Experiences and Insights

Experiences and Insights

by Frank Scott, Nisa Montie


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There is so much murkiness within each point of view that prevents each of us from seeing and experiencing, knowing, and having the correct choices to progress toward God’s desired goal.

Within our true nature as divine entities, the translucent complexity is brought into a singleness: our thoughts and feelings (from physiologically based states of consciousness) Spirits and Soul-based states of awareness are unified when we are properly modulated.

Most beings ignore or deny the difficulties that occur when we choose egoic points of view rather than that of the First Mind. With the former disconnected viewpoints and the resulting lack of alignment and integration of Soul, Spirit, mind, and body within our Selves, we experience in our external worlds events and actions that reflect this improper arrangement and lack of coherence, as well as the distortion derived therefrom, from moment to moment. No amount of therapy and time can disentangle the disarray, the muddle of confusion, said predicament produces in the psyche of each and all. Suffice it to say, a transitory look at the world we live in reveals to any detached observer the games and traps being created from one to the next generation.

Whether actively or passively pursued, these games cause effects which cost all of us, be it emotional or monetary costs, draining our production and reducing our resource utilization, or adding to a greater tragedy—the loss of direction and meaning for our-Selves.

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ISBN-13: 9781504371766
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 12/27/2016
Pages: 250
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Experiences and Insights

By Frank Scott, Nisa Montie

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2017 Frank Scott and Nisa Montie
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-7176-6


An Interesting Tale

We [the authors] have just returned from a trip to Granada, Nicaragua, where we spent five wonderful days, full of interesting people and surprising experiences, the kind that warrant sharing.

Duglas and his wife Maria gathered together a group of friends with whom we shared information of a spiritual nature. The women, especially, put themselves out to cook distinctive local pastries, as well as cutting up melons and bananas, to serve with fruit drinks, during each of the three talks (given in Spanish by Frank, or translated from English to Spanish when Nisa spoke) despite the meager circumstances. We were quite appreciative and touched by the giving nature of the people, and their willingness to invite two white foreigners into their homes on three separate occasions.

Duglas has the short and stocky build, round face, and medium-brown skin of his Aztec ancestors — a lineage about which he takes some pride. It was his kindness and loyalty that encouraged us to return to Nicaragua for a third time. Through him, and his family, we were given access to his local community, who share the history of a city built, in part, by his ancestors, who were descended from those who built the Aztec empire. The Aztecs were nomadic, he told us, and in that spirit moved, time and again, over a large span of land. On the other hand, the Mayans, he explained, settled north of the area now known as Nicaragua, in an area now known as Guatemala.

We, met, and became friends with, Duglas and his family beginning with our first trip to Nicaragua. Travelling to Central America originally for the purpose of investigating countries to retire in, we wished, as well, to expand our understanding of the human experience by inserting ourselves in the lives of local people, and sharing those intimate moments that can only be experienced by living in a place for a while.

Again, our reasoning was guided by one objective: to experience unusual events that open doors of greater human understanding, doors that suddenly appear, known or unknown to us, and at times, even to the inhabitants of the country, as important and life-changing. We, together with those whose culture and memories are different, could bond through these experiences of life, weaving together aspects of the fabric of existence in ways that are unexpected.

It was with these unspoken hopes to understand, and answer the questions of human existence under different conditions, that we visited Nicaragua.

In viewing the particular circumstances of this country, we wondered how the people, as spiritual beings, had survived their civil revolution, a violent and prolonged conflict of wills and philosophies that left many unable to continue their earthly journeys? Two decades later, after peace had been established, how far had the process of reconciliation, even among siblings who found themselves on different sides of the conflict, gone? How was the structure of the family, especially the relationship between a man and a woman, affected?

What had they learned, in terms of a moral compass, from such a human condition of inner and outer struggle, born out of extreme external circumstances, political in nature, and based in corrupt human desire?

Had they obtained, both individually and collectively, a real solution for their problems, based in the Reality of commonality of Soul (God's engraved Image) and Spirit (the Universal Mind and Life), through these intense trials?

Did this spiritual process of checks and balances create moments of clarity — even a number of them — in the community?

When lives are thus subjected to incredibly prolonged extremes, the polarity present everywhere on Earth is highlighted. In this microcosm, the receptive nature of the Heart, and the Spirit of Life and Intelligence, reveal themselves as they are modulated by both the Will and Pleasure of God, and the egoic wills of His creatures. The ensuing tug-of-war clearly exemplifies the fierce and ever-present battle for ascendency between the Light and the darkness.

The meaning of Spirituality, when each entity's false guidance by the egoic self is slowly stepped back — away from a position of supreme control — becomes increasingly clear with the early signs of change in the entities degree of Soul-based modulation. This conversion signals hope for a better life, crowned with a divine flavor as real as each Being of Light's state of being and knowing allows.

As mandated purification, this process is well known, and understood by those whose lives are beginning to flow in accordance with the Divine Plan, their hearts transforming as they respond to the Clarion Call. However awkward or incomplete in appearance such a gradual process is, it is the basis for spiritual change. Those endowed with wisdom understand that in the midst of chaos, the imperceptible field of activities of Spirit (when modulated from the Soul level) is bringing a window of balance that settles the prevailing state of collision and violent interaction on the planet, releasing those elements that remove inner distress. This process thereby creates the conditions for some degree of political harmony; further, there is a lessening of crime, and of the inequality born out of a lack of positive choices for those with less material wealth and education, all imposed through a super-positioning of the Will and Pleasure of God.

The world over is being moved toward its collective maturity, and the birth pangs are being experienced. Nicaragua is no exception, perhaps leading the curve of transformation through communities with its expressions of early spirituality, both individually and collectively. Using prayer, they have been able to connect to the Spirit of Life and Intelligence (fifth-dimensionally), and to obtain that level of healing of the mind and body available within the Simulator.

Accented with these experiences that divulge signs of His Power, their lives, including their hearts, minds, and bodies, are being affected positively by a Creator who shows His Mercy to those creatures who had shown the results of ignorance and mismanaged energies (passions), over a prolonged period of time. Exhausted and defeated by their tribulations, these entities have now given up the struggle and embraced the dawning signs of the Light that illumines their hearts.

They have begun to experience the imprint and presence of the Divine Plan, proving and severely testing each and all hearts with the Fire that purifies, appearing as a consequence of earlier misdeeds on the outside, yet concealing a greater purpose on the inside: the transformation of human thought and life. At the core and heart of the process, we find the revival of God's Mystery: the anointment that follows His Remembrance, and the early signs of Returning to one's Higher Self.

Third- and fourth-dimensional activities (body and mind), together with the Spirit of Life and Intelligence (fifth-dimensional imperceptible field of activities) can bring about changes, like healing, spoken of as miracles, on a daily basis. Once the individual and other members of the community begin the process of transformation, by being resurrected, or connected to the Life of the Spirit, they may realize a partial state of awakening, utilizing prayers in accordance with the Dispensation of a Manifestation of God (in this case, Jesus, son of Mary). Were these beings to recognize the latest Manifestation (Baha'u'llah), among other divine requirements, they could be connected tenth-dimensionally, according to the Divine Will and Pleasure.

Should God then bestow this Blessing, true spiritual healing would then occur. They would realize their true station as immortal beings, coalesced in Soul, Spirit, mind and body, tuned by the Infinite Light in the Instrument of the True Self, using the pre-cursor engine of the vacuum (the Spirit of Life and Intelligence) according to the Divine Plan to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth.

At the present time, these communities have begun to receive the Blessings from God, having conditionally moved to the Plain of Limitations, as their transformation is also known.

These small communities have sprung here and there, in over one hundred and forty countries, and are experiencing what is known as the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

This first stage of spiritual transformation on the planet (one of several) is, in fact, a component of the super-positioning of a higher Reality over a lower one. The former modulates the latter imposing Divine Information over various stand alone, scalar, carrier waves.

The city of Granada, Nicaragua, for us, is a fertile ground where the Spiritual phenomenon transforming the world has begun. We have seen how the Beauty, and the Will and Pleasure, of God, expressed through His Blessings and gifts of the Spirit of all-that-is, develop and enhance the lives of those who have responded to the Clarion Call, and have been chosen to become a part of this newly-emerging divine civilization.

The people there are experiencing healings — from physical regeneration to marital harmony to dependence on the Creator — in the midst of a world distracted by divisive and destructive actions. These healings demonstrate how what is good and in alignment with God's Plan may overcome what is evil and without the modulation from the Soul level.

Though small in number, these members of several communities experiencing God's Blessings represent a valiant step forward, and an active, rather than a passive, response to the problems of the world, problems resulting from confused and distorted points of view. Spiritually, these blessed entities removed themselves from those who erroneously dealt with the myriad issues plaguing humankind by distancing their hearts from God.

These communities are growing in the capacity to do by holding meetings, consulting, and carrying through on their decisions with a spirit of cooperation, while appreciating what God has given them. Though surrounded by the conditions brought by an earlier era of conflict and violence, and dealing with poverty and limited economic opportunities, they are learning to witness, through said transformation, a new capacity to bring about what is needed. Increasingly over time, their friendly faces and hospitable demeanor serve as an invitation to others who, faced with such a loving reception, have begun to investigate the ways of God, irrespective of social status and past activities.


It is a Wonderful Day

With wonder comes something unfamiliar that invites the traveler into further inquiry into the purpose and meaning of his or her existence.

These unique experiences are bestowed as a blessing to encourage the individual entity, a Soul-possessing Spirit of Life and Intelligence, gated in, piped, and gated out of worlds of time (or gated out of the Simulator altogether), during his or her phase-conjugated stage when integrated to a physiologically-based consciousness, to explore and discover the wonder of it all within the third-dimensional, material theaters.

From this Wonder, the entity may build a fourth-dimensional, mind-world construct from where to find the true meaning of these fractional and temporal, existential experiences, and may eventually leave these worlds of names and appearances, given God's Grace.

It is a wonderful day when our understanding keeps pace with our hearts, and these forward changes are confirmed inwardly as we approach God. The seeker of Truth, in all its forms and conditions, and under all circumstances, finds support from the Unseen, that discloses more and more the purpose of the Simulator in our lives, as each traveler's usefulness matures and complements a larger whole.

We are living a process that brings us closer to the Knowledge and Love of God, our Creator, as we discover and understand more and more of our Higher Selves, through experiences that are messages from outside this third-dimensional, material arrangement. We are witnesses to experiences that transcend the ordinary, bringing us closer to a Realm where everything is possible.

Yet, not everyone knows of these things, nor experiences the conscious shift announcing and bringing the supernatural to everyday life. Not everyone is given the privilege to see and experience these eye-opening events. Only those that were chosen to, by God, realize the presence of the Divine within the seemingly mundane.

It is like this always: the few of pure heart become aware of those special, miraculous moments; the many, whose hearts are closed, cannot see the changes brought through a super-positioning of realities, when the virtue of Compassion is bestowed upon a suffering world. We witnessed these miracles. ... Overnight, the horses, who were lean and lifeless, grow fat, with shiny coats, a lively trot, and shoes on their hoofs. Overnight, the streets without drainage suddenly have the final layer of dirt being placed over sewer pipes that were nonexistent the day before. A while later, the heat of the city, which had become extremely oppressive due to the cutting down of the majority of trees fifty years previously, becomes tolerable — due to the inexplicable appearance of forty-year-old trees all over the town, including new parks and green islands in the center of roads.

The city of Granada, Nicaragua offers to the enlightened traveler the fluctuations and contrast of worlds with, and without, God's Blessings. For those who understand the ways of God, it is a Wonder-filled Day. For the great majority of visitors and residents, it is just another day.

The unfolding of another reality, and overlapping of two contrasting worlds, tell their own stories: the changes are taking place, slowly, and a better world is emerging, rising from the depths of the hearts as lava from the Mombacho volcano.

Though relatively small in numbers, Nicaragua's people are large in Faith, allowing positive changes to appear from the realm of Spirit, fertilizing the soil of humankind's conscious-awareness with the heavenly nourishment of God's Love and Mercy, just as the ash from their volcanoes has enriched the earth from which spring the plants, sustaining their material forms.

The Glow

When every branch of the Tree
In the Garden of Wonders
With the Wisdom of Eternity,
Each soul lights up
Upon the planet.

The people look up,
Praising God for His Mercy;
The animals move in a different
Rhythm and harmony,
And even the plants and stones
Shout silently,
From within themselves,
Of the great miracle
of God's Love
Welling up in each atom
Like a clear Fountain
Of Grace.

When we see in the heart of an entity that the Love of God is missing, we wonder. ... What will it take to Remember and Return? How much suffering can a being endure before he or she stops resisting, and begins in earnest to love our Creator?

What will it take to transform the heart that knows only of isolation and separation, an aloneness that cuts through the flesh like a cold, winter wind, leaving that being lost, shaking, and holding onto existence for dear life?

We see these faces every day; some struggle to manage — or to hide — their pain, while others pretend that all is well, ignoring their inner clamors for help.

When God's creature sees through empty eyes — when the windows to the Soul are no longer clear enough to allow the Divine Light to illuminate the heart — then he or she misses the road leading out of the Simulator into the Garden of Eternity.

That Light Being's sphere of awareness cannot, then, return to the Higher Self, to bask always in the Perfect Light of the pleasant and peaceful Garden, in the Day of God, with the Eternal Welcome of our Creator.

The Stream

The stream of eternity
Flows from heart to heart,
Linking each Traveler
To the Mysterious Garden
From which it emerged,
Whispering of Love
That overwhelms
Like every color of wildflowers
Springing up, with pollen sipped
By ardent bees and butterflies
Landing lightly, then
Gone, after the Spring
Tropical rain
Us so that we shine
In the brilliant sun.

This (human) Being, a Spirit of Life and Intelligence, with a Soul-based state of awareness, is able to function individually and collectively, as him- or her-Self, and as part of the various social and biological structures comprising membership to an ever-advancing civilization, within a family, community, city-state, nation, and the world.

The necessary experiences, having been provided through the Simulator, beginning with the recognition by the entity of the Voice of God for the day and age of the fractional and temporal, existential life that is being lived, allow the Light Being to approach in nearness towards God; collectively, then, as all human beings pursue their Callings, their lives demonstrate the kind of service to the whole that is necessary for the formation of a unified and harmonious community of human kind upon the planet, as part of a local system of intelligence and life.


Excerpted from Experiences and Insights by Frank Scott, Nisa Montie. Copyright © 2017 Frank Scott and Nisa Montie. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Preface, vii,
An Interesting Tale, 1,
It is a Wonderful Day, 13,
The Emerging Being, 22,
Waking Up from the Games, 28,
Immersion in the Word of God, 59,
A Story to Tell, 74,
Quintessence, 114,
Of Interest, 127,
A Reminder, 150,
The Divine Plan, 177,
Moving Through the Glass, 193,
How Important it is to Know, 207,
I Am Consciously Aware, 220,
Books by Kito and Ling Productions, 235,

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