by Robert D. Cromwell


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If you were ever asked to write down the advice your parents gave you,how much of that advice could you remember?The late Robert Cromwell wrote Expressions of Love for his two adopted sons, Jacob and Cody. His desire was that this book would supply readers with tools and principals dealing with everyday life experiences through the unwavering power of love. It is also meant to function as a moral compass to living and serve to answer challenging questions that may come up while living life on this earth.Expressions of Love combines letters, quotes, and photographs from more than one hundred years and six generations of the Cromwell family. The result is a tangible patchwork of memories, advice, and history of the family.One day, I'll no longer be on this earth to guide, motivate, and inspire my sons as their devoted father. There will be times they will long to talk and chat with me once again, but death will separate our physical presence. May these words speak to their heart and you, the reader, as a resource to reflect upon from time to time. -Robert Cromwell, 1948-2013The author says that no matter how his life may end, one thing is certain: he will leave this earth and begin a new life with his Heavenly Father, where he will join all of his loved ones who have passed before him who also placed their trust in Jesus Christ.May this book be a cherished labor of love to leave a part of him behind, and also a way to ensure that his children can always remember him as the steadfast and tender father he was.

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ISBN-13: 9781498403368
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication date: 04/13/2015
Pages: 440
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