Faraway: First Journey, A Trilogy

Faraway: First Journey, A Trilogy

by Edmund Ironside
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Faraway: First Journey, A Trilogy 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Darkness. That was all Clora could see. She could here nothing but the buzz of gnats flitting around at the black light on the porch. And...'Howling?'she thought.'No...just the wind. Not dogs or wolves by the smell of it.' She sniffed the air and got to her paws. She scratched the back door and wimpered. Her boy,a shaggy-headed blonde boy,opened the door."What's wrong girl? Them 'squitos got ya?"her boy giggled. Clora wagged her stub-tail and smiled. "You know Clora? You're the nicest Doberman I've ever met."her boy flashed her a smile."Come on in."He opened the door and waved for her to come in. She barked and pranced in. The boy's mother,a red-headed female,and his father,a brunette,were sitting in the fire-place den watching the window-box nervously. Suddenly someone knocked on the door and Clora ran excitedly to greet them. When no one came to the door they opened it. It was three men dressed in black fancy-suits. Clora barked a warning but they ignored her. They stomped into the fire-place room and began talking to the boy's parents. They nodded and the boy began to cry. Clora ran up to him and began licking his fingers. "Don't cry boy! I'm here!" The boy kept crying and ran to his room. She shrugged and curled up nxt to the fire-place and fell asleep.••••Hey guys! Hope you liked it! Remember to go to roti all results to read my other book. Sorry it was so short. The chapters will be longer. I promise. Anyways...bye! :3