Exploring the Edge Realms of Consciousness: Liminal Zones, Psychic Science, and the Hidden Dimensions of the Mind

Exploring the Edge Realms of Consciousness: Liminal Zones, Psychic Science, and the Hidden Dimensions of the Mind

by Daniel Pinchbeck, Ken Jordan

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ISBN-13: 9781583945179
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
Publication date: 09/18/2012
Sold by: Penguin Random House Publisher Services
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 384
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

Daniel Pinchbeck is the editorial director of Reality Sandwich and cofounder of Evolver.net. He is the author of Breaking Open the Head: A Psychedelic Journey into the Heart of Contemporary Shamanism, among other works.

Ken Jordan is the publisher and executive producer of Reality Sandwich and Evolver.net and has written for Wired, Index, and The Paris Review. Pinchbeck and Jordan have coedited two other anthologies, Toward 2012 and What Comes After Money? Both live in New York City.

Table of Contents

Exploring the Edge Realms of Consciousness: An Introduction Daniel Pinchbeck ix

Part 1 Of Minds and Molecules

1 Syllable and Sound Michael Taussig 3

2 Into the Quantum Realm James Oroc 11

3 Divine Mothership of Trance: Boom 2010 Graham St John 24

Part 2 Adventures into the Psyche

4 Seeing into the Unseen: A Personal Journey of Discovery Timothy Wyllie 43

5 Do You See What I See? Memoirs of a Blind Biker Russell Targ 60

6 The Jhanas: Or, When Every Mystical State You've Ever Wanted Isn't Enough Jay Michaelson 77

7 Diamond Solitaire: Washing Beets with God Erik Davis 91

Part 3 Science of the Psyche

8 On Anthropological Approaches to Anomalous Phenomena: Explorations in the Science of Magic and the Narrative Structure of Paranormal Experiences David Metcalfe 97

9 Psiverts and Psychic Piracy: The Future of Parapsychology? David Luke 114

10 What Gorilla? Why Some Can't See Psychic Phenomena Dean Radin 129

Part 4 Visions in Night and Darkness

11 Eye Spirits: Visions of the Blind Paul Devereux 141

12 Meeting in the Dream World: Oneironauticum Jennifer Dumpert 147

13 Lucid Dreaming Paul Levy 157

14 Shattering Subconscious Isolation: Inception, Lucid Dreaming and the Collective Unconscious Robert Waggoner 165

15 Layers of Illusion: Manifesting Astral Body, Dream, andLucidity Anthony Peake 172

16 Sleep Paralysis Visions: Demons, Succubi, and theArchetypal Mind Ryan Hurd 185

Part 5 Synchromysticism

17 Universal Feedback and Reality as Remix Jennifer Palmer 197

18 Chaos, Synchronicity, and the Technology of Magic Tony Vigorito 211

19 Synchronicity and Emergent Self-Organization Simon G. Powell 220

Part 6 Shamanic Operations

20 Homo Luminous: The New Human Alberto Villoldo 227

21 Journey Through a Cosmic Portal: A Serpent Ladder Franklin LaVoie 236

22 Into the Green Underworld Daenin Tejeda 248

23 Prolegomena to a Guide for the Emerging Yoga Shaman Allowah 269

Part 7 Thought at the Periphery

24 Super Free Will: Metaprogramming and the Quantum Observer Paul Hughes 285

25 The Virtues of Being an Object: Touch, Pornography, and Having Bodies Conner Habib 292

26 Virtual Reality and Hallucination Diana Reed Slattery 310

27 Does Consciousness Depend on the Brain? Chris Carter 331

Notes 343

Contributors 353

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