Essential Sewing Reference Tool: All-in-One Visual Guide

Essential Sewing Reference Tool: All-in-One Visual Guide

by Carla Hegeman Crim

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Comprehensive, this must-have book, Essential Sewing Reference Tool, by Carla Hegeman Crim, is an indispensable guide for anyone who sews (or wants to start). Organized for easy readability and usage, it covers everything you need to know whether you’re making a home decoration, piece of clothing, or an accessory. Contents include an extensive overview on tools and materials, step-by-step instructions on various seams and finishes, information on zipper installation, size conversion charts, over 300 how-to photographs, and so much more.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781607058618
Publisher: C & T Publishing
Publication date: 02/01/2014
Series: Reference Tool
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 128
File size: 6 MB

About the Author

Carla Hegeman Crim, founder of Scientific Seamstress LLC, is a molecular biologist turned patternmaker. She has been experimenting with fabric for over 30 years. Her first book, Sewn Hats, was published in 2013. Visit Carla on the web at

Table of Contents

Contents [Chapter title]

Tools and Supplies [Chapter title]
Sewing Machines [Head 1]
Sewing Machine Feet [Head 1]
Cutting Tools [Head 1]
Pressing Tools [Head 1]
Marking Tools [Head 1]
Needles [Head 1]
Needle Size [Head 2]
Needle Type [Head 2]
Specialty Needles [Head 2]
Straight Pins [Head 1]
Thread [Head 1]
Thread Fiber Composition [Head 2]
Thread Weight [Head 2]
Elastic [Head 1]
Elastic Fiber Content [Head 2]
Elastic Type [Head 2]
Elastic Style [Head 2]
Other Notions [Head 1]
Stitches and Seams [Chapter title]
Stitches [Head 1]
Hand Sewing Stitches [Head 2]
Machine Stitches [Head 2]
Seam Allowances [Head 1]
Width [Head 2]
Curved Seams [Head 1]
Simple Seam Finishes [Head 1]
Pinking [Head 2]
Straight Stitching Head 2]
Straight Stitching and Folding [Head 2]
Overcasting [Head 2]
Couture Seam Finishes [Head 1]
Flat-Felled Seam [Head 2]
French Seam [Head 2]
Hong Kong Finish [Head 2]
Hems [Head 1]
Single-Folded Hem [Head 2]
Double-Folded Hem [Head 2]
Rolled Hem [Head 2]
Faced Hem [Head 2]
Machine Blindstitched Hem [Head 2]
Hem Width [Head 2]
Hemming Hints [Head 2]
Materials [Chapter title]
Fabric [Head 1]
Fiber Composition [Head 2]
Fiber Arrangement [Head 2]
Interfacing [Head 1]
Interfacing Fiber Arrangement [Head 2]
Interfacing Weight [Head 2]
Other Fusible Products [Head 1]
Stuffing [Head 1]
Polyester Fiberfill [Head 2]
Natural-Fiber Stuffing [Head 2]
Poly Pellets [Head 2]
Batting [Head 1]
Batting Fiber Type [Head 2]
Batting Thickness [Head 2]
Gathering, Ruffles, Bias Tape, Piping, and Trims [Chapter title]
Gathering [Head 1]
Marking Gathers [Head 2]
Straight-Stitch Gathering [Head 2]
Zig-Zag Stitch Gathering [Head 2]
Attaching Gathers [Head 2]
Ruffles [Head 1]
Hemmed Ruffles [Head 2]
Double-Thickness Ruffles [Head 2]
Bias Cut Ruffles [Head 2]
Ruffle Fullness [Head 2]
Bias Tape [Head 1]
Cutting and Joining Bias Strips [Head 2]
Folding Bias Tape [Head 2]
Applying Bias Tape [Head 2]
Piping [Head 1]
Making Piping [Head 2]
Inserting Piping into a Straight Seam [Head 2]
Inserting Piping Around Corners [Head 2]
Trims [Head 1]
Flat Trims [Head 2]
Edgings [Head 2]
Fringes [Head 2]
Insertions [Head 2]
Zippers [Chapter title]
Zipper Length [Head 1]
Stitching Zippers [Head 1]
Centered Zipper Installation [Head 1]
Lapped Zipper Installation [Head 1]
Invisible Zipper Installation [Head 1]
Buttons and Buttonholes [Chapter title]
Buttons [Head 1]
Flat Buttons [Head 2]
Shank Buttons [Head 2]
Buttonholes [Head 1]
Sizing Buttonholes [Head 2]
Buttonhole Placement [Head 2]
Marking Buttonholes [Head 2]
Stitching Buttonholes [Head 2]
Home Décor [Chapter title]
Bed Coverings [Head 1]
Bed and Bedding Sizes [Head 2]
Yardage Requirements [Head 2]
Basic Comforter [Head 2]
Hemmed Coverlet or Bedspread [Head 2]
Quilted Coverlet or Bedspread [Head 2]
Basic Duvet [Head 2]
Pillows [Head 1]
Bed Pillow and Pillowcase Sizes [Head 2]
Making Basic Standard- and Queen-Size Pillowcases [Head 2]
Throw Pillows [Head 2]
Pillow Types [Head 2]
Pillow Closure Options [Head 2]
Bedskirts [Head 1]
Curtains [Head 1]
Curtain Types [Head 2]
Curtain Hanging Options [Head 2]
Curtain Length Measurements and Hem Calculations [Head 2]
Curtain Width Measurements and Fullness Calculations [Head 2]
Basic Tab-Top Curtains [Head 2]
Table Linens [Head 1]
Square or Rectangular Tablecloths [Head 2]
Custom Tablecloth Sizing [Head 2]
Round Tablecloths [Head 2]
Napkins [Head 2]
Table Runners and Placemats [Head 2]
Sewn Accessories [Chapter title]
Belts and Key Fobs [Head 1]
Belt Sizing [Head 2]
Belt Hardware [Head 2]
Belt Materials [Head 2]
Basic Fabric Belts [Head 2]
Basic Key Fobs [Head 2]
Bags [Head 1]
Types of Bags [Head 2]
Bag Fabrics [Head 2]
Optional Bag Hardware [Head 2]
Bag Closures [Head 2]
Garment Making [Chapter title]
set-in sleeves?
Making Darts [Head 1]
Adding Facings [Head 1]
Linings [Head 1]
Sewing Casings [Head 1]
Patterns [Head 1]
Selecting Patterns [Head 2]
Verifying Sizing [Head 2]
Pattern Abbreviations and Markings [Head 2]
Body Measurements [Head 2]
Ease [Head 1]
Adjusting for Height [Head 1]
Adjusting for Girth [Head 1]
Size Charts [Chapter title]
Infants', Toddlers', and Little Kids' Sizes [Table title]
Infants' and Toddlers' Vertical Measurements [Table title]
Little Kids' Vertical Measurements [Table title]
Girls' Sizes
Boys' Sizes
Girls' and Boys' Vertical Measurements [Table title]
Misses' sizes [Table Title]
Women's sizes [Table title]
Misses' and Women's Vertical Measurements (in inches) [Table title]
Men's sizes [Table title]
Men's Vertical Measurements (in inches) [Table title]
Number Conversions [Chapter title]
Decimal/Fraction Equivalents [Table title]
Yardage to Inches to Decimals [Table title]
English to Metric Length [Table title]

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