by Heather McHugh


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Eyeshot by Heather McHugh

Heather McHugh's new book, Eyeshot, is a brooding, visionary work that takes aim at the big questions -- love and death. The poems suggest that such immensities balance on the smallest details, and that a range of human blindness is inescapable. The power of this new work comes from its delicate yet tenacious fidelity to the everunfolding senses of sense. The poems invite the reader to follow careening words and insights through passages both playful and profound. Her "Fido, Jolted by Jove" reveals the tension endemic to both language and living: "the world itself is worried." Yet the same poem remarks the high price of any reductive fix: "a brain this insecure may need another bolt be driven in it." This movement between anxiety and the human compulsion for order informs Eyeshot's darkly comic, 20/20 acuity.

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ISBN-13: 9780819566713
Publisher: Wesleyan University Press
Publication date: 10/01/2003
Series: Wesleyan Poetry Series
Pages: 64
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.60(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

The author of six previous books of poetry, including National Book Award finalist Hinge & Sign (Wesleyan, 1993), HEATHER MCHUGH teaches in the MFA program at Warren Wilson College and since 1984 at the University of Washington in Seattle. She takes time off in Maine.

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Pure indifference
moves otherwise. It's unconditional:
a little fling cannot diminish it:
impartially it flies from everything,

from man's investments, and
his dearth. The thought that God
might care for us is
terrifying: ought

to keep us hooked on earth.
-from "Song for a Mountain-Climber"

Table of Contents

World in a Skirt3
Goner's Boner4
Fido, Jolted by Jove5
Significant Suspicions6
Fourth of July, B.C.7
Unhygienic Song8
Letters, Numbers, Signs, Words Referred to as Words9
Boy Thing11
The Magic Cube13
The Retort Room17
Lectator's Song19
Far Sight20
Four Commissions25
Songs for Scientists, Parts I and II25
Song for the Men of the Pennsylvania Hills27
Song for a Mountain Climber28
Mankind's Pet, the Copycat29
Four Poems after the Chinese31
After Su Tung P'o31
After Li Bai31
After Wang Wei32
After Su Tung P'o32
Two Tunes for Elliott33
Affinity Welled33
One's Mons34
Back to B.C.35
Night Storm37
Mind's Eye38
A Dearth in the Dreamboat Department39
Pound Sign41
Long Shot with Shutter43
Settling Song44
Through (after Sully Prudhomme)47
Blind Men (after Charles Baudelaire)48
Out of Eyeshot49
The Suicide (after Jorge Luis Borges)51
The Looker52
About the Author55

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