Everyday Awakening

Everyday Awakening

by Sam Liebowitz
Everyday Awakening

Everyday Awakening

by Sam Liebowitz


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New perspectives give rise to clarity. In Sam Liebowitz's Everyday Awakening, you will find inspiration, hope, depth, and new perspectives that challenge your existing paradigm and elevate your awareness, energy, and happiness. To access more of your power, open this book to any page, then open your mind and let the journey begin. A compilation of insightful, heart-centered blog posts from The Conscious Consultant blog on being conscious and mindful in our daily lives. These mini wake-up calls will help you harness your superpowers.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781735197302
Publisher: Conscious Consultant
Publication date: 11/17/2020
Pages: 308
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.65(d)

About the Author

Sam Liebowitz, known as the Conscious Consultant, is a twenty-seven-year veteran entrepreneur in the human potential and empowerment space. For more than ten years he has owned and operated Double Diamond Wellness, Inc., in the heart of Manhattan. There, Sam provides coaching, business mentoring, and healing services. He is also the owner of TalkRadio.NYC and has been hosting and producing broadcast-quality internet radio shows since 2010. Sam has dedicated his life and work to creating openings where people harness their superpowers and create an abundant, fulfilling, sustainable business, career, and life.

Table of Contents



Part I: Our Foundation: Essence, Presence, and Wellbeing

1. We Are Perfectly Imperfect

2. We Are Not Broken, and We Don't Need to Be Fixed

3. Life Happens for Us, Not to Us

4. When We Find Peace Within, Nothing Can Shake Our World

5. Working Hard Is Not the Answer-Unless We Are Working Hard on Ourselves

6. Shining a Light on Shame Is How We Begin to Release It

7. True Evolution Is Accepting Our Family Without Judgment

8. Our Physical and Emotional Health Are Interdependent

9. Strength Does Not Come from Force, It Comes from Being Vulnerable

10. Feeling Safe Is Essential for Us to Grow and Be Authentic

11. Sitting Still Allows Us to Be More Present to Ourselves and Others

12. Loneliness Is about Separation from Ourselves

13. When We Find Ourselves in Resistance, Life Has Another Plan for Us

14. A Night Off Is Our Right as Conscious Beings

15. We Can Choose Our Own Standards for Success

16. We All Need Help Now and Then

17. When We Surrender, Life Takes Care of Itself

18. What Would We Do If We Had No Fear?

Part II: Our Growth: Disruption, Progress, and Flow

19. There Is Always a Path Forward

20. The Three Most Powerful Words for Growth

21. Creation Is about Joy and the Possibilities Within Us

22. To Go with the Flow Requires Real Trust

23. It Is Up to Us to Learn the Lessons of Life

24. Growth Happens in the Dance Between Fluidity and Integrity

25. We Are Both Light and Dark

26. Slowing Down May Be the Fastest Way to Get Where We're Going

27. Chaos Allows Us to Go from Evolutionary to Revolutionary

28. Progress Is Hidden by How Close We Are to It

29. If We Recognize Our Progress, We Don't Need Another's Praise

30. Pain Is a Message about Needing to Change

31. We All Have Dog Days Every Now and Then

32. Being Triggered Is Always about Us

33. Play Can Be Deep Work

34. Balance Happens Over an Entire Life, Not in a Day, or a Week

35. Our Mistakes Are Not Here to Make Us Feel Bad, They Are Here to Teach Us

36. When Resistance Appears, It Just Means There Is a Better Way

Part III: Our Will: Energy, Integrity, and Empowerment

37. Trusting Ourselves Is Where All Empowerment Begins

38. Harmony Is When We Flow Effortlessly from Being to Doing

39. We Create Our Lives Through Our Focus, Energy, and Decisions

40. Integrity Creates Influence-and Influence Is Golden

41. Living Up to Our Commitments Is about More Than Keeping Our Word

42. Our Strongest Moments Happen When We Are Most Vulnerable

43. Respecting Ourselves Is the First Step to Receiving Respect

44. Standing Up for Ourselves Is Not Selfish, It Is How We Meet Our Needs

45. The Kinder We Are with Ourselves, the Easier It Is to Take Responsibility

46. Forgiving Ourselves Is the Key to Embodying Integrity

47. Being Honest with Ourselves about Reality Is How We Empower Ourselves

48. As We Accept All of Ourselves, Balance Gives Way to Harmony

49. All Our Preparation Is for the Moment We Haven't Prepared For

50. Bringing Joy to Our Challenges Is How We Glide Through Them

51. Shifting from Blame to Choice Empowers Us Beyond Measure

52. If We Take Responsibility for Our Part, We Can Change Our Life

53. Pressure Can Serve Us If We View It as Something That Supports Us

54. Standing Up for the Right Thing Can Feel Lonely Until We See the Impact

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