Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm

by Joseph Allen Costa
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Eye of the Storm by Joseph Allen Costa

Vietnam 1966. Six U.S. Marines run frantically through the jungle as a vicious battle swirls around them. A bomb drops in their midst, killing five and wounding one. A lone Marine comes to the injured man's aid. He removes the man's dog tags, fires a shotgun into his face, sets the body afire and disappears into the jungle. Thirty years later in Sarasota, Florida, when a murder investigation is closed under suspicious circumstances, ex-detective, Jack Sterling, takes it upon himself to find his friend's killer and unwittingly stumbles into a trail of blackmail and murder leads all the way to Capitol Hill.  

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ISBN-13: 9781508011170
Publisher: Costa Creative LLC
Publication date: 11/08/2017
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 349
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Joseph Allen Costa grew up in Tampa, received his B.A. from the University of South Florida and his MFA in creative writing from the University of Tampa. He is the author of three novels, including THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE GOALIE, and DISCOVERING DYNAMITE, and has been published in BULL men's fiction magazine. He currently lives in Tampa with his wife and two children.

Table of Contents

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten
Chapter Eleven
Chapter Twelve
Chapter Thirteen
Chapter Fourteen
Chapter Fifteen
Chapter Sixteen
Chapter Seventeen
Chapter Eighteen
Chapter Nineteen
Chapter Twenty
Chapter Twenty One
Chapter Twenty Two
Chapter Twenty Three
Chapter Twenty Four
Chapter Twenty Five

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Eye of the Storm 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Unbelievable story still got a little left but man i love the suspense. The characters are allvivid and alive!loved the book and proud to be related to the author!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I¿ll never look through another peep hole again...thank you very much, Mr. Costa! This book is, without doubt, one of the best suspense novels I have ever read. An outstanding example of how only the most talented authors do not need to resort to page after page of bloody violence and explicit sex in order hold a reader¿s interest. This author is truly gifted in his ability to draw in the reader completely; his words can make you almost smell the ocean and feel the sting of it¿s spray on your face. Throughout the entire book, you feel as though you are right there. I found myself actually holding my breath when the hero, Jack Sterling, was underwater! This story, with the right cast and director, would make a blockbuster motion picture. The plot is that good. Congratulations to the author on an outstanding book ¿ it¿s hard to believe this is his first one! This avid reader looks forward to more books by my new favorite author.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Joe, I finished your book yesterday while killing time at the Detroit airport. I would rate it excellent for an experienced writer and spectacular for a first effort. In my humble opinion, your book had many strengths and no significant weaknesses. Here are my thoughts, in no particular order. 1) The dialogue was totally realistic. While many authors seem to force the dialogue, yours sounded just like real people having real conversations. I think that makes for comfortable easy reading. 2) All the characters were pertinent to the story. It drives me nuts when extraneous characters are brought into a story for no apparent reason. Each of your characters is necessary to tell the story, which is as it should be. 3) I appreciate that the main character exhibits a good balance of strengths and weaknesses. In some detective novels, the main character is either flawless, which is unrealistic, or he is a bumbling idiot who falls bass ackwards into the solution. Jack is definitely likable. 4) I'm glad that you did not provide detailed descriptions of the blood and gore. I don't appreciate that level of detail, and I can't stand descriptions of violent rape scenes and the like. I was worried that an ------'s capture might lead to such a scene, and I was relieved that it did not. Agatha Christie managed to be quite successful in writing detective/mystery novels without ever describing the blood, body parts, or violence. 5) I was almost let down with the apparent ending, but you wrapped it up nicely. I also enjoyed seeing the positive side of the mafia crime boss. I don't want all this praise to go to your head, but I didn't find any significant downside, except for some minor gramatical errors. That's about as much negativity as I could muster for this book. I was very impressed, and I look forward to your next release. Don't take too long with it! Sincerely, John Rocco Pallante
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am an avid reader, reading 1-2 books a week. Eye of the Storm was one of the best I have read lately. It's an unpredictable, suspenseful novel you won't be able to put down until you are through. The author weaves many plot twists into the story without losing the reader. Can't wait until the author's second novel, Third Man on a Match is available - I'm hooked!
Guest More than 1 year ago
It is so refreshing to read a book were I am unable to figure out the ending within the first few chapters. This new author has a unique ability to introduce many twists into the story without losing the reader. The more I read, the more I truly could not put this book down. I am looking forward to many more novels by Joseph Allen Costa (JAC).
Guest More than 1 year ago
Eye of the storm is a fabulous read! I truly couldn't put it down. The story takes you through many twist,turns and unexpected complications. You will love the good guy and loathe the bad guy. Your heart pounds for the hero Jack Sterling as he deals with memories from his past, heartfelt loss, and brutal enimies. The story line is gripping and reads with vivid descriptions from the jungles in Nam to the heinous murders in a sleepy beach community. Will Jack get to the killers before they get to him? Eye of the storm by new comer Joseph Allen Costa will keep you on the edge of your seat.I look forward to Costa's second novel 'Third Man on a Match'.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Read Eye of the Storm and you'll never 'peek' through a hotel room door again! This fast paced thriller involves politics, the Mafia and an amiable detective on a mysterious trail of blackmail and murder. Eye of the Storm follows, Jack Sterling, an ex-homicide detective who has resigned to life as a bar owner in a sleepy beach community. But when a reunion with an old friend goes terribly wrong, Jack finds himself eye to eye with a dangerous new challenge. Driven by a determination to find the truth, and haunted by the memories of battles past, Jack finds himself probing an underworld where unlikely allies step from the shadows to offer help and where the seemingly trustworthy harm the innocent. If Jack can stay alive long enough, he might discover a secret that can not only save himself, but an entire nation.