copyright © 2011 by Mary Ann Robbat. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse, Inc.. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Notes from the Author....................ix
Overview of the Success Triad....................5
Energy System....................7
Belief System....................10
Manifestation System....................12
Section 1: Your Energy System....................15
How to Experience Energy in Your Body....................18
Importance of Working within Your Entire Energy System....................31
How Energy Works in Your Life....................32
How Your Energy Works Against You: Energy Blocks....................38
What Causes Energy Blocks?....................40
Stuck Happens: When Energy Gets Blocked....................42
How Do You Know if You Have Stuck Energy?....................47
How Does Your Energy System Affect Your Moods and Thoughts?....................51
Your Environment Has Energetic Vibrations....................53
How to Clean a Physical Place....................54
Why Is It Important to Know Your Energy?....................59
Section 2: Your Belief System....................61
The Power of Your Thoughts and Beliefs....................61
How Do Your Beliefs Affect Your Day-to-Day Life?....................69
Unconscious Beliefs....................74
With Clarity Comes What You Desire....................74
What Beliefs Have You Outgrown?....................79
When Beliefs Stand in Your Way....................86
Unconscious Beliefs....................88
Section 3: Your Manifestation System....................91
What Are Intentions?....................92
How Do You Ask the Universe?....................95
When You Think You Aren't Getting What You've Asked For....................100
Long-Term and Short-Term Intentions....................104
Reaching Your Goals....................104

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